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Isobel is one of the most sought after symbol artists in Whimsy, a city between the human and fae lands. She lives there with her great aunt Emma and her sister March and may even, twin girls who was previously goats before the fair folk altered their lives. Isobel helps her family with her Create and is paid in enchantments. Her patron Gadfly, a delightful and frivolous fae, warns her of the arrival of Rook, the prince of the Autumn Court. She becomes infatuated with him during the course of piece of art his infuriating portrait that usually has something off across the eyes. Finally figuring out there the detail, she transmits across the painting only to find later that she depicted a deep, individual sorrow in his sight. He abducts her from her house and strategies to take her to his realm to stand trial for the criminal offense, only to be taken way off course by fairy beasts, creeping rot, the Wild Hunt, and other assorted chaos. Will Isobel ever allow it to be back home to her family? Will Rook ever gain again his people's respect?

A good Enchantment of Ravens is my favorite read of this year. The articles are poetic, the worldbuilding dazzles, plus the characters and romance are well developed. Right from the beginning of the novel. I was taken into the story right from the start because of Margaret Rogerson's unique world. Her carry out the reasonable folk and the guidelines of her world are like nothing I've actually seen. Humans create Products like cooking, art, and music that the reasonable folk covet above all things. Fairies will pass away should they attempt to create anything of the type, but surround themselves with these things anyway. Age the Craft doesn't make a difference as fairies can glamour it to look as it did when it was new. The fae pay humans in enchantments that need to be carefully worded or they could ruin lives with their trickster ways. About the other hand, enchantments can provide food, protection, and other necessities for individual life. Humans need to be cautious moving into Whimsy because of fairy whims and all carry iron somewhere on them for protection.

The fair folk live for centuries and have no concept of time, but feel very little emotion. Human emotion is frowned upon and seen as weakness, opening upwards opportunites for other fae to take what they have. Despite this, the veneer of manners and composure are paramount to their kind. They must reply to niceties like bowing, responding in kind to thank yous, and so on. The fair folk are beautiful, but unfamiliar, selfish, and cruel beneath their glamour. Each fae has one flaw in their glamour that units them apart from humans whether it's fingers that are too long, emaciation, or height. The Spring The courtroom is the only fairy court we see and it seems beautiful and fantastic at first until the horrific, cruel elements are revealed over time. The particular power of true names works both ways on this planet where knowing it provides the individual absolute power over another no matter if they are human or fey. Rogerson takes well-known rules of fairies, provides them a twist, and adds her own unique ones to create a singular, detailed fantastical world.

The characters and their human relationships are incredibly well drawn. Isobel is a practical, serious person forced to grow up early on. The lady has been making portraits for the fair folk the majority of her life, so she has a healthy caution information. Every time one comes in for a portrait, she's careful to be polite and since inoffensive as possible. The particular enchantments she earns are carefully worded because she knows their mischief could be disastrous to her and her family. Despite the fact that her sisters are magicked goats, she loves them all the same and cares for them unconditionally. Over the course of the story, she demonstrates cleverness, ingenuity, and compassion. I love a heroine with a strong will, realistic familial connections, and good sense. All of her selections are not always the best, but she gets a good head on her shoulders that will serve her well throughout the novel.

Her romance with Rook starts as a sudden infatuation based on his carefully crafted act. When he shows who he truly is, Isobel understandably hates him because he's petty, vain, and inhuman. Over the course of their journey, they both reveal what's under their respective protective covers while fighting to guard the other and navigating fae gets infected with rot, fae society, and numerous foes. Love kind of sneaks up on them when they weren't looking. Their particular declarations aren't poetic or idealistic and they disagree and see things they don't like in each other, however they grow to love by understanding each other. I haven't read such a good relationship in a while. The particular Good Law condemns fae and human lovers to death and something solution to this problem is the Green Well, which has the power to switch a human into a fairy. Isobel soundly rejects this because of all she would lose, namely her art. It's not just a interesting detail to flesh her out or be forgotten; it's an intrinsic part of her character that she isn't willing to compromise on, even in the face of the death. Her art is also used integral storyline points and even the finale of the book.

I could write so much more about A good Enchantment of Ravens because I loved every bit of it. I wanted to read it super fast to see what took place, but also wished to relish the world slowly. Seems reading a lot recently and this one astonished me. I had to be left alone to read the last a hundred pages so I can find out what happened with tears streaming down my face. I'm disappointed to see it's a stand alone novel, but We hope other stories will take place in that world. Maggie Rogerson has made myself a lifelong fan with this one book and I can't recommend it highly enough., I wanna start that the primary reason I had been thinking about this book was the beautiful cover. We mean look at it! WHOA. I had no ides what it was about when I pre-ordered it, I was like " that concentrate in making is so beautiful" and in my amazon basket it went. Then, We read the blurb.... like 3 weeks after pre-ordered because I saw that I pre-ordered this book while groing through my pending order provides.

It follows the history of your artist named Isobel who lives in a world where magical fay people live amongst her. She soon finds their self wrapped in an issue with the prince of Autumn and they both have find out ways to get out of this mess alive.

Microsoft. Rogerson has a very poetic way of describing the scenery, almost V. At the Schwab and Katherine Arden.

" We passed slim, white-barked birches, their yellow-colored leaves shimmering and clattering like gold coins in the breeze. We approved stony brooks that wended between hillocks of moss, their water the color of milk with snowmelt. "

This made everything feel magical rather than seem magical. Not many authors can accomplish this... well. Rogerson also broke the YA fantasy mold, she wrote a fantasy story in a single book and I am actually satisfied. Certain I do wanna know a few more things about the world, but the history still feels complete without my little questions. All other YA fantasy stories have an overabundance than one book, usually three to five, before the story feels complete. I applaud Rogerson for this achievement.

Rook has a very Rhysand (from A Court Of Increased and Thorn series) feel. Mysterious, kind, understanding, and willing to admit and reprimand for his mistake without making a big package about it. We want more males in YA like this.

Rogerson made her female lead, Isobel, actually had to pee and felt really hungry that she felt kinda ill. This barely happens in stories, these tiny details usually go on undetected or are nonexistent. We don't know why We felt so excited by that tiny detail, but somehow that made myself love Isobel's character even more. (It is ridiculous I know)

Overall A good Enchantment of Ravens is so refreshing to have in a world of books currently dominated with trilogies and series., I'd noticed so much buzz about this book before it released that I was hesitant going into it--I hate being disappointed in a book. Luckily, that was absolutely not the case here. Isobel is an artist who chemicals for the fae--who are all powerful but are not able to craft anything. After unintentionally painting human sorrow in the eyes of the prince of Autumn, Rook, Isobel is dragged to the fairy court to stand trial. But the faerie worlds are upending, and Isobel and Rook soon find themselves pulling together to confront their mutual danger. I cherished the romance--Rook is such a perfectly endearing hero, both sincere and puzzled and a wee bit dangerous (as all the Fair Ones are). We loved the beautiful information of the world--I needed to step right into the book. But the majority of all, I loved Isobel's voice: wry, human, and funny, even in the facial skin of catastrophe. Such a deft first novel: We wish I'd written it myself!, A tad too much oozing rot. But a perceptive portrait

Now I am intended to write ten more words but I'm not going to give away anything with this one, A fun read from starting to end, I found this guide hard to put down. Rogerson will do a fantastic job capturing Isabel’s voice and endearing Rook to the reader. I cherished her twists and becomes and the ending made me grinning. Also, Isobel’s little sisters were my favorite!
A relationship with all the current fantastical elements We was looking for. Appreciate!

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