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Provocative and inteligent in a general view. Unfortunatelly, the author your investment civil law galaxy and, thus, his results don't apply totally to " lawyers" at all, but to a certain system of justice with proper features., An interesting guide I would say. The subject of the book " the finish of lawyers" at first had me a little shook, by after looking at it from both angles and realizing how the Web and IT is altering the world around us all he does have a point on the possibilities that should be " Explore" in this necessary art " lawyering"., The experience base underlying my comments are as a recovering attorney that has served as a practice development specialist to law businesses around the United States. These comments are primarily directed to those who are spent in, depending on your point of view, the legal industry or occupation.

First the good reports. Before reading Susskind's work, you'll need three packs of sticky notes in several colors. Use one color to mark the things that you already agree with, another for the things you disagree with and the third - the big pack - for the new ideas you hadn't considered before. Since tradition is just helpful to the extent the future will end up like the past, it is not so much in the specific predictions that Susskind's work benefits the legal community as much as the fact that he makes the velocity of change undeniable.

The metaphorical picture of lawyers Susskind paints is a bunch of fellas in `bespoke' suites, position on a beach in the direction of which a huge influx is approaching, arguing with the other person who will carry legal liability for the tsunami. Those who value the profession and their role in it will heed the warning and move to the high ground. These will be those who recognize that the legal profession is the servant of community - not the repository of its order or wisdom.

In `minding the gap' between consultant speak and difference between principle and practice, the footnotes alone - the majority of which can be web sites exemplifying what he's discussing, are well worth the price tag on the book. Typically the author might have earned more money from this work if he had simply asked the readers to send him a dollar every time they looked adopted up on a footnote and said to on their own `now I see what he is talking about'.

The bad news is that the author's experience clearly centers this guide on the web sum of his professional experience, which, apparently, is serving the largest `white shoe' businesses in Great Britain. Since, using financial terminology, what the law states is a `lagging phenomena' - this exacerbates the distinctions in `legal culture' between us all. The significance of this is inversely proportional to the `listening skills' of the reader. To the level that most lawyers spend the time they're not speaking thinking up what they're going to say next - this is an issue.

Overall, the book will get a thumbs up. Typically the author does American lawyers the favor of not only saying that changes are coming but outlines some specifics in regards to what those changes might be. Getting to higher ground in time is up to each individual and firm., Great book for anyone considering law, or doing a law degree, Very interesting book, full of insights and very motivating., Have not read whole book, but recommend reading chapter 5 good advice. Specially for a newbie Paralegal as myself who needs all the info the lady can take., GREAT book!, Typically the book is a lttle bit dated and discusses developments already here as if they were never thought of yet.

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