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I received an ARC with this book from a free items... I initially thought my husband would read it (since he could be a room aficionado, follows launches and SpaceX, etc) nevertheless I received the book I was intrigued and decided to read it. I rarely read nonfiction (though was an avid fiction reader), but I'm so pleased I read it! I loved it and would definitely recommend, particularly if you have an interest in space stuff!

Kelly juxtaposed his life onboard the ISS for the year-long mission with how he became an astronaut and the events leading upward to the year-long mission. This was told in alternating chapters: the time on the International Space Station was written in present tense while his autobiographical part was earlier tense. I liked that the chapters alternated, because it prevented me from getting too bored or bogged down with one storyline. Both parts I found fascinating. To get an astronaut is immensely difficult and I have always been curious how that happens, both the selection process and the training, since astronauts are the crè me entre ma crè me personally. Add to that when you discover that Jeff Kelly was a awful student and aimless during his school years; how did this man conclusion up obtaining one of the most difficult jobs ever? And that he and his twin buddy were selected at the same time? The particular chapters about the ISS were equally interesting. Understanding about the difficulties of space station life, from the everyday actions of eating and dressing and sleeping to the challenging duties required of the astronauts, was enlightening and made me appreciate my easy life a whole lot more. I was amazed by what he goes through for commences and landings. His whole story is very uplifting.

I gave a five star rating, but the book is not perfect. Overall I found it well written. However (and some of this may change since i have did read an ARC after all) there was some repetition in tales or descriptions, though that didn't bother me too much. Also, the book was sprinkled with curse words and some talk of crude things (like diapers and toilets on the ISS). Not too much, but a little more than I expected. Once more, this didn't bother me personally but it might trouble others, or be a little much for young readers. And I viewed the crude stuff as alright because I realized that it's a section of the daily challenges in space., I started reading this book, and I had one big immediate impression, because of to decades of avid reading. This book says like it is written by a ghost author, not by the person whose story this is. I went to the front matter, and found that indeed there was a " with Margaret Lazarus Dean" under Scott Kelly's name. I don't really know what it is about ghosting writing but it has a certain feel to it, maybe some excessively dramatic or cliche phrasing, but it doesn't read as genuine to me personally. I will finish the book and revise my review but I thought it was important to leave readers know - this is not actually written in Scott Kelly's words. The best book I have read by an astronaut is Jordan Collin's " Carrying the Fire". I was really looking forward to reading Scott Kelly's book, and was disappointed to discover it was ghost written. Nowhere fast in the description of the book is this stated. NOTE: ** I found out that Margaret Lazarus Dean has written books about the room program under her own name, including " Departing Orbit" about the final days of American Spaceflight. Therefore this makes me feel a little more assured about the quality of this book. I still really dislike that this was not mentioned in the description of the book or in any of the book reviews I've seen., Space always mesmerized me, even as a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. But as I grew up, m plans changes, but my love for space stayed the same (I even buy books about room and solar system for my daughter). I planned to order this guide from Amazon, but the very last minute I found a surprise cards to Barnes and Noble and made my purchase there.

This book captivated me because not every day you can read about the experience and thoughts of a person, who lived one year in an outer space. There are a lot of interesting quotes in the book, that made me thought about my life, about my mission on Earth, about that true feeling of presence.

The book begins with the author telling us, that he's seated at his dinner stand with his family after coming back from 340 days in space. It's very hard for him to walk, every step is challenging. Every joint in his body hurt. " Adhere a fork in me personally, I'm done" - he announces.

One of the things, the things i like about this book is interesting metaphors, like " the smell of space is similar to sparklers on the 4th of July". Where else could I hear such an interesting thing? He also writes about the results on his marriage and family. I love his manner of writing, as he can humorously describe some very serious of uninteresting everyday rituals and tasks.

Kelly’s book blooms in its depiction of the day-to-day work of astronautics and more particularly where basically involves international cooperation. He opens us a door to his privacy, probably some stuff he didn't share with his family. He tells how he visited a tattoo parlor before launch and got black dots all over his body to be able to easier to take ultrasound tests in orbit. It just has blown my mind!

I'm glad that Kelly tells us not just about the good stuff but about the REAL staff and that's what's making this book so special., This specific story is amazing. More amazing when you bear in mind that it is not science fiction but actuality. If you are in any way thinking about space, this is an absolute must. If you are not thinking about space you will still find this fascinating and thrilling. Scott Kelly is not really a great narrator. Of which being said his directly forward reading suits the material and won me over., As riveting as a Tom Clancy novel with this being the real thing. I read it in two sittings. 1 of the best books I've read in years., Great personal account I can relate to very inducing account of life activities. Thourly enjoyed.

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