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`The Essential Cuisines of Mexico' is Diana Kennedy's Mexican answer to Julia Kid's `Mastering the Art of French Cooking'. It has a similar style and quality and, like Child's come across with French cooking, it arrived about as a result of the woman marriage to a husband who was posted to Mexico by his paper, `The New York Times' as their Caribbean or Mexican correspondent. This, plus a little help from New York Times colleague and friend, Craig Claiborne lead Ms. Kennedy to get started on teaching Mexican cooking and prompting her to write a book on the subject.

Presently there are two big variations between this book and Ms. Child's `magnum opus'. The foremost is that this volume is an amalgam of three earlier books, while `... French Cooking' was a distillation from a manuscript at least two times the size of the final posted volume. The second major distinction is that while Microsoft. Child is documenting `cuisine bourgeois', Ms. Kennedy is looking at Mexico's `cuisine provincial'. This is highlighted by the fact that the geographical home of all recipes is cited, and the geographic specifics are given for all the major ingredients cited in the appendix.

The three earlier books being combined here are `The Cuisines of Mexico', `The Tortilla Book', and `Mexican Regional Cooking'. The author also states that some new material has recently been added to the recipes from these three books. To my eye, the integration of the 3 volumes is seamless. The author and her publishers have not simply pasted the three volumes together, they have merged all the material to create a single work easily superior to the original three.

Simply by the time this guide was published, it should be evident to the English speaking world at large that Ms. Kennedy has some serious competitors from Chicagoan, Rick Bayless in the wonderful world of Mexican culinary regulators. Just as Ms. Kennedy presents recipes very similar to fellow amateur Julia Kid and fellow `culinary archeologist' Paula Wolfert, chef Bayless does a much more analytical approach to Mexican cuisine, deconstructing dishes into their component parts in `Rich Bayless' Mexican Kitchen' and giving us multiple versions of important dishes in `Mexico One Plate at a Time'.

In spite of these variations, Ms. Kennedy and Mister. Bayless agree on nearly everything important when they address the same subjects. The most important point on which they acknowledge is the central place of Oaxaca as, to coin a phrase, the Provence of Mexican dishes. On which author to prefer, if you are a fan of Mexican dishes, buy both creators, bypassing the earlier books which were folded to the current volume and also skipping Mr. Bayless' `Salsas That Cook' as there exists some overlap with `Rick Bayless's (sic) Mexican Kitchen'. In case you are a cooking professional, Mr. Bayless may be just a lttle bit more useful. In the event you simply want lots great recipes, go with Ms. Kennedy. Also, Ms. Kennedy probably has the edge when it comes to giving recipes for Mexican baking, as that is 1 of the woman special interests. And, if that is where your most powerful interest lies, go for her latest book, `From My Mexican Kitchen'. Upon which writer is more `authentic' I am taking it on faith that both authors are amazingly faithful to the tastes and the spirit of the Mexican originals while being very considerate of their gringo audience's kitchen equipment and skills.

The single thing about which one may be disappointed in this book, based on the title, is that there is hardly any discussion of general local differences. There is not even a dusty little map of Mexico and its regions. This is unexpected in this, for example Penelope Casas includes a map of Spanish regions in all her major cookbooks and Diane Kochilas includes one in her excellent book on Greek repas. And, both authors give us recipes by region. Ms. Kennedy's omission is doubly puzzling as chief cook Bayless' first book, `Authentic Mexican' opens with a very good map of Mexican regions. This, of course , is just important if you are really thinking about regionality, as when you plan to travel to South america. If all you want is recipes, this thing to consider is of no importance.

Following the model of her spiritual mentor, Julia Child, Ms. Kennedy's recipes are exceptionally well written. To those individuals for whom this is important, remember that all volumetric measurements receive in both The english language and metric units. Plus, Ms. Kennedy's admonition on careful measurement, regardless of the unit, is well taken. In spite of the fact that these are generally interpretations of very regional recipes, Ms. Kennedy goes toward great lengths to add warnings and suggestions regarding what can be prepared in advance, what should be served immediately, and what can be refrigerated or iced safely, without loosing flavor or texture.

This book is not compulsively chatty, if that is a thing that annoys you. Many recipes have short headnotes, although not all recipes do. The overall guide is organized by type of recipe, which makes it perfect for quick research. In that regard, it is much better than Mr. Bayless PBS tie-in volumes. I went directly to the egg menu chapter and was welcomed immediately with the familiar `Huevos Rancheros', only to discover that Ms. Kennedy does anticipate Mr. Bayless a lttle bit (and copies the woman Julia Child model as well) by separating the Salsa Ranchera recipe from the egg recipe with citations in the Salsa recipe for the dishes through which it is used.

I do not miss pictures in cookbooks, but if you do, go for Bayless' first guide, `Authentic Mexican'. Otherwise, if you simply need Mexican recipes, pick this book first, especially as Ms. Kennedy is a better and more engaging writer than chief cook Bayless in his first book. My only real regret with this guide is that there is absolutely no `analytical' listing of recipes by Mexican region. Otherwise, this is a real classic!, This is a very good update to Diana Kennedys Essential Cusines. It includes some new recipes and follows her pattern of providing the place or name of whoever contributed the menu. It is very complete, real and reliable. She really knows her subject. The only complaint I have is that sometimes she lists ingredients that are impossible to find. The other problem is the size of the menu, as this seems it for a lot of people. However these are not that important and I recommend this cookbook., Ms. Kennedy writes the recipes in her book clearly, and am have found them generally simple yet comprehensive. She does a good job of showcasing regional flavors in the book, and provides a broad scope of ingredients and dishes. I jump back to this book quite often in search of ideas for meal planning. Typically, Now i'm an experimental cook, and The Essential Cuisines of Mexico provides a good framework to play around in., Better reserves for advanced cooks. Too complicated and complex for newbies. No pictures or drawings to show what the finish recipe should look like, and some ingredient provides are vague, ie " chicken"?? Simply how much?, This guide is an important source if you wish a precisely Mexican flavor to your dishes. The amount of research that must have gone into these recipes is impressive. Almost all of the ones We have attempted work well. These people all taste amazing. In my opinion, you should relax, because you're in good hands with this book. You may trust Microsoft. Kennedy., I am truly in love with these cookbooks. This book is brand new. I am truly happy with my cookbook. I actually love Diana Kennedys activities throughout Mexico acquiring real recipes some handed down for generations a true account of what Mexican food is truly all about. No Tex Mex recipes here just simple fresh ingredients, herbs, spices and easy to follow instructions on how to prepare these delightful and wonderful recipes. I wont stop until I have most of her cookbooks. Anyone who thinks that Mexican food is merely tacos and salsa is at for an vision opening surprise. If you want real Mexican food from all over South america then these are the books you need to have. I will certainly order again. Julie Esquivel, This is an outstanding book for the serious student of Mexican Cuisine. I might call Diana Kennedy the Julia Child of Mexican Cooking. While the woman recipes are obviously mentioned, this is not a book for the quick cook. A person have to be willing to take a position the time to collect the ingredients if you wish authenticity and the hard work to get ready them often with some work. The resuts of your effort combined with Diana Kennedy's instruction will be very worthwhile., the first time I read this book, it's basically a rehash of the original, it was revolutionary for going beyond how to make guacamole and fried taco. Re reading it, I don't see much change in the guide, but Mexican cuisine like US has radically altered. So this is more of any compilation of " your grandma from Chiapas" receipts than what's proceeding on today in Monterey....

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