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We are not a game creator, however I want to become one, but this book is clearly not only about that.

Jason has put an enormous effort into explaining things that few can confirm about.

This publication is a gem, because from my point of view (mainly as a. NET developer), it consists of the bases that any respectable programmer must know. It explains you about memory, it offers you the programming/engineering experience accumulated over the years that is far more valuable than the money you spend on the publication. It explains you principles that must be discussed before anyone letting you write your first part of code. Don't fool yourself thinking that this is merely about game architecture. This book is about any architecture, about best practices, about the concept how to truly know how to program.

My favorite statement from this publication is the the one which claims something like this: Before you develop something, you must know the root hardware.

Thank you Jason for sharing all of this experience!

P. S. I've started to read a lot of books, but this one is one of the is suitable for the in keeping you reading and making you want more., The book describes industry-standard approaches to organizing a game's modules in a way that supports practical isolation, and also sets apart the game-independent core (or engine) from game-specific content and code. It also describes alternatives where they exist, like the decision between a single centralized source module vs. distributing resource-specific loaders across their associated modules.

I would characterize this book as a survey just because its scope is so large, but even with that, it has plenty of conceptual, algorithmic and mathematical various meats. I've used the publication (and particularly Figure 1 . 15) as a way to establish a high-level architecture for my game, and then I exercise into specific chapters concentrating on specific modules as needed.

One gap is that by the author's own admission, the book does not really treat AI at all (just a single page), so if you're looking for that, you'll need to look elsewhere., This is an excellent book, but I feel it kind of offers mare like a high level overview and leaves the execution details being an exercise to the reader. Its not a tutorial, more of a facts help you look in the right direction. It is about from a lead of Naughty Dog, a highly respected studio, which earned its play name " Naughty Dog University"
While it doesn't show me step by step as a neophyte C++ developer, We are still happy with my purchase., This is an amazing book that all game developer should own. This specific book will teach you how the various subsystems in a game engine work together in a basic overview kind of way. Basically, it demystifies the process of how a game is made from begin to finish. After reading it, you have all the knowledge you need to find all the information you need in the future about specific subsystems. I'd recommend getting this once your at the programming degree of good memory management techniques and design designs in c++., Good content, horrible binding in print. 2 copies both with broken detached back spinal column. Very annoying, I've already been learning how to produce a video game on my own for over per year and I got to the point where I had been feeling lost. Thanks to this book practically all of the question Seems having are not only known, but clear. On top of that I now have a well attracted out path. Thanks to the author Jason Gregory, Good book, Excellent publication covering a wide variety of what a game engine consist/is made of. I got this publication late 2014 and was amazed to see its content so up to date. My only criticism would be the difference thorough between chapters. Yet even in the cases where a notion isn't delved as much into, the author provides good tips to move forward and find out about the topic.

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