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Seems a s/w architect for many years so... I've encountered almost all of these integration patterns. As I went through patterns that I haven't used, I kept the same question in my head: how is this better than easily just did it without a pattern (this is the same question I keep applying to frames and tools such as ESBs and business process orchestration languages like BPEL). With this, I found the authors thought along the same lines and were able to provide those answers without my having to think about the issue of not using the pattern. An individual have to know very well what the alternatives are that the pattern is trying to resolve and just why the alternatives are a challenge -- and this publication delivers on that. Note: I found it was helpful to imagination mind that these are application incorporation patterns: patterns for adding applications as opposed to patterns for building an enterprise application., Arrived on time, used, but in very good and clean condition, almost like new.

The book itself is very well written and structured. It gives excellent real-life business integration examples. I believe anyone with some enterprise integration background can follow and relate to this book effortlessly, and without getting bored or falling asleep., Deserves to take place in the great line up of GoF, POSA1, POSA2, EAA, Core Security Patterns (other "patterns" books omitted intentionally).

I use done Messaging and message based integration before, but this book will take essentially what exactly is an art form and makes a science out of it.

First it starts with 4 different styles of incorporation (File based, Shared Database, RPC, Messaging) and covers them intelligently giving their advantages and disadvantages.

Then it will get in to the major aspects/ pieces of Concept based integration (Message, Station, Routing, Transformation, End Factors, System Management etc). This again discusses them as patterns and develops a good vocabulary of the messaging domain.

Then comes the meat where for every facet of Messaging, it gives about 8 to 12-15 specific patterns, names them, shows their advantages and disadvantages, gives the trade off and intelligently discusses their usage. As part of the examples it draws example from JMS/ TIBCO/ MSMQ etc. Priceless.

Just what I loved about this book is how it makes you rethink everything you may have been doing before in software architecture/ incorporation using technologies such as Web Services, JMS, J2EE etc.

For example, many would not have fully groked MDBs as "event driven", "competing", "transactional" message consumers, that are suited for "Point to Point" incorporation. Yes I know every body uses them but do you really understand the implications for transaction range and threading?. Or Polling message consumers have their advantages?

Good discussion on relate standards and technologies included (Web Services, Axis Implementation, WS-*, SOAP etc)

Buy this guys and may be enterprise incorporation would be less messy., I cannot recommend this book enough for software architects designing applications that interact at all with another outside system. With this movement towards cloud processing and always-online environments, that's practically everything. Going further, when you consider that the application can coordinate its interaction with internal subsystems using Enterprise Integration Patterns, this design philosophy truly applies everywhere. Enterprise Incorporation Patterns take to the next level the same separation-of-concerns principles that  Object-Oriented Design   introduced, teaching us encapsulation of entire systems no matter of architecture.

This won't be the most in-depth review, but I'd encourage you to definitely visit these two sites for a deeper exploration of the subject:
[... ][... ]
-- Apache's substantial Java reference implementation, including a nice Wiki with example use cases and creative recipes., In today's revival of functional languages, this book should be recognized for its depth of give attention to messaging patterns and their proper use. There aren't many books I would say should be on every developer's bookshelf by they time there is a older job title, but this is unquestionably one of them., Gregor has a gift for explaining design patterns. We were trying to make clear the problems with transferring a big file up and down a messaging bus to our bioinformatics users, when I discovered Enterprise Integration Patterns. As soon as I showed the Declare Check pattern to our designers, they got it instantly. Five of my colleagues purchased the publication, and we asked Gregor to come teach a class on it. This is the best written publication on design patterns We have seen. I reallly like the list of patterns inside the book cover -- nice terse explanation, and great mnemonic icons., This can be the third pattern book inside my collection (the other two are Analysis Patterns by Martin Fowler and the definitive Design Patterns by the Gang of Four) and IMHO this is the best example yet of where patterns can really increase the development process. This can be the first book I've seen to address the area of enterprise development where the real heavy lifting will take place. Applications don't incredibly integrate with one another; it will take talented, knowledgeable THIS personnel to wire everything together. If you're one of those people, Enterprise Integration Patterns is an important conjunction with your toolkit.

Chapter 2 takes the reader through the integration efforts of a fictional business to demonstrate some of the patterns in action. The descriptions of the problems and their possible solutions... just make sense. You can really see the benefit that these patterns provide to streamlining, organizing and clarifying the situation.

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