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This specific beautifully written book is crucial that a travel guide should be. There is the personal experience of a long trip to Antarctica and wintering over with thirteen other people, each with his or her own advantages, weaknesses, and quirks, each battling emptiness differently. In addition to there is nature - the ice, stars, and penguins. Reading this article book I was frequently reminded of Frosty Dreams by Barry Lopez. The descriptions of the adventures of famous extremely explorers, of what they experienced - cold, dark, agony, and sometimes glory - are wonderful.

This guide has been shortlisted for the Book of the Year award in Scotland and deservedly so. We highly recommend it., We bought this book on the effectiveness of a review from the Economist. The review didn't rave about the guide but portrayed it as an interesting perspective of life by an intelligent author, clarified by the solitude of Antarctica and increased by the lives of the emperor penguins who kept the creator company through the continent's long and dark winter. Various stories of the Antarctic are woven with the author's own experience in a way that break up the distinction between; them' and 'us'. Somehow, the contrast of the author's matter-of-fact voice with the great encounters he describes brought the Antarctic to me. I use read various accounts of Amundsen, Jeff and Shackleton but this was the first time I understood that these were, in fact, people who had an ordinary part to their lives from which the heroic came. I'd recommend the guide to those who will be serious. Antarctica is the landscape, but life is the play., If you ponder what it would be like to spend a lot of time in a horribly unpleasant place, where the reward for making a mistake, or even just being in the incorrect place at the wrong time, is death, you could be mildly enthusiastic about this story of the life--make that existence--of a " winterer" at a " camp" in the Antarctic. Is actually zero fun, shared by a strange bunch of other self-flagellators, none of whom really accomplishes much other than finding out that it will be really unpleasant to work and live in a cold and unpleasant place.

But there are better written, and more interesting, books about challenges to Mother Nature. " Endurance" describes the horrors of a wooden ship being smashed in Antarctic ice, well before radio communication allowed its hapless crew to summon a helicopter for their rescue. " Undaunted Courage, " the amazing tale of the Lewis and Clark expedition of over 7, 000 mls from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River and back, subsisting, for the most part, on what animals they could kill, or vegetation they could forage. Perhaps more interesting books because the adventurers a new purpose in mind other than making their own souls feel a lot better. Momentarily., The author's romance with metaphors and similes is like a moth's attraction to bright light. The excess of 'as' and 'like' is so excessive that it counters the story. That is simply one glaring example of where the editor should have stepped in., This is a very elegantly told tale. Part biology, part geology, part medicine, part poems. I read about ten pages at a time because of its lyrical quality., My spouse asked for the book as a gift. She read it almost non-stop and loved it. She discovered a lot about things that interest her and was happy with me to get it. And given the Amazon cloud system, I will download it on our second Kindle as well and read it too., Fantastic work! Such as I was there, apart from, fortunately, I did not need to be, cause its chilly, claustrophobic and bitter. However pure, amazing and informative as well. A great read., The Economist guide review praised it highly. I enjoyed Reading it and have recommended it toi a friend in Illinois.

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