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Empowered 8 continues to show why this is one of the best, and a lot grossly underrated, comic series available today. This series story is, by much, its greatest strength, so I will do my best to keep this as spoiler free as possible. This volume covers directly after the brutal ninja showdown that closed out the last, and we are treated to more of Kozue's versatile ninja magic and the aftermath of said showdown.

The various meats of this story however revolves around Emp and Sistah Spooky, going to hell to try and rescue Spookys deceased girlfriend. While the last book shed light on Ninjette, this volume delves into Sistah Spooky. What most impresses me about this series is how none of them of the characters are defined by "good" or "evil". This is a world cast in colors of grey, and we are finally show all sides of Sistah Spooky. Her actions in the book are never condoned, merely explained, something that few authors appear willing to do. Adam Warren never claims "See, she isn't as good/bad as you thought? ", instead he shows you who she is, and lets you draw your own conclusions.

More framework is also shed on both the undead characters and the mysterious unfamiliar life behind the capes. Getting to know more about the enjoyable cast of undead characters is great, but it's what we learn about the aliens that is most stimulating. The most impressive things about this series is the scope of it seems to expand with every new volume. This is the same series as when is started, yet with the added context, everything is cast in a new light.

As if it wasn't enough to find out more on Spookums, the aliens, the undead, and the world at large, we also get a very welcome look at what it is that allows Emp to bounce back from the endless parade of terrible things that happen to her on a regular basis. While Emp shrugs it off, this tidbit shines a light on what makes the girl one of the most organic and relate able female heroes on the shelf today. She is always true to their self and never lets the girl gender define what the girl does. She is a hero, and that will never be a little more apparent than by the end of this volume.

The art remains as great as it has ever already been. Adam Warren is the complete package when it comes to visuals. Few series will ever hope to achieve the raw kinetic sophistication he brings to every action scene. His character's expressions and body terminology add layers to his already brilliant story. His use of black in the flashback scenes ensures that they hit with the brutal emotional impact with which they were intended. To sum it up, this is a very pretty, very graphic, very well drawn book.

Empowered is a special series for me personally. It can technically be called a "comic" or a "graphic novel", but I look forward to each new volume with the same excitement that I did for Harry Potter, that I do for the Dresden Files, which I will for whatever other earth moving series may come out. Empowered isn't merely a groundbreaking comedian, it is also among my favorite series of entertainment, on any system: film, music, movie, television, book, game, ect. An additional amazing volume in an ever increasingly fantastic series and an absolute must buy., The " supercomedy" description in Amazon's blurb is beginning to look like a relic of bygone days. Following on the heels of Amounts 5, 6, and 7, Empowered Volume 8 security up the angst and episode and brings to light even a lot of Empverse's unclean secrets. But that won't mean it's bad. Far from it, in fact.

Unlike past volumes, 7 is divided up into just two chapters. The foremost is a series of vignettes focusing on Emp, Ninjette, Thugboy and Spooky, in which they ponder the existence and true meaning of " Hell. " It's a very introspective chapter that provides some much-needed follow-up to the events of the final three volumes, as well as setting up part 2, which is the real " meat" of the book.

Chapter 2 needs a darker turn; Spooky plots to invade Hell to rescue the recently dearly departed Mindf___ (only three days have passed since Volume 5 in-universe), and the girl needs Emp's help to pull it off. Saying much more than that risks spoilers!

Overall, volume level 8 is a significant step-up from Volume 7. The storyline was tightly focused, well paced, and had not been burdened by 7's fairly confusing anachronic order and frequent " Counter-factual Scenarios. " The CFS do return this issue, but they're pretty short and evidently delineated from the " reality" of the story. They supplement the story rather than interrupt it.

My biggest criticism of the book is it feels like even more set-up. A few plotlines receive something resembling image resolution at the end, a few new ones took root, but the majority continue moving forward at a glacial pace. Warren has given us the hors d'oeuvres and it looks like a long wait before the key course. From the great story and also it shines as a direct sequel to Volume 5, but as a stand alone story, the fairly abrupt ending leaves me personally somewhat hungry and disappointed.

If you're a fan of Empowered, don't overlook this volume!, From their beginnings as a fun strip for someone who wanted to have some soft-porn bondage superhero drawings, EMPOWERED has risen to become one of the very subtle, fun-loving and, yes, empowering comic books on the stands.

Creator Adam Warren initially started this off as a joke with Empowered, the super-chica, not the book, as a neophyte hero who always gets captured and tied up, then has the girl suit ripped. A great deal.

And, yeah, that still happens on occasion, but Empowered has grown a personality, gathered some friends with actual interesting histories, and contains begun to inhabit a world that I want to know more about. I wouldn't want to live there, mind, but it's fun to read about it.

Of course, if you start reading the series with this volume, you are be straight-up lost. Warren doesn't appear to believe in the actually useful what has come before page. He's one, but unless you read the books that actually came before, they're not all that much help.

This is great comics, in the writing and in the obviously manga-inspired art. From the all-devouring superstar destroyer living on top of the TV, to the disgraced hard-drinking ninja closest friend, to the previous supervillain henchman for a boyfriend, Empowered lives a very well examined life. And we readers will be the better for it, having watched her grow and become.

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