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You will find a LOT to absorb in THE END OF HEART DISEASE. This is a well-written, practical discussion about the biggest killer in our society, and cement steps you can start taking immediately to keep yourself from becoming the next victim. Here's a sobering thought: " Heart failure patients typically worsen and usually die of center disease despite the finest medical management. "

We definitely do NOT like the sound of that estimate from Dr. Fuhrman.

Doctor Fuhrman begins this book by explaining the impact of heart disease in our society. More people die of cardiovascular disease than all the cancers combined. The cost to society is astronomical, and yet most people wait for the symptoms to occur, and then treat the situation with drugs. In a recent year, 0 billion dollars were spent on cardiovascular disease. Dr . Fuhrman notes that the whole lifetime cost to treat a person with CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) is practically , 500, 000!

The writer is vehement that physicians have a moral obligation to make clear to patients that there is a LOT that one can do to greatly lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you wait around until you hold the symptoms, it will be MUCH more harmful for treat, and far less effective. Yes, there are drugs that can lessen blood pressure and other important metrics, require drugs will not actually cure your disease--just help in keeping in under control.

The good news, the doctor explains, is that with substantive diet changes, you can drastically cut your risk. Not necessarily down to zero, of course, but much lower risk. He cites numerous studies which may have centered on certain foods, and their share to avoiding heart disease. There is a LOT of scientific evidence that demonstrate the value of eating certain foods, and keeping away from others.

The main element to the food selection, Dr . Fuhrman explains, is selecting foods which may have high vitamins and minerals for the calories. This number is called the " ANDI, " which stands for Aggregate Nutrient Denseness Index. The foodstuffs with the highest index are certain vegetables that provide monstrous nutrition, and yet few calories. Foods like collard greens or watercress. At the other finish of the spectrum, having a soda gives ZERO nutrition per a ton of calories. (For those inquisitive readers, the second most severe was Apple Pie. )

The book provides 2 weeks of detailed meal plans. A big requirement is to have just one meal per day consist of a large salad. Actually the doctor admonishes the viewer to make a written commitment to eat that big salad, and post it on the fridge door.

Significantly, you will be drastically cutting down on pet products--eating only some ounces for each meal at most. This is going to be difficult! Many of the images shown are my own " sticky notes" to help me change my eating habits.

The author warnings that these dietary changes will take time--it will not be trivial, and it will likely take a few months for your taste pals to modify to a lower intake of sweeteners. After your taste pals readjust, nevertheless , you will be pleasantly surprised at the mild tastes you've been missing.

I am completely convinced by the physician's scientific research and recommendations. However, I do believe this will be tough for me personally (and I guess other people as well. ) Cutting out virtually all meat will be a large challenge for me, as does the one-salad-a-day regiment. Nevertheless, I am committed to doing this. Just today, in the company cafeteria, I had formed a large green salad for lunchtime, with lots of the veggies the doctor recommends. I put chia seeds on top, along with berries and other fresh fruit. I even given to the tasty ice lotion bar within easy reach.

Although you can squat through this book pretty quickly, it will take time and energy to absorb the information--there are a lot of facts and figures to consider. I found it helpful to make a list of important " action items" that We plan to take. For instance , I have a personal goal to make a large salad for lunch, and add more berries and seeds to my diet. (Some of these seeds, I confess I have NEVER once tried. )

I found THE FINAL REGARDING HEART DISEASE to be a serious work with deadly serious implications. The scientific evidence is overwhelming that dietary changes can drastically lower my chance of heart disease. Consequently, I have started making changes to my diet NOWADAYS as a direct outcome of reading this book.

This particular is going to be difficult for me to do, but I'm on my way to safeguarding my health. I guess that after reading this guide, most readers will get started their journey as well.

Sample copy courtesy of Edelweiss Book Distributors, I've been following Dr. Fuhrman since 2011, I have read all of his books, all of them are great. This particular way of eating is the only way to protect yourself not only from Heat Disease but Cancer and Diabetes as well. If I will go through successfully anyone can, you need to take control over your life, Dr. Fuhrman often include water but you have to drink, You need to commit yourself to this way of eating forever. There are millions of recipes on the net as well as Dr . Fuhrman's web site. Lots and Plenty of taste Plant based foods. Always make the Salad the main Dish, as Dr. Fuhrman says., all in all this is a Great Book, do as it says and beat the diseases of the Standard American Diet. I don't miss Various meats whatsoever, as I have cut it completely out there of my diet., Very first, I have almost all of Dr . Fuhrman's books, including his book on fasting, Consume to Live, End of Diabetes and The Conclusion of Cardiovascular disease (EOHD), and, have a number of his videos. I've also read publications by other doctors who write in this style including McDougall, Kahn, Esselstyn, etc.

Issues: page 13 of EOHD asks any doctors, researchers, etc., who find conflicting information or evidence to contact Dr. Fuhrman. Fast forward and Doctor. Fuhrman notes, on webpage 188, there has not been any diet with 'animal proteins' that has been proven to reverse center (vascular) disease (CVD). Not necessarily true... Dr. K Pilum Gould has multiple journals objectively demonstrating through FAMILY PET scans the reversal of CVD through a diet which includes animal proteins. Gould worked with Leader Ornish on the very early cutting edge reversal of CVD through non-invasive measures, but, as this individual writes in his guide felt Ornish's approach was too high in starchy carbs and felt veggies, lean proteins and fruits (in that order) should be the lead foods for heart patients. Within fact, one of Gould's early patients--Al Weatherhead--passed away only a few years ago after being given a death sentence in the 80s.

Dr. William Davis has published, in PubMed, research showing his diet, which includes animal necessary protein, the reversal of CVD _AND_ coronary calcification. Within his book, Track Your own Plaque, and, website Curereality, Davis also cites patients who have reversed their calcium score from the thousands to the hundreds. (As a side note, a cardiologist in Based in dallas, TX, in the nineties, was sending his patients to a nutritionist, High cliff Sheats. The MD noted his patients had seen 100% reversal of CVD via Sheats' diet. )

Third, Dr. Fuhrman disadvises (or limiting) potatoes, nevertheless , they're included in Doctor. Esselstyn's diet--which is strongly suggested by Dr. Joel Schute (a cardiologist and reporter of Dr. Fuhrman's guide. Therefore , which is it... potato? Or any. And, Now i'm not aware of rampant levels of heart disease in societies where potatoes are a prime part of their diet? Actually in the section on Dr. Esselstyn's diet, this individual doesn't fully address this.

Fourth, Dr. Fuhrman works or appears with Dr . Mark Hyman who wrote Eat Fat, Get Skinny. Hyman advocates moderate/low levels of animal proteins, Saturated Body fat, and so forth Again, confusing since their approaches are opposing.

Will continue to read the book, and, try to reach Dr. Fuhrman to provide the recommendations regarding Gould and Davis., I would tell everyone to read Dr . Fuhrman. A person may never visit a medical center again.. Really he or she is a Doctor that knows what he is talking about and he truly loves you whether his patients get well. Rare on this planet of what is in it for me attitude. Well worth the read.

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