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This guide was very good. Valuable and her girls are back and in business. Nea Nea is back and still up to her old tricks and pays for it with her life. Black is using Hershey and taking Nea Nea's money. They don't know that Nea Nea has already been murdered yet. Raymond locates out she has two STD's given to the woman by her boyfriend. This book ended with a cliffhanger. Who was Q with, was it the woman uncle, a man, or Precious daughter. I think Q is on the Down low. This book was better with number of errors but there still were some. Good read., This sequel picks up right where part just one left off. Precious' friends and family are trying to go after her death. Nae-Nae is still up to her old tricks, and what increased with Q? This book grabs your attention from page one and will leave you breathless.

Mcdougal did not disappoint with this delivery, and I am anxiously waiting for part 3., ENVY THE PARTICULAR ROOT ORF EVIL 2 was an AWESOME SEQUEL. IT was just as GREAT as pt. 1, if not BETTER. I SERIOUSLY LIKED THIS BOOK. DRAMA, ENVY, JEALOUSY, GREED, SCHEMING, CUTTING CORNERS that led to TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES, TWISTS, TURNS, and SUPRISES, MADE an CORRECT PAGE-TURNER. PRECIOUS was a GREAT & GIVING BUDDY. ALL HER GIRLS LOVED & RESPECTED HER, as SHE DID THEM, EXCEPT NAE NAE. NAE NAE was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ENVIOUS and JEALOUS of PRECIOUS, and BEGAN BEING JEALOUS of PRECIOUS DAUGHTER, SHANIYA. NAE NAE MANIPULATED the MISGUIDED SHANIYA all the time, but SOMETIME'S ENOUGH is plenty. NAE NAE'S HATRED for PRECIOUS OVERTAKEN what she FELT in pt. 1 ) YOU CANNOT KEEP BEING GRIMY, and EXPECT NOTHING BAD to COME BACK on A PERSON. Don't KNOW what PRECIOUS SAW at the FINISH REGARDING her MAN Q, was left HANGING. MAY BE ON PINS and NEEDLES WAITING to FIND OUT in pt. 3. ANGEL WILLIAMS, YOU NEVER EVER DISAPPOINT ME, and PERFORMED YOUR THING. I LOVED THIS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME MUST READ....................................., Envy the root of all evil 2 will not disappoint! It comprised alot of twists and turns that i did not expect, but nonetheless, IT IS DEFINITELY A FANTASTIC READ!!! Angel Williams is definitely an exceptional writer of metropolitan fiction and she will make you waiting (anxiously) for the next novel. Right now i wont give away information on part 2 but all i can say is that i cannot hold out for part 3!!! I have a feeling that we have not yet heard the last of miss trifling ass nae-nae!!!! I would recommend all of Angel's books. i possess read them all and every final one of them were some good reads!, Component 1 was better but this was not for a component two but it was still being a page turner none the least, This book has. Too many errors. When does the series end. This should be a free book. Component 3 and. Part 4, I really enjoyed reading this, it had me laughing, urging Precious on, and wanting to help her out. Nae Nae on the other hand was a pyschopath and got what she deserved, I just thought that Shaniya was proceeding to handle it. Nae Nae should have known that blood is thicker then water. Of course there is a part 3 but if it measures up to Component 1 and 2, we are going to take for the ride in our life. I am afraid that my girl Valuable may not make it out of this mess in existence but you never know very well what Angel has planned. I can't wait to read., This Book was Fantastic!!!!!! After reading the first one, I couldn't hold out to read the second one. I also finished this book in one day!!!!! It keeps you in uncertainty and I love being in suspense and not knowing the outcome. I can't wait until Aug 12 for the next one to come out. I will be purchasing it that day!!!!!! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read!!!! Keep Up the fantastic Work Angel!!!!

Harrisburg, Pa.

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