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Carmen Reeves does it again with another great alternative health-related book! I never knew there was so many great benefits and utilizes for Epsom salts. I prefer Epsom salts myself once very long walks to soothe my feet, but Carmen has established several great recipes for Epsom Salt usage, not only for the body, but also for use all around the home and beyond! You'll be pleased with all the information in this ebook. Who knew such an inexpensive product can offer so many benefits! I even learned the history right behind Epsom salts!, This is a great book. Avoid let the fact that it's a short easy read fool you. It can full of great information.! Typically the uses for Epsom sodium are numerous! I experienced no. idea it could be used to gargle with to treat a sore throat, or you could utilize it for cleaning your home, treat a bee sting or utilize it in your garden. I enjoy that it can be used for so many different things. Generating non toxic beauty products is something I never would have imagined you could do with Epsom salts. But you can, and I will! This guide is a must have!, Give thanks to you so much - l know how important magnesium is however l had no idea about how valuable this humble sodium was!
l am looking forward to making some pink scented bath salts as gifts for friends. Love that recipe. Thanks again for sharing this information., Wow, this guide was surprisingly interesting, It's well written and has a great tone to it. I've liked many of Carmen's books for those same qualities. I experienced no idea that you could use epsom salts to extend the growing season of a number of your garden plants or use for help with stump removal!, It had been a fun, folksy, and interesting read. I have already used some of the recipes and ideas in the book. We had some of those, " Who knew? " times as I was reading, and it wasn't expensive, so go for it.: ) Should you do not try at least one of the recipes for something, I had created be surprised., This publication is definitely full of ways to use Epsom salt! We never in my wildest dream would have considered to use Epsom salt to fertilize my plants! Works great! We am also using it to help with rheumatoid arthritis in my shoulder!! It can amazing and it is better than buying an expensive chemical substance to rub into my shoulder. And there are many many more purposes of Epson salt and you can't beat the price!!, This book has a wealth of information, not only about Epsom sodium recipes, but all the bonus materials she provides are an interesting and informative addition to this already very-affordable book. We highly recommend it. And be certain to consider advantage of the free books and non-Epsom sodium recipes she is offering with this guide purchase., Great book, lots of utilizes for Epsom salt.

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