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Go through from learn to finish throughout a road trip... would absolutely recommend! Wisdom beyond her years, so relatable, and hilarious... Danni nailed it!, Great book. Easy read. Quite strong book with stories that many women can relate to especially women enduring with self doubt and in need of ideas., I love the sincere sensible writing. Very motivating. I feel like Danni would be an amazing friend to have in your lifetime., I enjoyed the auto book and Danni required through all of the thoughts! The girl with an amazing story teller. I do feel like the book was all over the place. I wish it went in order of the events. It was hard to follow the story line at times. I was disappointed in that it did not answer the questions I thought it would. I feel like Danni spoken it up about her marriage and we really did not learn anything at all new about it. I get that she will not have to reveal her life stories but I think that we would get something more than surface level. I am going to continue to listen to Danni on the radio in the morning and being her fan. It was a good book, it just did not live up to my expectations., Easily could give this book a THOUSAND stars I would! Before posting my own response, I wanted to see through a few of the other ones that were posted and I must say, I have to disagree by.
Yes, the format that Danni shared her story was a lttle bit " unorthodox" and maybe even a lttle bit " out of order, " but isn't very that how life is? I am a solitary parent with 2 levels and my own business and if you requested me about my life story, I PROMISE you would need to draw a diagram to hook up all of the stories I am formulating because it would be ALL OVER THE PLACE. I can prefer the order she went, but she addressed everything in the manner SHE needed to. Danni is about splitting the conformity barriers and i also can not thank her enough for her valor, strength and raw words.
I have listened to her sound book over 3 times and i also am so thankful she used her own voice.. Hearing the passion in her own voice, (yes, passion- not aggression), her tears, the eliminate at times and sucess, it was a little while until the readers on the same emotional rollercoasters she endured time after time in her life.
I sensed myself relating in ways I didn't think I honestly wanted to admit. She drew you in, made you face some realities that you very well could've masked for years and shared her process on how she worked through it so that you could do the same.
In times of despair, rather than using all of her energy in battling the old, she thanked the universe and centered on her " new norm. "
I can't thank you enough for sharing your story.
Terrible, I can't thanks enough for sharing your " rum springer" escapade! Hahaha.
Danni was just unapologetically Danni & the world needs more people like her.
Read this NOW & I encourage to LISTEN to it as well., Danni, this was awesome! I especially loved your note to your children. As a mom, I could connect with your thoughts and feelings, since many moms would. Your stories about racism truly have impacted me. As a white woman who has developed up with a nice cushiony life, you have opened my eyes. Initially when i first heard the one about your make-up artist, I thought, “oh can occur, you know she was just angry and meant no harm. ” But then you explained it. An individual explained how it sensed from your point of view, a black lady, who is just plain fatigued of people saying things that they don’t mean. Good sense to most, but like you repeated over and over, people are just not that concerned with things that don’t directly impact them. Sure I detest racism, If only it did not exist. But it does not affect me, so I am not actively walking the fight WITH you. I can’t imagine how that must feel to YOU. Im sorry. I am going to do better. If that didn’t open my eye enough, Then i heard you tell your story about how precisely “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me” is not spoken in your home. I thought to myself, as I know I’ve said this to my son before, she is right! Words DO hurt and words leave a long lasting impact. Why am I just now noticing that this saying is a load of crap? Your own sound book helped me realize that my cushiony little world needs some adjusting, and I am thankful for that. Thank you for being so sincere, open, and real., I loved Danni from the moment I heard her on the radio in POWER. Her personality is contagious. I used to be really upset when she was no extended on my local morning show and felt conned that listeners didn't get to hear a goodbye or the truth, so I was glad that she gave us some closure in that chapter of the book. I have always been a big ally of Danni and listening to her struggles through the years makes me appreciate how hard she fights even more. Great job on your first book girl!! I have one question though.... can I get ?; ), I wanted to love it a lot. I sensed like it was so all over the place it was hard to keep up. Maybe it might have been organized just a little better. Either way I prefer the effort it must have taken to place it all out that way, and there were a few good stories integrated.

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