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Written from a very humble place and at all times trying to understand where should the line pass between our solitude and crowd life.

I am surprised he didn’t put Nietzsche’s genius piece:

Work and boredom. — Looking for work in in an attempt to be paid; in civilized nations around the world today almost all many men at one in doing that. For all of them work is a means and not an finish in itself. Hence they are not very refined in their range of work, if only it pays well. But there are, only when rarely, men who would rather die than work without any pleasure in their work. These people are choosy, hard to satisfy, and do not care for ample rewards. Artists and contemplative men of all sorts belong to this rare breed, but so do even those men of leisure who spend their lives looking, traveling, or in love affairs and adventures. Almost all of these desire work and misery if only it is associated with pleasure, and the hardest, most difficult work if possible. Otherwise, their idleness is resolute, even if it spells impoverishment, dishonor, and danger to life and limb. They do not fear dullness as much as work without pleasure; they actually require a lot of dullness if their work is to succeed. For thinkers and all sensitive spirits, dullness is that disagreeable “windless calm” of the soul that precedes a happy voyage and cheerful gusts of wind. They need to bear it and must wait for the effect on them. Specifically this is what smaller natures cannot achieve by any means. To ward off boredom at any cost is vulgar, no less than work without pleasure. Perhaps Asians are known above Europeans by way of a capacity for longer, deeper relaxed; even their opiates have a slow effect and require patience, as opposed to the disgusting suddenness of the European poison, alcohol.

From Nietzsche’s Typically the Gay Science, Kaufmann, Trans., I recommend this guide to any or all of my friends! The changes I've designed to my device use since reading this book have been truly impactful to my personal relationships and outlook on life., It is really an enormously important book, specifically for anyone of our weak (pre-Internet) generation who wishes to comprehend the rising (post-Internet) generations and why they behave and think so differently. Harris, who has attention-deficit disorder not caused by the Internet dependency he or she analyzes so brilliantly, is non-judgmental about the addiction's effects as he gives a crucial prescription for everyone affected by it -- be aware of the permanent changes it is making in our neural " circuitry" and the value of retaining our humanity through periods of absence from the Internet., I could feel my eyes start to gloss but I never lost interest. A read for those enthusiastic about learning what has happened in the time since 1987 but I agree that this interest may fade as we become more accustomed to a life live through our technology., Thought invoking journey thru the glut of tech connectivity, the impact on our lives and the price we pay for it., This textbooks raises some very important questions about the internet age and it's intrusion into (read: obliteration) of the real, analog experience of living which will be something that current and future generations will not be able to access or maybe even comprehend. Like it or not, we live in a new way, and Harris does a great job describing the weird, sad, in-between world that those of us old enough to keep in mind the " old world" yet young enough to be fully attached find our selves in.

Recommended for sure., " Soon enough, nobody will remember life prior to the Internet. What does this inescapable fact mean? " from chapter 1 This Gets rid of That

I read the most of Michael Harris' Typically the End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Regular Connection prior to vacation with almost twenty young grown ups and teenagers to a youth convention of almost five thousand of those and finished it before to an eight day vacation which I assured my wife I would refrain from getting on the computer, and so the Internet, during both events.

I failed as I:

messaged about the event during the event (and was encouraged to tweet)

dialogued with some people via my mobile phone (a non-smart one, by the way) via Facebook private messaging,

and exchanged texts with a colleague by what faced me after my 12 day " absence. "

Plus Harris' words about the lack of absence, -a state in which free time is becoming less and less experienced, were a frequent reminder about his fear that the " digital natives" of this age will never experience such absence but instead be consumed by the frequent demands of a smart-phone world, - served as a reminder to me of a frequent struggle that I, as part of what Harris phone calls the Before generation, the generation who remembers what life was like before the Internet, now fight.

A few might read The Finish of Absence and consider it a rant by somebody who is too introverted or sensitive to handle the new reality of on the web life. Others might read it and think that it is a call to a new kind of digital monasticism. I don't think so either way. Rather I think that Harris argues that intentional absences must become a part of our lives so that absence keeps all of us touching our humanity.

Divided into nine chapters, Harris uses a combo of history as he recounts the changes resulting from the Gutenberg press; current medical research related to brain waves and malleability of the human brain to adopt to the changes current technology is creating; hrm as he addresses with motivational speakers about how exactly to keep technology within limits so that personal and corporate productivity is enhanced; literary criticism with the stories showing how the democratization of book reviews and other once " elitist" activities are changing how people read and buy books; and the individual stories of how the digital world we now inhabit causes people such Amanda Todd to take her own life while seeking meaningful connection from this same digital world that so abused her. As such, End of Absence is a fast-paced book that weaves throughout these career fields while Harris weaves in his own wrestling and trip to unplug from the digital world for one month.

I found the following chapters to challenge my thinking regarding the value and need for absence to be able to think, remember, even believe in a larger circumstance than what appears on my phone and computer screens.

Chapter 3 - Confession was thought invoking one as it addreses the issues of approval and just how our on-line confessions take us away from working through " the mysteries of our own own living without reference to the requirements of an often callous public. "

Chapter 5 - Authenticity serves as a reminder that the importance of personal experience is slowly being replaced by way of a digital life in which " we can maintain confident-if technically less authentic-versions of ourselves. "

Chapter 7 - Memory (The Good Error) took me back to Malcolm Gladwell's thoughts on memory in his book Outliers as Harris suggests that " human being memory" (compared to digital memory) " was never intended to call up things, after all, but rather explore the richness of exemption, of absence. "

Harris' book serves as an indication to me and, he or she hopes (so do I), in front of large audiences that the need for absence is a critical one in order for us to live a life untethered to our technology. Or, as Harris says,

" Provide yourself permission to go without one weekend - without any screens you look at when you are bored... Ask yourself what might come from all those silences you've been stuffing up. "

I think Henry David Thoreau would be pleased., great read this book willmake you rethink things one of the better i've read in a while

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