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This guide was the textbook for my nutrition class. Kessler managed to get a very interesting read that flowed very nicely. There have been so many stories and examples in it, that you did not realize you were learning things. I have advised it to several of my friends and they all feel the same way. Great read!, Great read and definitely an eye fixed opener! How perverse the food chain is today and just how big agro manipulated the market so what we eat we always crave....., Since my 30's I've been wondering WHY! Why am I addicted to food. Properly I have to say that this is the first time I'm understanding the why's and how to change things. This book is the truth and a must read for an obese nation, The problem of weight problems is multifactorial and thus seems too far gone for simple solutions. This book addresses many of the factors that are adding to this modern crisis. It offers important dialogue round the neurobiology of our dependence on salt, excess fat and sugar along with providing a summary of the role of the food industry in the problem. Most importantly it provides some hope that lifelong behaviors around food choices are able to be transformed., Shhhhhhh big food sectors doesn't want you to know their dirty lil food secrets that keep you coming back for more. This guide exposes that!, This is a great book for anyone trying to break the period of weight gain/loss. This is particularly useful in explaining how the food industry is conspiring against consumers to make us all over weight and diabetic. We was very naive to the complex and clever, but insidious and pestilent, tricks that the food industry employes to get us to eat a lot more high sugar/fat/salt foods, eat them faster, and eat them while thinking wish being healthy. Their strategies are reminiscent to those used by the tobacco industry! "Knowledge is power, inches as the saying goes, and Kessler provides a useful knowledge in this book. Understanding what some of the tricks are and how/why they work, helps you to avoid the traps so easily set by the commercial food industry.

Weight loss is ultimately just calories in (diet) and calories out (exercise), but Kessler has taught me to KNOW WHAT YOU EAT. I have made it a habit to go on-line and check the nutritional information for the food outlets We frequent, and to always check the labels on packed food. If the restaurant doesn't provide nutritional information, I move on to one which does! If the supermarket doesn't provide dietary information on the products they sell (notoriously a problem in the deli/bakery sections), I move on. Try Kessler's advice on this and you will be in for some big, but helpful, shocks.

My only complaint is that the book is a bit repeated, particularly in his item-by-item examples of the horrible things done to food. But stick to it, and it does drive the message home, and there are good training as you go along., Most of this book was comprehending the technology behind the neurological wishes of overeating and just how the food industry manipulates their food and advertising to entice all groups of people.

While it was interesting to read about how precisely the food industry manipulates excess fat, sugar and salt into their food to make all of us "Crave-It! " I was dreaming about a larger segment on how to improve our thought patterns, with real recommendations to try, rather than9124 hypotheses. I think as an addition to a book We recently purchased titles Self-control, it could be helpful., When you are thinking this is a fast and easy diet book, stop right there, it isn't. Kessler explores how in the last 50 years we as a population overindulge, and what has transformed in the world around us. This book could be divided into about three major sections, the changes in the food industry, why we have the compulsion to overeat, and how to stop overindulging. Solutions aren't easy. We loved an early part in the book where Kessler said he was staying in a hotel room in which he was given a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies, and threw them out. (I am not advocating tossing out food.. ) This individual knew that his weak point for cookies would have him out of control and have him ingesting those cookies rapidly.

Our own food industry is exactly that, an industry that studies us and makes marketing judgements directly centered on getting us to take more. The food industry is generally concerned with their bottomline, not our waist. They know our brains are hardwired for sodium, sugar, and fat. Within the caveman days, we needed all three of those to help us make it through. Now, our food provide is plentiful, and we should worry less about these, but our brain hasn't caught up with the business revolution. Ever ask yourself why we like things like chocolate dipped pretzels or those tasty cheese and bacon drenched french french fries?

Throughout time food materials have been limited and we have craved food that would help support us. Kessler maintains, we have been still hard wired doing this, and we still have these biological urges. We are being marketed towards what has become our weaknesses. The final portion of the book he or she suggests ways to stop this desire to overindulge. There are no easy solutions. Watch portion size, eat enough to support you to the next meal. Stay away from sweet, salty, and fatty food. No gimmicks, no tricks on making this easier, we should re-wire our brains.

Chapters are nice and small, so they are easy to digest. His writting style is much like having a conversation with someone that is knowledgeable and passionate about what he speaks. There are no easy solutions in getting us to halt eating so much, just explations behind why. Hopefully with increased of us knowledgeable about why, we can stop overeating.

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