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I hardly ever write reviews but I feel compelled to share my partner, Robyn's, experience after five several weeks on Dr. Fuhrman's diet. At 190 pounds and 5' 8", she was about 50 pounds over weight. She had been on Glipizide for diabetes, Atenolol and Lisinopril for high blood pressure, and Gemfibrozil for high triglycerides. Her last A1C was nine. 5; well in the risk zone for diabetics. The majority of her fasting blood glucose readings were above 2 hundred.

Following your initial five several weeks, the girl with off all of those medications. Her final blood pressure reading was 117/78. Her fasting glucose hovers around 90-100. This wounderful woman has already lost 15 pounds as well.

Tonight, we decided to have a cheat meal. She ate a complete filet of fish with two cobs of corn and a full cup of great northern espresso beans with onions and garlic. This is a meal with practically 100 carbohydrates that should have directed her blood glucose soaring. Two hours after this meal her blood glucose was 97! We didn't assume that was possible and we assessed it a second as well as it was 94.

Needless to say, tomorrow we will be back on this diet completely with only an occasional special occasion to interrupt it. The food is satisfying and the results are phenomenal!

If you suffer from diabetes mellitus type 2 but are willing to devote yourself to this diet, make no mistake, it will reverse your disease and give you a great chance at a long, complication-free life.

Give thanks to you, Dr. Fuhrman!

8-17-2016 UPDATE

New test results from recent blood work:

Triglycerides six week back - 259. Now 110
Total hypercholesteria six weeks ago - 193. Now 173.
A1C six several weeks ago - 8. nine. Now 7. 3. (Since A1C is a 3 month average that 7. 3 is considering the prior two months of pre-diet eating. When adjusted for the, it actually would be an A1C for the last month of around 5. 0. )
Hypotension: 118 over 72.

All without medication and only 4 weeks on the diet!, I was identified as having type 2 Diabetes and put on Metformin on June twenty sixth, 2013. I started the ADA diet and implemented it 100% for a few weeks and could not get my blood sugars to go below 140. Finally i started out to panic and called my doctor, he explained to get used to it. He said I would be on metformin my whole life and eventually insulin. At that point i knew something wasn't right and started out to do a lot of research. Upon July 13th I proceeded to go to the book store and found this guide after looking at 10 or so others. I read the book from end to end that night because everything Dr . Fuhrman was saying made absolute sense. I started the diet that day and the next morning my blood glucose was down to one hundred, the following day was in the 90's and after this i have a fasting blood sugars between Mid 70's and the 80's. My doctor required off the metformin after just one week of being on this lifestyle change. I have lost over 30 pounds in monthly. I now work out twice per day and still have tons of energy. I have lost 6+ inches around my waist and am am off my hypertension medication too. I have about 20 more pounds to visit until my body finds their ideal weight. The great news is, this is a lifestyle I can live with, it makes sense and it works. God Bless Dr . Fuhrman. I wish the ADA would stop enabling consumers and inform them the truth. You will get off the drugs, you can help yourself, but you desire a proper lifestyle and diet. Zero more processed foods., When I browse the recipes in the back of the book I thought they were so radical that no one, unless these were, 'on death's doorstep', would eat that way. Nicely, I don't see 'crow' as one of the options but, if it were, I'd be eating it. I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 yrs ago and since then, living has been a rollercoaster between feeling terrible and just fair. Although I'd incorporated more exercise into my lifestyle and my blood sugar got gone down, it failed to change my overall thoughts of wellbeing. Seemed no matter what combo of foods I ate, I couldn't seem to be to sustain 'feeling good'.

I decided I'd try one or two of the less 'outrageous' quality recipes and go from there. That was nearly a month ago and I'm still trying the quality recipes. 1 day about two several weeks into eating this way, I had a burger and french fries. I'm not kidding, I experienced so awful the next day I could barely perform.

I have a freezer filled with meat that I'm boxing up to take to the food lender. I gave a gallon of 1% milk away a few days back. I'm also taking all noodles, pasta, etc.

I'm also eating steel cut oats and taking red rice yeast. My hypercholesteria was down almost fifty percent my last blood test.

So , like me, you can delude yourself into thinking you could never incorporate a diet like this with your lifestyle OR, you can try it and, like me, be stunned how great it tastes, how fantastic it makes you feel and, wonder of wonders, you can eat as much as you want...... whilst still being lose weight!

I'm grateful to Dr. Fuhrman for all your research and work he is done to produce the book and the quality recipes. I truly think it's a life saver. I realize that his other book, 'Eat to Live', also offers some great recipes.

I see in the website you can register, for a minimal sum, and get additional recipes and recommendations, etc., personally, I think that's, 'milking', it but , that's just my opinion. A lot more you become accustomed to correcting food this way, the more adventurous you'll become working with the quality recipes.

Good health!

As an addendum to this review, it is now Might 10 and I started out eating as suggested by this book on The month of january 21. When I started out this way of eating, my blood sugar was 7. 8 and my doctor wanted to start me on insulin... which I was VERY opposed to. I had my quarterly bloodstream test on May 6th and my blood glucose is 6th! NORMAL. I will think of no better recommendation for eating as recommended in this book. AND, although I stick to it about 99% I do use extra virgin olive oil when I want to, I eat grilled shrimp on a caesar salad smothered in grated cheese occasionally. I really like jugo and chips and possess them once or twice a week therefore , it won't have to be so radical you won't adhere with it. Tailor it to your life style and find out what works and doesn't work for you. No one will stay with any diet that is so rigid they cannot live normally.

Good health!

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