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This guide recounts the training, r├Ęgle, and daily adventures of an officer in the RAF's bomber command during World War 2. This truly gives a quick look into the men, their training, their equipment, their tactics and the overall strategy. It really is a good first person account of your important war time experience.

The particular author plainly cared about his men and this individual was killed in action liberating us all from real fascists and real Nazis. However, the author was still a product of his times. Sometimes first person accounts of history reveal prejudices and sentiments that are just not acceptable today. In this circumstance, the author quite cavalierly named his black lab dog the N-word. As a modern reader in the United States, I found this quite jarring. While I would still recommend this publication to anyone who wants a quick look into an important part in military history, I actually would advise parents and school teachers to be aware that this inappropriate language exists in this work and stay cautious about recommending it for young students. I won't condemn the author. He never got that opportunity to fully developed and become more widely sensitive. Instead, he passed away so our culture could survive and we could advance together., Written by one of the first RAF "dam busters" of ww2. Book alternates between interesting and tedious. Much British slang used which is often confusing to a readers., Wing Commander Gibson's customized account of his RAF experience up to the Atteinte Busters raid is a warrior's take a look at war... something many of us will read and wonder about but never truly understand. Gibson's descriptions can almost put you at a crew station in a airplane, in a briefing, or in the Officer's Mess. His descriptions of the men he served with bear out the enormous respect and admiration this individual had for those his fellow pilots and crew people. Anyone who has actually owned a pet can only think about the effect on Gibson of the loss of his beloved dog on the eve of this important mission. This book was incredibly well written and pieces together facts learned from the having seen the movie The Atteinte Busters many times. I actually was sorry to learn some time ago that Gibson didn't survive the war. Reading his words brought him back to life... only when for a while. A true leading man by any measure., Great read. The Ebook version appeared to have a great deal of typos in it. As it was actually written during the battle there was many details that were left out due to secrecy. As Gibson was later killed in fight it was never up to date. Some may be extremely offended named his dog. Some of the English slang is almost undecipherable., Guy Gibson was one of the most crucial British aviators of the Second World War. As leader of the Dambusters raid, this individual did just as much to destruction the Nazi war machine as anyone. He has recently been criticized by some as a womanizer and as resented by his crew and colleagues. We can only let those with first-hand experience make such claims. It's hard to think of any public determine whose name hasn't become associated with one sordid affair or another. They can be forgiven for not mentioning any personal moral failures. I'm sure that if our fathers and grandfathers who served in military conflicts oversees were completely honest, we would find out another side to them too. The fact is that without men like Gibson, the west could possibly have lost the battle. The Nazis were only a few months away from having the atom blast. The book is well written, filled with suspense and highly entertaining. Gibson should get our unconditional respect and gratitude., The story of any brave man who tragically was killed just before the conclusion of hostilities. Thoroughly enjoyed it and an excellent read even with some editing flaws, Outstanding story of any British flier from the first days of WWII, Amazing story describing the true heroism of the men of bomber. Gripping read from begin to finish, couldn't put it down

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