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Think about the following question, which We took from their publication,

10. Which of the following conditions must be true for the gift of money relationship to be plausible?
A. The subclass object is a type of the superclass object.
B. If you substitute a subclass for a superclass, the code should find that all the methods it expected to find in the superclass are still provided and accessible.
C. A subclass can inherit from multiple superclasses.
D. A subclass can inherit from one and only one superclass.

they also provide the answer:

10. A, B, and C. These are proper because a subclass item is a kind of the superclass object, and all attributes and methods from the superclass are included in the subclass. D is incorrect. The subclass can inherit from multiple superclasses.

So Coffee now supports multiple gift of money?
It seems that they are referring to C can receive from B which follows from A (or could they be talking interfaces but calling them classes? )

But how on earth would you know this is what the question intended?
A lot of these multiple choice questions are subjective. Their answer might not exactly be the most correct answer.
So, although you may know the subject inside out, you will probably loose 10-15% of the marks, as responses are subjective, and automated robot which marks the exam, might not exactly agree with you.

So someone who understands everything, could get 85% max
The passmark is 71% for exam

Not much room for error, although you may know everything.
We am wondering if this exam is a lost cause. Anyone have any different experience?, The book is a great introduction for architecture, but misses some points for exam preparation.

The preparation for the second area of the exam is weak and it is missing UML Component and Sequence blueprints. After trying contact with MH Professional I obtained no reply about the absent diagrams, so I needed to look for other resources.

I discovered errors in the questions both in the book and in the COMPACT DISK, which are published in the product Errata, and it took some reasonable time to actually get my presumptions approved.

The CD simulation had almost no question covering architectural decisions, instead covering mostly clear specialized questions, many repeated from the book. The first exam for the certification requires great skills on deciding what architecture should be used, and the way to solve a complex scenario.

We honestly expected more. The book has excellent structure and design content, but failed in some important points., This book is well written and full of material. For example, you can observe what is expected from an architect, what are the challenges, how to solved them and the possible technical solutions given a scenario.

This publication is the entry point to keep preparing. The architect certification is extensive and difficult, so , although this helps you to begin, you should have experience coding Java EE apps and keep reading other books. IMO is impossible to cover all subjects in just one book, there are many specs involve and also this publication makes a decent review one by one. oh! and there is a scenario solved that addresses part two and three of the exam.

The cd works " good enough" in my dual boot ubuntu (wine) and completely in windows.

In case the question is: Should I buy it?, i will say yes, there are others books but that are focused on JavaEE5 and some things have changed (even exam objectives) and also, there are many matters that you should not miss.

Note: as for the certification a good understanding of EJB will help you a lot., You should definitely get this if you are taking the OCMJEA 6 exam. It is not enough to read this, to pass the exam, but it will be will help. Ditto, the test app that you can download to go along with the book., I obtained very bored during reading. Probably it is helpful in regards to the exam but i find the writing style uninteresting, too many duplications and too little content. Probably We would have written the same book with fifty percent its size., Nice, We am starting to read but at glance seems that it not delve into topics, Absolutely love it

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