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I have read dozens of nutrition books, and Dr Joel Fuhrman has become far & away my most trusted source. Read VIRTUALLY ANY of his books! Superimmunity is still my favorite. This one is more concentrated on weight loss (including psychological aspects) and somewhat less specifically about the diseases of affluence that kill the majority of us, but it is more of the identical facts & same concept to eat copious volumes of greens & other whole vegetables, ample berries, nuts, seeds, & legumes, little if any animal products (even lowering his limits in this newest book), modest INTACT whole grains, no sweeteners (caloric nor artificial), little or no fully processed foods, and zero trans fat. It's not the macronutrients, however the micronutrients!

In this latest book, I especially liked his criticisms of other diets. He episodes the Atkins/Paleo crowd for too much animal proteins and not enough nuts, seed, & beans--just what I actually felt about Good Calorie consumption Bad Calories and The Caloric Myth--although the latter acknowledges Fuhrman and follows his lead in pushing for large amounts of phytonutrient-rich non-starchy vegetables.

In reality, Fuhrman covered every one of my concerns with Jonathan Bailor's popular new (low carb high meat) book The Calorie Fantasy (which is still well worth reading AFTER Fuhrman). Bailor really pushes mi nombre es protein powders but here Fuhrman explains some concerns about protein powders (although not mentioning the hexane used in extraction).

That may take 20+ years for the heightened levels of IGF-1 in Caveman dieters to surface as detectable cancer, but watch out! Fuhrman will abide by the low-carb concepts, but rather than falling into the various meats trap, he incorporates low-carbs into a much broader health scenario (with proteins from greens & beans). He still prefers algal supplements to fish for EPA & DHA, and he advises wild fish because of contaminants like dioxin in farmed fish.

This time, he goes into somewhat more detail about carbohydrates, soy dampens, meat, and especially dairy products raising the IGF-1 junk, resulting in fat, cancer, atherosclerosis, hypertension, aging, and any monster you proper care to mention. Even the Caloric Restriction Society turns away to have significantly higher IGF-1 than vegans.

Fuhrman attacks the anti-wheat crowd (Grain Brain & Wheat or grain Belly) for confusing flour with intact grains. This individual attacks the USDA for almost everything--too much meat, dairy products, & grain, not enough vegetables, nuts, & espresso beans. (Really, it's too much politics and corporate influence. ) He attacks aspects of the Mediterranean diet (pasta & olive oil). This individual even politely indicts the China Study / vegan crowd for inadequate plant fat (avocado, coconut, olives, nuts, & seeds). This individual is right on targeted!

Another topic now protected in somewhat more detail is the danger of yo-yo dieting and exactly how regained weight tends to be the more dangerous visceral fat (belly/organs) rather than subcutaneous body fat.

He reduces his popularity of eggs on pg 146 stating, "a twenty-three pct increased death rate from those eating more than one egg a day", but I'm pretty sure the death rate is totally (just like taxes), even for vegans. Besides, if you divide us into ovophiles & ovophobes, the egg-eating crowd surely also consumes more pepperoni pizza & ice cream, so such correlations, the spine of much nutritional advice, should not be swallowed too gullibly.

(Fortunately) There's nothing remarkably different from his other books, yet they're all worth reading. In this one he adds further information, filtration, case histories, and tested recipes, and it's at least as good as the others. Today he elevates the importance of raw onions & grilled mushrooms. He explains that onions must be sliced before cooking to be able to cellular walls to release the alliinase enzyme for substance conversions, just like the enzyme myrosinase in cruciferous vegies that converts glucosides to isothiocyanates. (My speculation, if you like your roasted garlic whole, [as with cruciferous] is to eat a little raw green onions with any cooked allium so that the alliinase enzyme is reintroduced. )

Some reviewers complain that this book is definitely a replicate of prior books, although it is mostly that, why not read this now rather than re-reading the older ones. Fuhrman is well worth re-reading.

Some reviewers object to the title because is "yet another diet", although it is more of an informed lifestyle. Of course you avoid count calories or watch the scale, but I also completely disregard the mentions of portion sizes, percentages, and schedules and eat by the concepts (but do correlate your carbohydrate consumption to the caloric demands anticipated following the meal). The title helps make this the perfect gift idea to several fad-diet yo-yo-weight friends for whom I hope it is The Last Diet. (But such a subject might sound too dangerous. )

The appendix is a suitably cautious review of supplements, advising the chance of a few like vitamins B12 & Deb but mostly warning of specific dangers, well in accord with advice in Whole: Rethinking the Research of Nutrition and in The Vitamin D Solution. Iodine, zinc, and DHA are covered.

Dr Fuhrman is a genuine healer, weaning people off of medications and into healthy lifestyles. He points out how detrimental our medical paradigm is, not only to our health but also to the nation's economy--with diabesity as well as its direct costs already unprecedented in human history and slated to rise to astronomical ratios if we don't quickly and radically change our paradigm from medical involvement to healthy eating. It can amazing that most doctors don't even know and won't hear of his simple plant-based healings.

