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To say that vol. 9 is a step down from 7 and 8 might sound harsh, but it is merely because vols several and 8 reached such heights of emotional content and characterization that so few books ever even come near managing. Volume level 9, while wearing many excellent points in the favor, simply fails to have the same heavy emotional impact and mood whiplash, though not for lack of trying in places.

The artwork is still lavish and beautiful. Warren is a master of his visual craft. Story-wise, the book also deals with to continue tie up a few loose ends. All of us learn the fate of the Lil'est Supervillain, Manny, and Fleshmaster. Sadly, all of Fleshmaster's characterization and story occurred in volume 4, so his appearance in here, despite dominating much of the climax, is more boring and one-note than many of the villains who only get a few panels of page-time. Seems as if Warren simply didn't know where to go with the characters, and select to end things as quickly and loudly as possible.

One highlight in the story, and it is a substantial one, is the growth of Emp both as a superhero and as a character. She is now clowning villains so at such a rate that she makes it look easy, and she is no longer content to let these victories be private ones, which ends up being the true climax of the book.

One slight low point for me was the appearance of several political and societal strawmen. Warren reaches his best when he uses the humanity and nuance of his character types to learn issues in detail. The stomach-turning, cynical look at the entertainment industry through Ghost Writer, and just how women are so often given the choice of making money off their own objectification, or keeping some shred of personal dignity and being objectified anyway, is a very good example (even if his presence is so sickening and unsavory that it could almost count number as a low point). In some places however, nuance is glossed over by cartoonish caricatures of politics views rather than actual character types. The exception might be the sad farewell we get for one, but it seems more like the complete sequence was more Warren explaining why this figure never a new future to really have the heartbreaking impact that caused other deaths to well and truly hurt.

One of the things that made vol 7 and 8 so impressive were how human and alive the cast could be, but heihei seems a great deal of them were for lack of a better term, flat and two-dimensional by comparison., While Empowered is a fantastic series overall, I feel that the last few volumes have begun to suffer from pacing issues. In justness, the series is very continuity heavy, and Warren can't devote all his time to working on the series and getting the following volume out. But it's easy to feel like some plot threads are getting overlooked.

I preferred the series when the books were made up of several shorter stories, rather than being almost totally focused on one story the way the last few have been. It allowed Warren to better juggle the various plotlines and character types. It's not that I'm expecting a huge revelation about every subplot each volume, but it would be nice if most of them had at least a little advancement.

Speaking as someone who won't care about about bondage, the bondage sections sometimes do drag on for too long. Even though Emp's insecurities are an important part of the series, sometimes it feels as though Warren's just repeating things we already know, rather than truly expanding on the characters.

As for the volume itself, Emp finally being pressured to answer for the various scandals she's been involved in was great. The Suprahuman culture is one of my favorite things about the series, and I always love watching Emp try to navigate her way through the various politics and secrets of her Superhomeys. But most of the guide focuses on Emp needing to dodge various villains who want to take benefit of her suit's ability to access an alien stockpile of superweapons. While it's usually fun to see the kind of strange bad guys and good guys Warren comes up with, most of the book is totally lacking of the usual assisting cast. One shot character types might funny, but they aren't what produce a story interesting. The book finally resolves the long simmering plot of Manny and Emp's teammate-turned-traitor dWARF/Fleshmaster. Unfortunately, for a story which was put on the backburner for so long, it ends up feeling anticlimactic.

Stimulated. A series that's funny, touching and action jam-packed. But man, at one volume a year, it will take its time to get anywhere., Oliver's " Extremely Good, But a Action Down" review pretty much required the words out of my mouth and I completely agree with everything he claims in his review... having said that I can't help but give volume 9 five celebrities since i have love the series so much and possess read volumes 1 through eight and enjoyed each one completely: )... (with all credited respect to Oliver of course!.. that is, not disagreeing with his 4 star rating at all in that each of all of us is more than eligible to rate a product however many stars we want to that goes without saying! )

Yes, volume 9 definitely noesn't need the same emotional impact as previous volumes as Oliver (in my thoughts and opinions anyhow: ) ) correctly pointed out.... and one might even find oneself becoming slightly irritated with exactly how Emp overpowers the bad guys in this volume in phrases of the solution being too " convenient" for lack of a better phrase... on the other hand the strategy by which she benefits isn't just tongue in cheek, it very much suits with the humorous, over-the-top-parody-of-existing-superhero-comics atmosphere Adam Warren has established in previous amounts... I'd still consider this to be a worthwhile addition to your Stimulated collection though We would definitely NOT recommend it as the very first book in Stimulated you should start away with - definitely purchase volume one first (which you often will get quite cheap used that point to " dip your toe in the pool" so to speak and see if Empowered is for you).

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