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Fantastic read from an expert on policing. Although there has been a whole lot of speak about policing change in recent years, the bigger picture is often lost. That is this book's contribution. It points out that policing is definitely one of many public strategies for coping with social ills. The reason why do we always turn towards the most punitive approach that demonstrates the worst possible results?, “The End of Policing” by Alex S. Vitale offers a well-informed critique of policing and the struggle for social justice. Professor Fondamental is an educator, consultant and essayist who has dedicated over 25 years of his professional life to these issues. This particular timely, astute and gentle book will empower everyone who believes that a better, less punitive world is possible.

Professor Vitale clarifies that well-intentioned reforms such as procedural justice, community policing, independent prosecutors, training and body cameras cannot have but limited effect. It is imperative for us all to disarm and essentially rethink the role of police in society.

Teacher Vitale challenges the popular notion that police are here to protect us all. A short history teaches us that policing was created as an institutional response to structural inequality. Through the start, policing has received an ignominious past in the suppression of slaves, labor movements, indigenous peoples, and political activists. Despite the fact that graft and corruption has been greatly reduced since the 1960s, misguided guidelines such as the Battle with Drugs means that police continue to profit at the expense of the poor and helpless.

Focusing on the present day, Professor Vitale dedicates individual chapters to evaluating policing’s proven ineffectiveness in regulating schools, mental sickness, homelessness, sex work, narcotics, gangs, borders and national politics. On issue after issue, we learn how heavy-handed policing merely tends to make everything worse. Profligate spending on police and prisons might assuage the fears of the A single Percent, but it deprives the funding of solutions which may better address the root reason behind these problems.

In the powerful Bottom line, professor Vitale articulates how a just society would, by definition, have a vastly diminished role for policing. The legalization of alcohol, gambling and cannabis has proven that bassesse need not be criminalized. Greater investment in emotional health services, affordable housing, education and guaranteed work would produce a far healthier, productive and peaceful population. Through his expert discussion and analysis, the author is hopeful that his book will enable us to demand real, community-based solutions to the challenges of our time.

I highly recommend this excellent book to everyone., This is a good and important book. The author’s sociological background and angle of vision shows his discussion throughout, and persuasively underscores his bigger point: that reform of policing practices is important, but not sufficient.

I would recommend reading this in the context of reading other books that speak about the problems with current policing practices and philosophies, and have (generally) a broad view that reinforces and is complementary to Vitale’s: THE RISE OF TYPICALLY THE WARRIOR COP; YOU COULD HAVE TYPICALLY THE RIGHT TO REMAIN HARMLESS; CHOKE HOLD; and UNSEEN FORGET ABOUT: POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACK WOMEN AND LADIES OF COLOR., Oh, my gosh. I am really astonished that no one has reviewed this book yet. This particular book I think is framed from a sociological lens. I do not see this book as being always anti-police; although abuses are noted. It appears to me to be more about the need for deep-rooted and organized change in the way we use the police.

It is stunning, the details specified by this book. It is in my view a masterpiece for a book of this nature. Because it has heart and it it appears to be well-researched. Because it states what I feel. I actually am glad I read it, though these balances and statistics are not fun to think about. My respects for a well-written book.

I used to be at first feeling somewhat nauseated and quite sorrowful about what I was reading about all the suffering that people endure in this world at the hands of greed, selfishness, misunderstanding and ignorance. As well as in my view there is much incompetence. I got that sense from reading what We have read. I had not been confronted with these realities in this context (framed as a book about too much policing); though, in life and in psychology courses I've obtained, I have been knowledgeable of how difficult it is for many visitors to survive, much less combat suppression, oppression, and assault that cripples and disables them further from getting out of their already impossible situations.

Lots of what is written in this review will be my interpretation of what I read, my meaning of the particular author might've meant for individuals to read, and somewhat of rough of my own reaction to what I've read.

