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This is one of those rare moments when the publication description fully informs the reader of what they can expect. This is a great work that, refreshingly, provides something and then responses it in a complete and intelligible manner. The particular question being " Do the German war hard work in the East fall short due to the numerical inferiority of German forces and an inability to replace losses? "

Gregory Liedtke's answer is an emphatic no. He very carefully makes the case that the examination of the existing data implies that Germany was able to totally replace it's manpower and material losses both after the failure of Barbarossa and once again after the failure of Case Glowing blue. The data is well presented and the documents of sources is first rate.

Warnings to a potential buyer. This is not a general history of the conflict on the Asian Front and it focuses intensely on the question at hand. It would be helpful to have a general understanding of the events and operations on the Eastern Front prior to starting this book. Also the book simply answers the question stated earlier. It really does not provide any extended alternative explanation for the failure of the The german language war in the East. I am actually quite content with that result given what the intent of the author on paper this publication., While the author has gone extraordinary lengths to grasp the nuts and bolts of Wehrmacht logistical functions and troop strengths... it can clear that while he has mastered the amounts he has no conception as to their useful tactical impacts on the actual formations. On occasions to varied to count he assumes an infantry battalion at 70% strength is still 70% effective for offensive operations. He consistently makes the same mistakes with armour/motorized units. BUT FAR WORSE... are two critical categories he NEVER ADDRESSES AT ANYTIME. The quantity of horses available to the infantry divisions and the POL stocks available to the armor/motorized units. Inside fact he doesn't discuss munitions supply whatsoever either. You conclusion up with endless production tables and durability vs. available percentages. Inside short, it's a stockroom managers view of the War that fails to account for anything other X amount of a on a given day. It's very disappointing given the extravagant sourcing it purports to possess utilized. I gave it 2 stars only because of the apparent effort engaged. Within the conclusion it's essentially an exceptionally dry listing of unit TOE's of The german language divisions at various time chops between Sept. 39 and July 43. Cannot recommend., I possess read a lot on the Asian Front through the years, but this book was great not only for how well the author laid away his argument, but also for how he weaved it into a general telling of the War in the East. His opening chapter on the historiography of the East Front was also great.

His basic argument tackled the key issue of the replacement of as well as material on the Asian Front from June 1941 to July 1943. This individual supports his argument with a ton of charts and tables. His sources are thorough and I actually have added about eight new books to a wishlist on Amazon consequently.

I actually would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a major interest in the East Front side. You won't be disappointed., Easy to read and follow book has many charts which includes pictures. This specific book is different since it covers the war from the production and logistic point of view with meeting the demand of the German military on the eastern entrance. Part of the book that I found interesting was the replacement of deficits and some solutions that could have been executed to help., Haven’t read it yet; good price; excellent rating., I read it. It must be for scholars since kind of chapters practically shorter than footnotes. Since a story it is broad and ending before Kursk is lacking significantly as I'm concerned., Okay, basically this is an excel spreadsheet, interspersed with random unnecessary German phrases, and absolutely HORRID writing. A solid 60% of the English in this publication wouldn't get a passing level in a 6th-grade British class - I can only assume the publisher's editor's eyes just glazed over from gazing at row upon row upon row (upon row) of amounts, and they just skipped the fact that Liedtke writes as if English was something he picked up last week... complete with some wholly made-up words.

This is a *seriously* bad publication., as nearly all of the conflict books, it lacks maps, diagrams of weapons, and so on.

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