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I use read the whole series of Mitch Rapp books of Vince Flynn and the last few authored by Kyle Mills. Each author wastes not a single term and carries plot and action forward like a bullet. Kyle Mills has added a slight bit of humor and inner life's musings to the Rapp character which I loved. Having been an 'operative' (of nowhere near the good quality of Mitch) but having functioned in that sphere for a I appreciate the authenticity of the operators characters who assist Mitch in his missions. If you enjoy being gripped by excellent writing, story telling and stimulating characters (and a good fire fight) these publications belong in your series.
Lee Burkins Author of 'Soldier's Coronary heart: An Inspirational Memoir and Inquiry of War', 1 should not be in any way surprised that this latest thriller is an absolute whizz-banger! You will find betrayals, car chases, shoot-outs, close calls, snappy dialogue, unique character types, and lots of action. If you have read anything authored by the late Vince Flynn and/or anything written by Kyle Mills then you have previously learned this one has received to be an excellent reading adventure. All the superlatives apply here and this is another outstanding example of escapism through the written word. I will offer a five-star rating without forestalling., It was a pleasurable read but not one of Kyle Mills' best attempts. I kept waiting for the true thriller component to kick in want it has in previous novels... but there was never really a time when you experienced Mitch and his team were at risk, nor do you ever really feel the weight of the government coming down on Mitch.

The fundamental story line was good, I simply felt as though there was some missed opportunities in the storyplot.

Did I enjoy it? Yes I did, but mostly because I just really like the series. Would I re check out this book? Probably not, and I can't say that about almost every other book in this series., Vince Flynn was a master storyteller at conspiracy and espionage but additional heart to every history. Kyle Mills has expertly continued his series without fault. The weaving of old characters (their ability sets, personalities, and connection to Mitch) with new was absolute perfection and the subject matter was on-the-spot relevant in nowadays world crisis., If you are like me, you love to read the 1 superstar reviews. Note they are 4% and the 5 stars are 71%. I actually stand with the the greater part. I have read every MR book and I actually still enjoy the terrible out of those. Kyle Mills is doing a great job of carrying the torch for Vince Flynn. Everything sucks about this series is that you simply get one book a year and I read them in a week or less. The other fifty-one weeks I'm thinking about how exactly Constantly wait for the next one!, Kyle Mills has seamlessly taken over the Vince Flynn/Mitch Rapp world, and I couldn't be happier! Another fast spaced read with bad guys you'll love to hate, the resurfacing of iconic character types, and what is apparently a limitless future of Mitch and Irene thrillers. Love it! Vince would be proud of you, Kyle., Mills continues the Mitch Rapp series extremely well. I actually was prepared to be disappointed but was happily surprised that the storyplot range is intriguing and suspenseful. Vince Flynn was one of my favorite authors and Mitch Rapp a favorite character it is nice to know that Mills has the ability to continue in the Flynn style of writing... a fast moving story without belaboring uninteresting subjects and/or points., Kyle Mills does an excellent job of continuing and keeping the Mitch Rapp history. I was concerned how (if any) things might change from Vince Flynn. I should not have been. However are dissimilarities in writing styles, those difference do not take away from this being another fast pace, hard-hitting, action pace story. I feel looking forward to the next Mitch Rapp history.

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