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1st I must admit I have become addicted to be able to these Scientology exposes. These people are more harrowing than fiction and more so because they are true and otherwise intelligent people get engaged with the cult
This book gives the “celebrity side” to the particular cult story and is just as frightening as nicely as fun to learn.
Imagine being called on Christmas Eve and being ordered to statement to the course room
Scientology really will be the WORST thing within the world, This guide may be the real deal. Ms. Pressley has experienced this specific first-hand. I know it required her a long time to publish this book and it was worth the particular wait! Interesting celebrity tales and explanation about exactly why they are essential to be able to the cult of Scientology. This organization should be closed down and removed of its tax-free status. Thank you for including your voice to this specific conversation that needs to be able to continue. Oh- in the particular spirit of disclosure, I was in graduate writing school with Karen, I was in imaginative nonfiction class with her. The woman writing is excellent., As a person who was not effected by simply a Cult or Scientology personally, I found this guide to be one associated with the most insightful releases yet! I've read a lot of great books on the particular subject which sits proper up at the best!! From your forwards by Paul Rinder and Steve Hassan (His forward reads such as a guide to understanding undue influence) to multiple " escape" attempts, doubts and finally taking control again of her life and self worth. This guide reads like being a new fly around the wall associated with Karen's inner conscious, which by default answers those constant questions we as " never ins" are usually pondering about what constitutes a member of a conspiracy tick. Cannot recommend this specific book enough!!!, I saw Karen on Scientology: Typically the Aftermath and felt sympathy for her experience. The woman book documents how the woman marriage was sacrificed to the rapacious organization, and how she tried to justify staying. Karen tells the woman story genuinely, and of which helps you overlook the particular puzzling number of typos - they can be distracting, but finally it’s like listening to a friend, you’re not there to correct syntax, you’re there to be able to listen., Whoa, this will be an INTENSE book. You are able to feel every emotion she had as a associate of Scientology's ultrademanding Marine Org. I couldn't set it down., If you want to know very well what it's like to maintain a cult this will be a great book to be able to read., I have read a handful of books by Scientology escapees; this specific one is unique in that the author has an intimate understanding of Scientology superstars and how the conspiracy uses/manipulates them to obtain an aura of respectability and mainstream acceptance. The storyline is riveting and tragic, about how exactly a husband and wife team of imaginative professionals abandoned their personal careers and dreams to be able to further the aims of the group. Karen worked individually with the leader Miscavige together a unique viewpoint of him and his actions. Gradually she came to understand that it was a scam; that she and the other staffers slaved with dedication whilst it was simply a strength trip for his personal personal enrichment. Eventually she left it all behind, after two failed get away attempts, to begin a new new life. Strongly suggested!, This particular book has finally caused it to be out after being ceased twice by the Scientology cult--and it was worth waiting for. I've identified Karen for years since she left Scientology, and watched her evolve being a woman on her personal who had to build a new whole new life from scratch after losing a new husband she obviously cherished (perhaps too much for her own sake). From chapter one, she pulled me into her penitentiary camp setting where I cried thinking about this when beautiful woman held in opposition to her will but identified to survive. She creates a I-can't-believe-this-is-true story representing her and Peter's life and careers intertwined right up until twisted by Scientology and gradually, very painfully ruined. She is an successful writer who approaches the woman storytelling as if she actually is writing a novel. I get the feeling throughout of which she wished she had been telling a story of which wasn't hers, but she faces the reality and shows it like it is. I was shocked by the woman lifestyle at the global management base that seems to be in a new world of its personal where David Miscavige acts as if he is previously mentioned the law. He proved helpful diligently for converting Karen and her husband into the particular minions he wanted them to become. Peter had been obviously a different type than Karen, lacking courage or maybe lacking enough link to reality. Karen appeared to be the 1 linked to the genuine world because of her job doing projects for Miscavige throughout the Scientology globe in other countries. This particular woman had the golf balls to come back towards the Int base and let her know husband what she had seen (abuse, fraud, child labor, enforced abortions, slave labor conditions) but this individual lacked the balls to manage those facts and refused any problems existed. The girl discovered the depth associated with cover-ups that scientology had been involved in and she wanted no part associated with it. So it makes sense that she would successfully escape and he would remain trapped within the particular cult. The fact of which she came out and rebuilt her career and even her mind states everything about her integrity and inner personal durability. The fact that she shares her own need for mental wellness counseling to handle PTSD will be incredible, and reading the particular symptoms brought me to be able to tears that someone inside a " religion" would incur post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing what she saw and experiencing the traumas she did. Thank an individual, Karen, for your transparency and for making the effort to be able to give us a fly-on-the-wall look at the globe you came from. This helps me to know why this cult needs to be shut down or minimally lose its religion or tax-exempt status.

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