I see it this way because too many of them will never get out of a deadly loop of being forsaken, feeling bad, and then maybe having acted out there in some way (big or small) as to attract punitive actions by the police. Often it can be misdirected, wrong, and am suppose well-meaning laws that guides this. It is heartbreaking. Or maybe someone happens to be in the wrong place at the incorrect time, they reside in the incorrect neighborhood, they walk throughout the wrong path, or they are related to or know the dimensions of the wrong person from Facebook or from grade school. That is all possible under the umbrella of what the law states.

I actually do not believe most police personnel really realize the magnitude of the oppression and pain that the people who they are sent to control and punish are really suffering, and of how they are suffering reversals or simply institutionalized and organized ongoing horrors. Maybe we don't really think that strong. I believe many people just do what they do without much necessary thought or empathy (which might not be possible to actually teach. Which might not be viewed as necessary or perhaps profitable, or convenient for some people's agendas. Which we might not think is our job to care or to do anything about).

Plus there is division in the politicking. People not necessarily immune. Not police, and not enough other people who can really make a difference. That may be my opinion. We are flying blind in many situations. So is my viewpoint. I hope it is ok for me to express what I feel about what I have read. I think evoking that feeling from a book such as this one is inevitable and I am confident that it is intended by the creator. I would hope anyway.

The book lays out there a vision of horror (at least that is how I sense it) that could be solved in some meaningful ways " if only" a were done differently in the future. Perhaps in the real world today we do not see how or if the necessary money or attempts will be allotted for solving the true root base of problems we all face together. Unfortunately we don't all see the " together thing". We all have different views, and many people are offered with one perspective of the whole picture, and others a different one, unfortunately. That may be what I actually see this book leaving clues at if it is not outright saying it.

Maybe not most of us experience that way, because let's face it - many of us are just fine. We have our heads above normal water in many respects, though we can always complain I guess. So, I am saying I have little sense of what many significantly disadvantaged people go through. I do see sometimes on a street nook people who appear to me like they might hijack my car to get some drugs or a meal. I saw this type of scenario after taking the wrong offramp on vacation. I do not see those people as the problem, but see them as an indicator. That is why I actually can identify with this guide.

Many who are in and out of jails, in my opinion, in some way or another have been victims of a bigger problem. I will always see it that way, and I read this creator as saying this. This particular book helped me see that clearer, and it reinforced that notion. Rather we rely less on gentler and more complete solutions; we rely a lot more on the police to be the gatekeepers of the mentally ill, the young and naive, the unwary, the too-wary, the born on the incorrect side of the songs, the poor and hungry, the confused and disorderly, the disaster and problem-riddled, the neglected and forgotten, the alienated and the dissident; more than I can possibly cover in one review. I believe mcdougal makes it clear that many reforms proposed just aren't working, haven't proved helpful, others may well not work. The author makes it clear that it is an issue in which we expect the police to cover bases that they are not likely to succeed in covering. But, there are always improvements and proposals.

It shows up to me this book states just about everything you need to know to at least get a sense of the causes of our societal disease, and how we put toxic bandaids on problems that need real and peaceful solutions. And as the book reads to me, real and peaceful solutions are cost-effective, as are many problems facing the planet; yet we just do not all have a voice to change the tide; and we only need too much resistance at this time.

This book talks about improvements, reforms (in every chapter I believe), and some silver linings, or possible ones. I recently hope our kids' kids will see an improved day.

Strongly suggested., This is an remarkable book, and a game-changer in our current instant of police crisis. Fondamental not only outlines what has gone haywire in the relationship between legislation enforcement and the communities they patrol over the past four decades, he sets forth clear, manageable policy goals. And avoid allow title fool you -- this is not about ending investigations of crime, or ending abuse for many who do harm -- it is about finishing a process of patrol, surveillance, and intrusion that has become so commonplace that we do not really know that it is new. An excellent book that should have a significant impact on policing going forwards.

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