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More than a decade ago my husband, our four year old son and I actually moved from the town to 11. 93 acres in the middle of nowhere. We lived for two years without running drinking water or electricity. From my first copy from the Encyclopedia of Country Living I actually learned how to milk a goat and boost my hogs. I learned how to dress out there a large animal and brooder chicks with kerosene lanterns. Not that I read this book a great deal or anything, but I actually literally wore the covers off of the copy that I ordered from Lehman's Non-Electric Hardware Store.

I'm on my second copy now, which my husband had drilled with a three hole punch to give it more staying power. I highly recommend this guide to learn the life-style of self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency is a mind set and a life-style. I highly recommend it.

My boy is 18 yrs . old and a freshman in university now. I am a vintage woman of practically 55. I wouldn't give up my memories or skills for anything. This is a fantastic reference guide, and really, the only one you'll ever need.

One other note: I actually wrote Ms. Emery about some health problems I used to be having and she published me back! I'll never forget her kindness to a stranger. One of my deepest regrets is I did not get to meet her. Because a struggling author here on Amazon I find her achievements amazing. I am hoping her family reads this and knows how much her writing meant to our family. God bless you, Ms. Emery. I wish you can know how much your postcard meant to me., I in brief met Carla Emery years ago. She was a very warm, giving, and likeable person (sadly I later learned she died shortly after I met her), and she was the real deal. She had produced up over a farm, homesteading, and living and learning from her relatives many of the skills the lady writes about in the woman book (she admitted some areas of the book were researched--not surprising given this book is truly encyclopedic). Nevertheless for her the skills the lady writes about was a way of life.

There's a good reason this guide is a classic with multiple editions. It includes more information on country skills than nearly all of us will ever use. It boogles my mind how the lady put it all together. Back to Basics is another classic in this genre, but that was authored by a whole team of writers. This was all Carla.
Reading this is much like spending time in a room filled with homesteaders and listening to them talk and swap stories. Regarding course, you probably is just not need to know how to give birth to child without a doctor around or how to midwife/husband child calf into the world in a snow storm, but it's comforting to know you could discover out how if necessary, set up power is out. Most likely you're looking for if for things like mending a wall or growing grain. Yes, it's in here. And Carla's likeability will come in in print out. This book is a vintage.

Other books likely appealing:
> Your Cabin in in a bad neighborhood , which is a great starter book for anyone thinking about getting their own place in the nation, as it is a very helpful combination of both practical and philosophical.
> Back to Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, Third Edition , also great reference for all things homesteading.
> Traditional Breads of the Globe: 275 Easy Recipes from Around the Globe
Such as the Encyclopedia of Region Living, these books have also stood the test of time., I was first brought to this guide by watching a YouTube video on home steading. I was not dissatisfied the book was packed securely and arrived on time! This guide holds almost a thousand pages of suggestions, tips and tricks. I truly love it!, Region Living is a well laid out easy to appear up stuff and it can referenced. A useful guide that I've consulted many times through the years We are pleased to have my own copy finely. This is a good book to start out off with for a diverse overview of homesteading which often include other avenues to explore crafts and skills in more depth that interest you., Wow! Typically the more I read, the greater I kept wondering how can one person possibly acquire a lot knowledge in one lifetime? This is an awesome and very useful book, and you don't have to be a country dweller or a prepper to get something worthwhile out of it., Brilliant book! It's like having a fantastic, homestead knowledgeable grandma taking me by the hand and educating me her process and all her secrets. Love this comprehensive, detailed, fun-to-read guide!, I've waited what seemed like forever for this book to be in Kindle form!
I use wanted one of her books ever before since I read my grandmother's copy back in the mid 70's (heavily dogeared, and lots of records in the margins. )
But could never seem to be to be able to find them in the book stores.
They will always be out there of stock as people would have them held and scarf them up as soon as they came in.
A lot of what I learned about farm life was from my grandma and this book.
Looking forward to reading this again, and sharing its knowledge with my daughter and grandchildren as well., The book has some great information especially when you are old school. Reminds me of when life was simple and we didn't have all the luxuries we have now.

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