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I love this encyclopedia. I purchased the physical book version (which I highly recommend VERSUS Kindle: while Kindle fire is fantastic, there's just something about an actual book that adds character). I found it comprehensive, and entertaining. This book covers put culture, history, legends, and more. My only minor issue was some of the entities detailing old reports or fictional things (such as TV shows) did not explicitly explain they were fictional accounts. But that could also you need to be me personally not reading thouroughly enough.

This encyclopedia covers everything about the history and lore of witchcraft. It covers some herbs and spells, but mainly it focuses on history. Regarding example: It covers several historic cases of witchcraft trials and " recognized witches". If you are looking for a guide of spells and witchcraft instructions, this is simply not the guide for that purpose. This same other does have several other books fitting that category however. One is " The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells. " Well I haven't read that particular encyclopedia, anything written by this author appears to be well researched, easy to follow, and entertaining. The girl is a good article writer and there is a down-to-earth quality to the woman writing. Almost like she's discussing to you rather then you reading a book. Recommend this book!, Anything We have read by Judika has been absolutely awesome. Really informative for anyone considering the craft., Pretty useful book for the price, even if you're a skeptic or a very critical witchcraft reader. Plenty of good info even if not everything is perfect, which you would hope would be the case with that many freakin' pages, right? It's bigger and heavier than my school textbooks and I'm pretty impressed by how much of that bulk gets used to its full potential.

Today, I could do without Judika defaulting to phoning witches females/she/her/women available, but she DOES claim that all genders can be werewolves if they so choose. She's by no means a flawless author, and truth be told, no author is, but she is definitely got some major experience under her belt. Don't get this guide if you're expecting a COMPLETE guide to anything, you have to pick more than just this book. It addresses a tiny selection of each topic, sometimes skipping quite a few deities in pantheons and such. This is totally expected, because complete never actually means detailed with books like this. No one knows it all, after all.

The guide covers a VERY wide range of topics, hence the somewhat small selection for each and every one. No matter what way you're considering, you'll likely find at least a few things about it, and learn about others while you're at it. No make a difference what books you get, always remember the value of cross-referencing, but also remember that sometimes the lore on something is not the end-all-be-all for information about it. Don't be frightened to experiment with what things mean to you (as long as you don't eat something poisonous or something ridiculous like that! ) and physique out how it works best in your practice.

Not everything in the book is strictly about witchcraft, so even on-witches might find some use in this if could possibly be considering lore on deities, old holidays, and general history.

Overall I found the book really useful as both a useful reference and an interesting read, and I 100% recommend it to anyone who's still on the fence about it, Really good information. The creator of this book is very straight forward about everything and touches on any topics of the craft. Best book We have ever read about the craft., Excellent information in an easy to learn, pleasant format. I definitely recommend this book., I absolutely LOVE this book!!! Its huge, beautiful, and amazingly made. I buy tons of books, but this one is my favorite. Its one that is worth so much more than the cost I paid., Very helpful and got all the information need to continually growing on this path. Blessings!, Great BOOK!

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