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Although I believe everyone is an empath to an extent, this is a MUST READ for those of us to have a problem with it on a daily basis. The advice is simple and practical and honestly, I don't know why it never dawned on me before!, Author Vik Carter is growing as an author and communicator and teacher. In his first books, first direct exposure in creating self-help publications, he manages to talk clearly and well. Presently there is no biographical data posted about Vik so we must for now just rely on his instruction quality to examine his knowledge and background. His approach is direct – knowing some readers might not exactly understand the term ‘empath’ Vic starts from the top: An empath is an individual who knows and can often feel what another being feels. Without knowing or understanding why this is merely how empaths are. They will simply have got high levels of empathy. People often think of empaths are people who are caring, but in reality, empaths are not simply compassionate, they are extremely compassionate given that they can feel the thoughts and feelings of others. Empaths in many cases are also called ‘Highly Sensitive People’ (HSP), but there is a difference. Though HSPs can be empaths not all HSPs are. It can be said that all empaths are highly sensitive, but not all highly sensitive people are empaths. Here is the difference... AN HSP is often sensitive and reactive to the power in their area. Doctor Elaine Aron (the originator of the term), describes it this way: “A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) has a sensitive nerves, is aware of subtleties in thier area, and is more easily overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment. ” Even though all empaths are extremely sensitive to energy, the difference is in their surprise to perceive and feel another person’s real feelings. This ability makes empaths extrasensory as they can straight experience the feelings that are going on within another person… Besides having the ability to feel energies intensely, empaths are incredibly intuitive too. As a result, empaths are often accurate when they feel something about a person. They do not even have to know a person to get a sense of how that person is feeling. ’

Getting defined empaths Vic offers a self-test to see if we have been empaths – and it is very correct. He then discusses traits and great things about being an empathy, types of empaths (Emotional, Physical, Intuitive, Geomantic, Plant, and Animal) and then comes his list of 16 habits to develop in order to protect strategies and survive being an empath– ‘1 - The First Step In order to Thriving As An Empath (acceptance), The Second Action To Thriving As An Empath (release negative feelings and feelings regularly), Exactly how To Protect Yourself Coming from Being Overwhelmed, How In order to Stay From Getting Exhausted, How To Protect Yourself Coming from People’s Energy, How In order to Cut Down Negativity, Lighten up Up To Feel Better, How To Heal As An Empath, How To Prevent Absorbing Bad Energies, Be Selective In order to Be Happy, How In order to Stay Positive Easily, Reframe The right path To Peace, Exactly how To Release Negative Ideas & Feelings, How To Find Even more Peace In Your Life, How To Feel More Optimistic & Energetic, and Exactly how To Recharge Your Battery packs.

Though the book is brief it takes time (well invested) to remain over Vik’s thoughts and suggestions. In the conclusion of learning how to deal with life as an empath Vik encourages us to rehearse his exercises carefully. Warm solid reading. Grady Harp, September 17, We consider myself well-read but was surprised to learn a name so that We knew was different about me than many of my loved ones members and friends. Sorry to say, I never consider any benefits to my " difference". As mentioned in the book, We knew certain people and situations were toxic to me and I required a lot of alone time after being around certain people or experiencing certain situations. After reading the book, I can now say intellectually, We am appreciating some great things about being an " empath". What I especially appreciate about the book were the suggested habits. That i knew I felt better after long walks, listening to certain music, meditating (and praying) and deliberately avoiding certain people. I will purposely concentrate on several the habits listed in the publication. And I realized that much of my unexplained negative feelings are due to a number Of things Identified in the publication. One surprised me: very few of my loved ones and friends are " empaths" or Clairsentients. It was also covered in this book. We think empaths will see themselves in a new light. I enjoyed learning something new or in some instances seeing something old in a new light.

As you who loves to read, I will be a little embarassed to admit it but We like the brevity of the book. It was to the point yet provided practical informations and recommendations., I must confess from the start that I am on a lifelong quest of private development, I am always looking for new information that I are able to use to improve myself.

Whenever I began to read this book it promised coping mechanisms for empaths and as I was unsure easily was an empath I had been intrigued.

Although the book brought me to the conclusion that I am not an empath, We still found some of the meditation and other techniques useful.

I experienced some sympathy for the issues that Empaths have to deal with but Seeing that they are also very creative instilled in me the odd pang of jealousy.

Overall a good book., Vik Billings provides a very helpful guide for highly sensitive people in Empath: 16 Simple Habits. For one, he explains the difference between HSPs and empaths, emphasizing the empath's capability to feel what others feel and to sense what motivates them. He also details six different types of empaths: emotional, physical, intuitive, geomantic, plant, and animal. He explains that empaths tend to be inutitive and have got a " natural knowing. " The author provides practical strategies to ensure that the empath thrives in this sometimes brutal world, everything from regularly releasing negative thoughts/feelings to identifying that which drains and that which energizes. Empaths need to have good restrictions and the ability to say no and to distance from toxic relationships. He or she suggests simple but powerful habits to enhance happiness and live in peace and positivity (e. g., deep breathing, deep breathing, spending time in nature). This publication feels like sitting down with a, knowledgeable friend who both explains and encourages. An empath can't help but come away sensation enlightened and grateful to have got such gifts!, This small , practical guide offers not only some great, user friendly practical tips but can give wish to those who struggle with as being a high senstive empath and what that can mean., Provides anyone described you as being sensitive? Do negative people deplete your power? And then you could be an empath and this book is for you. An easy-to-read, practical guide outlining the traits, types and protection and survival strategies for empaths, Carter’s book is a comprehensive look at what it takes to be an empath.

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