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Enrique’s Journey
Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario shows a odyssey of a Honduran boy named Enrique who had been born in Tegucigalpa Honduras. He lives with his mother Lourdes in addition to his sister Belky. Enrique’s father has long left; since Lourdes hardly could provide food for the woman children, she decides to leave for the United States to earn income to send back to the woman children. Enrique and Belky become separated; Enrique remains with his father and Belky with Lourdes’s mother in addition to sister. Ever since his / her mother left, Enrique misses his mother and constantly asks when she is arriving back. Meanwhile, Lourdes is living in California, misses her children but proceeds to offer them. Although Lourdes tries many careers, she meets Santos, gets pregnant and gives birth to Diana. Enrique goes through difficult time as well. He goes through a collection of rejections. First his / her mother, next his father, and then his grandmother, finally his uncle. Enrique’s only dream is to be with his mother once again, and therefore he set out on a journey in search regarding his mother.
Enrique makes numerous efforts to get north in addition to on his seventh, he is found bleeding in addition to naked. Enrique will be able to get away from the people who attacked him on typically the train and stole every thing he had, including his / her mother’s telephone number, Enrique receives help from a mayor, and then, other people help him in addition to recommend him not to chance it again. Many younger people have died looking to get to the USA riding on top of train, which is not safe. Their own families never ever learn what happens with the loved ones. However, Enrique still desires to journey north to look for his mother. Enrique tries again applying his prior experience. Nevertheless, he is caught simply by the police in Tapachula, and taken to imprisonment. He escapes and makes it towards the train, reaches Chiapas in “el Fastuosidad devorador” which is known as the train Devours, which is one of the toughest part, so Enrique is proud of himself.
In Veracruz, Enrique sees the Jesus’ sculpture, most of the migrants that are on top of typically the train bend down in addition to say a prayer. Enrique does not think he must do it because all of the stuff that he has done in typically the past. In the journey trough the state of Oaxaca and Veracruz, Enrique discovers that people there are nice to migrants; many of them give typically the immigrants clothes and food. Also the priests at the parishes encourage typically the members to assist the migrants so they can reach the destination safely. Typically the train enters a few tunnels, El Mexicano is the longest, the diesel-powered smoke rises and typically the migrants had a hard time, Enrique’s face and biceps and triceps turn gray. In South america City, everything changes, people from there are terrify of the migrants, they believe that migrants are all bandits. Now Enrique provides to hide from typically the state police and typically the people that are now living in los angeles Lecheria. Back in typically the train, he felts as sleep. Enrique and few more boys get trapped by the police that bring them to their particular jefe, he checks these people and luckily lets them lso are board the train in addition to let them know to get away the train before San Luis Potosi. Once there, Enrique works a little to obtain money for food in addition to for the remainder of his trip. In Nuevo Laredo, Enrique locates a camp for migrants, he feels safe right now there. However , it is not the safest places to be, there is all kind of things going close to like drugs, criminals, smuggling network, etc .
Enrique does not forget concerning his mom. One overdue afternoon, Enrique will be able to get his mom contact number. He collect calls her. He feels her love, Enrique tells his mom that he is in Forma Laredo and that he needs to pay a smuggler to help your pet to cross the river. After el Tirano helped Enrique to cross typically the river and get to the USA, Lourdes’s husband gets Enrique and drives him to see his / her mom in North Carolina. Happiness did not last too long. Lourdes would like it to tell Enrique what to do and how to do it, but Enrique did not like this, their confrontation stared obtaining very often and Enrique started to spend his / her money in drugs, alcoholic beverages rather than sending it to his daughter in Honduras. Time passes by in addition to Enrique decides to shift out of the house. He tries to get his live back upon track by saving cash regarding a smuggler to bring Maria Isabel to typically the USA. Maria Isabel Journeys north using a smuggler, with her there are more immigrant traveling. Jasmin, Enrique and Maria Isabel daughter’s stays with Belky Enrique’s sister.
Enrique and Lourdes are invited to participate in a show call “Don Francisco”. It is very well-liked in Latin America. Put on Francisco asks Enrique concerning his pass as well as Lourdes, also he asks Enrique why he wanted to arrive at typically the United States and simply by the end, Don Francisco tells Lourdes that “he knows that one regarding Lourdes biggest dream is to see her child Belky after not discovering her for seventeen years”. Lourdes voice gets tight. Then from the same door that Enrique and Lourdes used moments before, Belky enters. This was the 1st time that Lourdes in addition to her three children are actually together. After few days, Belky goes back to Honduras were her infant son and husband are waiting for her come back., Thoroughly enjoyed reading typically the book, I found personally rooting constantly for younger Enrique to make this to his goal ~ to his mother in the USA. The writer put a lot regarding work into researching regarding her newspaper articles in addition to book. He had awful, excruciating experiences on his / her long journey, being swindled, beaten and sent again several times before he finally made it. Right now there were even positive encounters, such as people putting food to the train riders as the train passed by. There had been other people who helped Enrique and others upon their journey north.

