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Dark enemy Captive continues Amanda and Dalhu's star-crossed relationship. While imprisoned in the clan stronghold, Dalhu learns that Amanda is Annani's daughter and loses even the tiny spark of hope he was clinging to that Amanda'll find a way for them to be together. They'll never be allowed near one another. But Annani enlists Anandur's help and the two of them organise for Amanda to see Dalhu behind Kian's again. There is a very hot scene that takes place in your bathrooms, and for a while it looks as though things will work out between Amanda and Dalhu, but Kian makes sure to strike them apart by making Amanda to acknowledge that her lover is the woman nephew's murderer. Amanda is torn between wanting Dalhu and despising him, and she considers giving Andrew a chance.
Meanwhile, Annani wants Kian and Syssi to have a great wedding, the initial ever for the clan, and she shoots down all of Syssi's objections. At first Syssi's reluctant, but when she realizes that Kian is as excited about marrying the woman, if not more, as his mother, she welcomes. Now all she has to do is plan a wedding for six hundred Immortals in under two days and figure out what to do about her parents. But Syssi's worries are of the happy kind, while Amanda's appear insurmountable. Could she ever be with the man who ordered the woman nephews murder? I suppose we'll have to wait and see how she solves this problem in the next book, Dark Enemy Redeemed., Dalhu and Amamda... a match made in Heaven! Presently there could not have recently been a much better match up for her than this strong immortal male, regardless of the reality that he was a Doomer! But even as a Doomer I experienced hope for him because his inner-most being didn't appear to fit the concept of the particular Doomers were. He was not mindless and was not a drone, even thought he had to show up to be. I loved the fact that he experienced a plan to escape his lifestyle even before this individual kidnapped Amande. He was just bidding his time...
Amanda would almost appear to be a hopeless tramp... but even she has not been as shallow as she first appeared to be. Rather she was a sensitive
who concealed who she was. Not the females faults that every immortal male encircling them were relatives! Sheesh! So, getting their tramp on was the only thing left for them to do... Hello! What is great for the goose is also good for the gander! But our females have redemption characteristic that make myself truly like them...
Dalhu and Amanda... I LOVE IT!! I am looking forward to learning much more of the series... I have already ordered the complete set. Looking forward to the release date for # 10... Nuff Stated!, I happen to really love this series, but this book was simply too quick! I don't normally complain about the length of an e book if the author has me fully taken in, but if I am simply reading half the story, I have to mention it. I truly could not wait for the history of Amanda, but please produce the story and not bits and pieces. Mcdougal has some amazing twists on one of my favorite subjects, Vampires, but chopping it all upward into multiple books is losing me. So why the four star rating? Every single character IT Lucas breaths to life is one you can't get enough of. I have not been " introduced" to a character that has been created in this series yet that I didn't want more of. Amanda gets several stars and chopping stories gets three, four celebrity review created., Dark Foe: Taken – Captive – Redeemed
Kids of the Gods books 4-6
I. T. Lucas

Series Overview:
From the beginning of time there have recently been near immortal beings who have molded humanity, recently been the object of worship but who as a race almost destroyed each other and human civilization.
Now only two Gods are left both sworn enemies:
The followers of Morta, the Doomers and the descendants of the Goddess Annani.

Lucas continues the woman unique addicting series with Amanda and Dalhu’s hurdle filled love story. It’s intense and at times dark but she always instills enough light for hope. Her dialogue is busy and her storyline is engaging and interesting providing a freshness to this often stale genre. The girl world building is unique and her characters may be ancient but surround themselves with all the modern world devices plus the woman hints to future stories will lure readers (well this reader anyway) into purchasing the next arranged of books in the series.
Textbooks 4 through 6 are Amanda and Dalhu’s history and must be read in order. In these installations readers will find out about the history of these two remaining clans of immortals, will get more intimate with the Goddess and her family and will eventually get hints about what’s to come.
The audible edition is once again left in the capable voice of Charles Lawrence’s deep, hot, satisfying baritone who expertly gives readers a much deeper experience by intoning the emotions vocally and does a fantastic job portraying every single character, human, underworld, male and female.

Amanda is the daughter of the last remaining female deity, Annani descendant from a race who ages ago were almost eradicated by civil war. She’s the youngest and for hundreds of years has been known as the “party princess” but has redeemed herself these days when she became a scientist with the sole purpose of finding heavy immortals and save the woman race by providing them with mates. When she has abducted by a member of her clan’s mortal enemy, the doomers, she’s afraid of loss of life or worse. But honestly, that is not what her captor has in mind at all.
Dalhu has long known the doomers philosophy is incorrect and when he views the photograph of any woman immortal of his clan’s enemy he’s smitten. Whenever he sees her in person he knows she’s his destiny. Now only if he is able to figure a way to keep her., I have been a readers my life and always have the best authors. Each once in a while, I find a new author that engages myself so much which i don't want to put the book down. This series any of them. That is not a standalone series of books, each one builds on the prior ones. To date, another great thing about this series is that I don't need to wait a year for the next book to hit. Less difficult off to I. T. Lucas for bringing your love of writing to those of us who wish to read.

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