Looking for any criticism of his principles, all I actually can muster is that he could say more about spices (see Healing Spices by Aggarwal), doesn't mention circadian rhythms in relationship to insulin & weight (see Lights Out, with reservations), and prefers "unnatural" (newly invented) algal extracts over my tasty trout & herring as causes of EPA & DHA (in accord with The Tiongkok Study crowd & decreasing IGF-1). I can't recall if they have ever talked about oxylate concerns (e. h. in spinach & almonds) or the goitrogenic (iodine depleting) properties of cruciferous vegetables. He distinguishes starchy from non-starchy (you can eat them raw) veggies in The End of Diabetes, but I avoid recall reading it here, except in regards to potatoes. I'd also like him or her to discuss low-fructose compared to high-fructose fruits, as incompletely mentioned in The Caloric Myth. Nor has he yet addressed my concerns about the benefits and detriments of coconut and its oil.

These very minor "criticisms" actually are "grasping at straws" because Fuhrman is more unassailable than any other nutritional expert. Fuhrman is THE A SINGLE to follow.

I'm none overweight, diabetic, nor unwell, yet this book was obviously a valuable read, as was his The End of Diabetes (most especially the chapter on legumes) and his Superimmunity.

After Fuhrman, I also suggest reading Anticancer by Servan-Schreiber, Meals To Fight Cancer by Beliveau, Healthy At 100 by John Robbins, The Calorie Myth (but avoid eat his way), and the delightful new Dying By Food Pyramid by Minger.

Whether you choose this latest book or a youthful one, Fuhrman is your window of health knowledge. Then the real challenge is to implement it in your daily life, and he addresses that determination in this guide mostly through testimonials. In your health!

8/14/14: I have added more, as a comment., I actually have read Dr. Fuhrman's, Eat To Live, Take in For Health and Extremely Immunity. This guide BY MUCH is his best one yet. I am almost done with it. Section two is titled diet myths exposed. I cherished his take on UNFORTUNATE (standard American diet), Caveman Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Wheat or grain Belly Diet and some low-fat fallacies. That section alone is worth the price of the guide. But the best section by far is where he explains " The Plan" in chapter six. This individual details this eating plan so anyone can get it. I call Dr . Fuhrman the " greens man. "
What makes this guide good also is the testimonies of those who regained their health by eating this way. And the tested recipes in the back are an extra bonus. Therefore if you are looking at some of his books---start with that one first. Simply by far his best., Choosing between Eat To Live or The End of Diets:

In this book, compared with his others, it's a lot easier to read, but it's somewhat more " trust the doctor" versus laying out an enormous scientific pile of evidence. So if you are a born skeptic, get Eat to reside. If you accept that veggies are good for you, then skip that and just get to " follow the good doctor's advice" of this book.

I additionally felt Eat To Survive is a harsher diet... it is rather, very strict, and if followed to the letter, will bring about faster weight loss and health benefits. It's just really, really hard. In The End of Dieting, he loosens up a little, and it may take you 3-4 times longer to get the results, but will be easier going there.

If you have a major medical issue and are facing heart surgery, for example, get Take in To Live and take the tough medicine.

If you just have 20-30 pounds to lose or want in order to eat healthier to avoid FUTURE health issues, then go easy on yourself and do The Finish of Dieting.

About the content:

If you read enough diet/nutrition books, you begin to ask youself? What is well known and what is new here? In common, folks, NEW IS POOR.

For lasting health with few side effects, find the " common ground" of all diets which have worked in the past.

For Fuhrman, his diet is based on common sense and exactly what we all know in the back of our minds to be true. We must eat less meat and cheese, and far more veggies (and fruit, just under some reasonable control).

What this book does however, is give you the vast science behind it so you can justify the fact that, let's be honest, steamed asparagus is NEVER going to preference as good as a donut or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Therefore I absolutely assume that of all the diet publications out there, all of them, that one is the healthiest. It's just not easy., If only it were so easy. I actually would like to consider the two week challenge. This might sound doable. I have yet to read the book or study that claims how good all the prepared meats, dairy, and other foods are.
Vegetables are the answer. Just getting started will be my toughest problem.
I recommend all who want to make a similar leap read this guide. Dr. Fuhrman will do a great job with explaining all of it and giving you the best start possible.
Best of luck to all and spread the word., Really good summary about the nutritarian diet and has a two-week plan for meals that you don't have to think about... he considers for you. If I actually had to do it all again I would rather have bought a book. I do like digital books however, as it pertains to a cookbook and flipping back and forth from the index to the recipes it could be rather cumbersome. This guide would not go into the minute details about the nutritarian diet that I actually was hoping for, they might be on his website. It just gives the basic overall suggestions for the nutritarian diet that you can get on Google. This is the only reason I actually gave it a 4-star rating. Nevertheless , this has lots of information about why you should live a nutritarian lifestyle.

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