The favorite helper was Actor Leo in Nuevo Laredo. He exemplified Christian ideals. He is definitely not typical – disheveled, he would supply the shirt away his as well as sold a car given to your pet. He drove an aged vehicle when need become but rode his bike mostly; even across typically the bridge to Laredo to bring back clothing to help the young migrants. He gave up his house so that female migrants would have a spot to stay. He frequently donated blood each time a younger migrant was in need. There were many other examples of how he helped the migrants in a difficult environment.

Enrique of course idolized his / her mother, his memory regarding her from when he was five. Their reunion was doomed to become disappointing for both Enrique and his mother Lourdes.

The story meant more knowing it was a true story. You will find definitely many more versions, a single for each migrant.
The story has been also reminiscent of typically the Swedish novel series “The Emigrants” by Wilhelm Moberg (1949) – a typical epic that follows a family on their journey from Sweden to The united states for much the similar reason, in order to feed their particular children and give these people a better life., a very powerful book concerning the plight of Central American families plus the desolation over their life conditions. It raises issues regarding immigration from both sides- the desperate conditions below which families live and exactly how that drives a mother or father to leave children regarding the U S to provide a better residing for their children again in Honduras. Taken through the view of typically the abandoned children, in this case, Enrique, it stories his desperate and many time life threatening journey through Honduras into the Oughout S as an illegitimate immigrant, searching for his Mommy. What he endures to make this journey is a difficult thing to see and an impossible factor to imagine doing. Typically the author does an excellent job of portraying typically the immigration question from all sides; the financial contribution to the Honduras overall economy from monies sent again to their families through immigrants working illegally in the U S, typically the vast amount of work done here in the Oughout S by illegal migrants that U S employees do not need to do, typically the value to the Oughout S economy along with the cost towards the Oughout S economy. Costly superb read and a watch terme conseillé on this multifaceted trouble, "Enrique's Journey" is typically the true story of a boy who decides to travel illegally from Central America to the Usa in an attempt to be reunited with his mother. Many poor Central United states women leave youngsters in the care of relatives and go to typically the United States in research of work. They frequently send money home to their families, however, many regarding them never actually observe their children again. In this case, Enrique's mother, Lourdes, is doing work in typically the U. S., and Enrique is determined to become reunited with her. Typically the book chronicles his horrifying and dangerous journey, which usually entails hitching rides upon top of freight trains, steering clear of gangbangers and crooked law observance officials, relying on the occasional kindness of strangers, in addition to hoping to stay alive.

Certainly with some other reviewers that the book appeared to repeat itself pretty a lot, but nevertheless, the incredible nature regarding this story still brought me to give typically the book five stars. Is actually terrifying to think regarding how many migrants experience things like this. Is actually amazing that any regarding them actually live to tell about it.

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