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It mad me understand that some erotic charges ar situated in childhood events or beliefs., Written in a clear and non-judgemental manner with wonderful insights and profound tips to mediate upon. At times I was totally engrossed in the book and couldn't tear me personally from this. The book helped me to embrace my sexuality using its wonderful sides and weird eccentricities., To know thyself is to realize we are with an incredible journey. This particular book is invaluable in sexual self discovery., We read this book for class. It is a good book. I recommend it to therapist or couples/individuals fighting being physically active. Cute exercise of answering questions and highlighting on the sections., This particular book is scary for many, but the information can improve your life. Shame and fear are big suppressors to enjoying our sexual life. This book can help by looking into making you aware of the diversity and complexity of your own erotic mind. A person may be wound so tight that you avoid even think you have one or so frightened that you don't want to look at it. Your Erotic Mind (the book and your own) can be a large help in your very own growth., Love this book. Learned so much in the first few chapters, can't wait around to finish reading it! Very helpful book., We loved reading this book and doing the exercises. It was fascinating to explore my own lovemaking desires and read about others in a manner that was completely nonjudgmental. I learned a lot about myself and I think it will be within spicing up my sexual life., This is simply a wonderful book that explores the parodoxes of human mating. It truly is well organized, easy to follow and contains a wealth of fascinating information.

Jack Morin centers his discussion around what he calls the "erotic equation. " This is that attraction plus obstacles equals excitement. He then procedes describe how lust and romantic love operate as well the characteristics of what he telephone calls emotional aphrodisiacs. These are emotional states that could lead to the modification of an emotion into sexual feelings. Some of these are obvious, but others such as panic or guilt are less evident until you read Morin's detailed explantions.

I additionally think this book is useful for individuals who are seeking to understand some the dynamics underlying infidelity. For those who have interests along those outlines, I also recommend "The Evolution of Desire" by David Buss and "Private Lies" by Frank Pittman.

Unfortunately, many of the other books I've found that deal with the erotic imagination or inspiration for sexual behavior are sorely lacking in depth or treat the subject in an overly academic, clinical or arm's length manner. This particular book has a great deal of meat and is written in a method that makes the concepts accessible to everyone, not only professionals working in this field.

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