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We enjoyed this book a lot, however, I found it disturbing as a result of way women are treated in the FLDS. The men control all of the power, and the women are their property and are there to do nothing otherwise but serve them and have their children. We also found it very interesting in the way the sister wives interact with one another and how they may get along. They are also struggling for power within the family unit. What pathetic lives these women live, nonetheless they don't know anything different because they are brainwashed from childhood. We was thankful that Carolyn was so smart and able to escape with all of her children, but sad to see that the older children didn't agree with her. A good and interesting book that I would suggest., This memoir informs the harrowing story of one woman's escape from the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, a polygamist cult. The author was the 3rd spouse of Merril Jessop, a strong & respected member of the FLDS, & mother to eight of his kids. The book chronicles the unspeakable mental & emotional abuse she experienced, as well as the physical abuse of her sister wives & their children. I'm intrigued by religious cults (in an " I want to everything about them" way, rather than an " I want to join one" way), so I found this guide both fascinating & seriously disturbing. Against great chances, Carolyn Jessop escaped effortlessly her children in tow line, the first FLDS lady to successfully do so. She's one of the strongest women I've ever before heard of, & this is one of the more interesting memoirs I've read., I love carolyn jessops story of resilience and strength. She is a true example of the strength of a woman! The book is very hard to put down. I researched each person she described in the book so I could have a visual to my way of thinking as i read., This book was very informative. I had no idea that the polygamy life under the Jeffs was so horrible. Women were handled so badly. I may blame her at all to take the huge chance and getting out. We know that not all polygamist families are like this. I believe it was just this specific cult (her word). If you were ever inquisitive about them, this is the book for you. I recall listening to about Warren Jeffs when he was arrested. And now I know that it was definitely justified., I'll never understand how in all of us world men can still subjugate women so carefully. I commend Carolyn Jessop for getting out, and for writing with such credibility. Allowing us into her mind, and trying to not shy away from her own failings, helped give me an idea how something like this could be perpetuated. Betty's brainwashing and wish to return to the city left me feeling so sad., This was a hard book to digest. I have had Mormon friends and have always thought they were very family oriented but this book makes one step back and look harder at who they really are. As a lady I think polygamy is a negative thing just because if a woman does love her husband the girl would not want to share him. No way, in the real world, do sister wives actually love their husbands other wives. One man, one woman is a relationship and I don't believe God condones this life-style. Really good book. Kept my interest and was so happy t turned away well for Carolyn. Strong woman with courage of ten!!!, I think the only reason it made the best seller checklist was the subject matter and timing. I failed to think it was very well written, definitely could have been at the very least 50 pages shorter. Lots of repetition. Quite a few errors, spelling, grammar. Rather surprising for a university graduate and with a co-author that they would both miss such things. That said, We definitely admire the bravery it took Ms. Jessop to achieve what she do and i also wish the best for her and her children. It is usually good that the rest of the world now knows what is happening inside the FLDS and can ideally extend a helping hands to close it down and get the rest of the people inside the assistance they need., Profoundly troubling yet compelling, a intricate story of cruelty, domination and betrayal, Carolyn's words ring true. This should be a shout for everyone to wake up to the abuse inflicted on children when their parents come under the domination of wicked people. For Carolyn, who was born into that system, the only choice was to submit or escape. Thank God the girl chose to escape.

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