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Plus a fan of Dr. Orloff's since l read "Second Sight" where I learned about as an Empath. From there, I discovered I was an HSP (Highly Sensitive Personality). I have been told that I am too delicate and that I need to grow a fuller skin. I had a good friend that would become annoyed when I turned away from roadkill. She was adamant that I send benefits. It was more than just the sight of the animal, nevertheless the fact I could feel everything in my body. As Dr . Orloff writes, "Empaths, yet , take the experience of highly sensitive person further. We can sense subtle energy, which is called Shakti or Prana in Eastern healing customs, and we absorb this energy into our very own body. I have also been told, at times, I am a hypochondriac. Judith does a beautiful job of explaining why Empaths feel as we do. She gives mantras and activities to center and protect oneself throughout the book. I have read many books on Empaths, and Judith's book seems like a warm, comforting hug. I agree with Dr. Orloff that empaths have diverse and beautifully nuanced sensitivities. "The Empaths Survival Guide" is a refreshing read on the subject of Empaths., Is actually amazing! After looking over this I now understand several things about myself and my mother that we did not get before.

Sadly, as a child my physicians misdiagnosed me as rapid-cycling bipolar disorder and exposed me to several ineffective medications to " fix" it. I spent thirty years trying to stop feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted.

Now that We have been using some of the meditation and other offered techniques, my " Over-Emotional issues" will be no more. Turns out they weren't even my emotions. I now reside in a quiet area exterior the town with few friends and neighbors and do a whole lot better. Also, this clarifies my constant cravings to be alone in character and why I seem to be to bond so deeply with my animal buddies. They get sick when I do and are energetic when I am.
It also clarifies why even though I like people and wish to spend time with them, I get overwhelmed at loud, rambunctious events.

Thank you Judith for your insights and advice. I can now reside in relative peace., I just finished reading The Empath's Survival Guide, WONDERFUL, I am a professional animal communicator and love my work. When I do phone consultations I open to it and close after it is finished. But in life, every day, it isn't always very easy! Thank you for even more techniques and clarity in this journey!, If you follow Dr . Orloff (read her books, read the woman newsletters, watch her YouTube videos, attend events, and so on. ) a lot of the content of this book is review. Do I feel like I just wasted on this book and Hearable version? Absolutely not! This book is filled with tools to add to your arsenal! (I like the idea of putting a meditation cushion in front of the fridge to act as a prompt to stop and check-in with yourself. )

This specific is a good special primer on empathy, vampires, narcissists, addictive behavior, triggers, plus more. This is one of her shorter books - lower than 300 pages. Even though less big as her other books, this book is chock-full of quizzes to gain insights into your behavior, great advice, and insights into others.

This book is a reference manual for those who are familiar with the subject of empathy and a good book for those new to this all., As an author and teacher of mind-body training, Reiki, T'ai Chi, Qigong, and yoga, We are always on the lookout for insightful, functional books to share with my clients and students. A few years ago, I read Dr. Orloff's book " Emotional Freedom" and began recommending it to clients who found it tremendously helpful in dealing with difficult feelings and tapping into their emotional brains.

With " The Empath's Survival Guide" Dr. Orloff has delivered again. In fact, I do believe her writing style and message have matured and refined, so that this might be her best book yet.

For anyone who locates it challenging to be highly-sensitive and empathic, Dr. Orloff let's you know that it's O. E. You aren't weird and you are not alone. Your awareness is a powerful present when you recognize it for what it is and hone your empathic skills. She also provides practical strategies for how to protect yourself from being overwhelmed by input from others and your surroundings and how to re-charge when you get " over-cooked. "

I have purchased copies for all my Reiki students (people who tend to be highly-sensitive and empathic) and know that it will be a great support tool for our work.

Thank you again, Dr. Orloff, In a world filled with chaos, for those who aren't common with the phrase empath, they may think these are losing their mind. As one who has always been identified as overly sensitive, or unable to navigate large crowds, I thought something was wrong with me personally. I used to be labeled a loner, someone that was unable to 'fit in'. Once I understood through the work of Dr. Orloff, that my body was protecting itself against the mind-boggling energies, I began to take power over my surroundings, rather than allowing it to control me personally.
I have followed Dr. Orloff's work for many years now, and although all the woman books are filled with amazing life strategies, this one is (for me) by far
one that I will listen to repeatedly. I am recommending it to clients, friends, and loved ones.
This is a MUST HAVE guide book for anyone who not only is Empathic, but for those who are in the company of empaths., The Empath’s Survival Guide is a gem! Dr. Orloff has created an invaluable resource for all ~ empath or friend of an empath! This book is filled with accessible information that helps the reader gain a comprehension of what it means to live an empathic life. A sensitivity that can at times feel troublesome can truly become a true blessing when paired with the exercises, guidelines, and much deeper understanding given in this book.

It is not hard to follow; readable cover-to-cover or random sections at a time. Typically the Empath’s Survival Guide truly provides a wealth of information and empowering tools to use in all aspects of life. This guide is a wonderful present to yourself and also to your friends!

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