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some. 5 stars

I finally read " Boys of Summer" before the football season commenced and adored it. Over three days of Army duty this particular June, I read " October Men" (brilliant get on the '78 Yankees, one of the many interesting teams ever), " A Season in the Sun" (about Kahn's football travels all-around America in order to all sorts of leagues during the '76 season), and most lately, " The Era. "

The " Era" addresses the Giants and Yankees, in addition to the Dodger teams that Mister. Kahn covered in " Boys of Summer. " He had great entry then, and because he had such good relationships with the players, managers, and owners, was able to get incredible quotes over the years, right up in order to the time this had been published in the early 90s. A few tales from " Boys of Summer" are repeated here, but there are many more that aren't.

The particular only criticism, and it can the first one in four excellent books that I've read, is the fact that Mr. Kahn is very biased towards these kinds of teams within this era, and frequently calls it the best time for football. Additionally , he criticizes the modern game (he does not need to do this particular... he should allow his readers to determine this). An excellent book, just not as good as the immortal " Summer" or perhaps " October. ", In the endnotes Roger Kahn identifies himself as a social historian. From baseball's vantage point, I think he's a very good 1. Though not a match up for his classic The particular Boys of Summer, he provides the insider's Inside football style that makes him probably the best author of the sport. It's not a perfect book. In 67% he is just concluding the 1949 World Collection and perhaps shortchanges the effect of Mays, Mantle and the rise in the Milwaukee, wisconsin Braves. Small criticisms of a book that remains to be a powerful read., That seemed at times the more fitting sub-title would certainly have been " The particular (baseball) world according in order to Roger Kahn". Maybe, after writing The Boys of Summer he's entitled in order to that; maybe after studying that previous work I was expecting more. Or maybe it was just impossible to fully include a 10-year period inside the manner I expected. While it's oversimplifying to say that it was " Dodgers good (until Walter O'Malley came along, anyway); Yankees bad; and Giants almost an afterthought", at the end of it almost all that seems to end up being the strongest impression I'm left with. At least Kahn's prose made obtaining there, for the many part, enjoyable.

Also, according to Kindel edition: where the print edition would have presumably included spacing between paragraphs to signal of which the subject in the tale was shifting, just read was not present in the Kindle, which made things confusing at times. And footnoted comments were not designated, just marked with an asterix; and all records at the end of each chapter -- not an easy task to flip back and forth while reading., Roger Kahn's book was 1 every one who increased up following baseball throughout that time period must buy/read.

What makes the book so interesting in order to followers of the online game were the little stories he unearthed in the research.

Regarding instance his treatment of Walter O'Malley I found very informative. His ascendency with the Dodgers and the backdrop information within the eventual proceed to the West Shoreline I found very exciting.

Having grown up subsequent International League baseball I enjoyed seeing players' efforts from from that league covered in the book (Jackie Robinson, etc. ).

Furthermore Ralph Branca's career had been of interest to myself. Many years earlier he appeared in a charitable organization game in Rochester, NY and I got in order to hit against him and doubled! So he provides a special place inside my memory and, because we all know, football history.

A terrific read., Any book by Roger Kahn is a excellent book. This is the same it is a excellent book about a gold era of baseball. This is my second Kahn guide. The first one I read was The Boys Regarding Summer that was great also. I would recommend this guide or any other guide by Roger Kahn. His / her books take me back again to when I was youthful and went to golf ball games with my daddy. I am going to read more of Kahn's books.

David Papa Place, Roger definitely produced Kahn-tact around baseball followers who were kids inside this era. I surprised myself, easily recognizing names that I hadn't believed of in 55-60 years. So ok, it had been a memory lane journey, but a trip produced so nice by Mister. Kahn's writing. I liked Boys of Summer also. The book got myself in all the correct places. Exactly the same set of personalities, circumstances, outside activities, described through the pen of a lesser author wouldn't have been because enjoyable to recall. In the risk of creating this review too personal: I recall my aunt, who also lived in Brooklyn within a bus ride through my family, spoke regarding Pete Reiser living down the street during the season. What a nugget for a 10 year aged to carry around!
My review provides therefore been a satisfaction to create (it's my first). As readers of football know, there is an additional Roger who will be also an absolutely terrific writer, Mister. Angell. We readers have been darn lucky in order to are now living in the same era as these two., Kahn is a skilled writer, and this book immerses 1 into " the era" and it's delightful. The only criticism is of which I don't require a batter by batter description of key games. That can get tedious but it can the exception to the rule. There is a refined Dodgers bias which this particular Yankee fan tries in order to overlook., In the event the subject is baseball -- especially football in Ny during the forties and fifties -- then you can't fail with Roger Kahn. This is another splendidly written bank account of the personalities and the drama of this particular particular slice of Americana. If you like football, read this book. I am of the age of which " The Era" required place during my early formative years of understanding and loving baseball. This was a walk down memory lane to me.

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