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Really like these books and this you are probably my favorite! All the books are a great resource for writers. Also, they are great for students. The helps in the book broaden your brain and help you to think outside the box. These people help you to give a well-roundedness to your characters/stories. They’re a real resource if you are taking a creative writing class/course too!, Each one of these thesaurus's have been a great tool for my writing and this one has been no different. This one has helped me work with some characters that needed the extra help and this book helped a whole lot. I'm so glad that have it in my arsenal., Every writer should own THIS book and all the Thesaurus. Trust me personally, your writer brain will thank you for it later.

Although you may aren't a writer, if you're an enthusiastic reader & reviewer THIS book and all the other Thesauruses are the most effective guides available., Every author wants readers to be pulled in to their books, to fall for their characters, to root for them to overcome obstacles and have their happy ever after. In order to do this, writers need to dig beyond daylight hours superficial to the baggage their characters carry around, to discover why they are the way they are, and what caused it. Hence, the creation of The Psychological Wound Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.

The Emotional Wound Collection of synonyms is hands-down my new favorite writing resource. I understand it will be the first book I go to each and every time I start a new manuscript.

Nearly I have a new resource for discovering the emotional wounds inside my characters, I now have a lot better understanding of some teachings by other writers. Regarding instance, the “lie” and the “essence”, and the Fatal Flaw and how it ties in to your character’s conflict can be another point that the authors have made clear to me personally. After reading the EWT, I actually understand how these work for characters, and what is driving these to their goals.

But this new reference book doesn’t just give you a laundry list of emotional wounds and traumas. Not again, it goes way deeper. I highly recommend reading the initial part of the book before you jump to what your wounding event could have been so that you gain an improved understanding of how to set the information to the best use in your manuscripts. This book explains what an mental wound or trauma is and how it can affect someone’s life either forever after, or until they recognize the behaviours and problems stemming from it and choose to make a change in on their own.
The authors of the EWT walk you through character couronne, brainstorming your character’s twisted, factors that impact the wound, but best of all HOW TO UNCOVER it through behavior to steer clear of the dreaded issue of backstory or info-dump.

Typically the rest of the guide is broken down into types of emotional wounds, operating the gamut from problems and disfigurements, to offense and victimization, injustice and hardship, betrayals, specific child years wounds, which let’s face it, can be some of the most harming wounds to characters.

Inside each category is a breakdown of the types of pains or traumas which could take place. For instance, a carjacking. Examples are given of how someone’s car was jacked, the fundamental needs sometimes compromised at this time twisted, false beliefs that might be embraced, fears the character may now have because of the event, responses and results that could form later on, personality traits that could form—positive and negative, activates which could aggravate the twisted, finishing up with how the character could face or overcome the wound.

From the end of the book are worksheets writers can use to help them discovering just what trauma wounded their leading part – or even their villains! There’s a Twisted flowchart, an Arc advancement tool, a backstory twisted profile tool, and completing up with wounding good examples from popular stories.
The authors of the EWT had to dig deep into mental traumas of all types, dig in to the behaviors and personalities that stem from the wounds. Ackerman and Puglisi lived with their research so much so that the book opens with Self-Care for Authors, suggestions for how authors should take care in circumstance any of the twisted entries hit them where they are most vulnerable.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Angela Ackerman, Rebecca Puglisi, and their entire series of books, as well as their blog, and the One Stop for Writers website. Not really a few days goes by that I actually don’t use at the very least one of their other thesauruses. So speaking from personal experience, I can tell other authors that the Psychological Wound Thesaurus is a groundbreaking book that everyone can benefit from so as to write richer, more complex characters and reports. I send a huge thank you, and limitless hugs to the EWT authors. You have my endless gratitude for not only assembling your research, but for continuing to add to your series of thesauruses!

I am very excited to have won an advance duplicate of this book in order to examine it. I actually can honestly say it is the best reference guide I’ve ever read! So don’t wait – order this book now from your favorite retailer. I know you’ll find it as invaluable when i do!, I actually love all of the thesaurus books and use them for all of my writing but this book is truly a treasure. This guide increases my repertoire as I build my characters out - the positive and negative traits and now their wounds - to add depth and enrich my characters. This specific book allows you to look at various wounds for your characters, and how they might affect the character, building a well-rounded character and avoiding any cardboard characters. It contains types of pains, needs impacted, false beliefs and fears, results of these and how the figure could have responded. There are multiple options, not only one, and nature and activates too that can exacerbate the wound. However, this is not simply a dry recitation of wounds, but the educational text on figure arcs and how to write using the pains. The information in this book, as with the others, is invaluable and is essential on every writer's shelf., As a psychiatrist, I work with individuals bravely striving to cure from emotional wounds. Since an author, I hope to bring to life this real journey which i witness in the therapy room. Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have provided a wonderful resource to translate the pain and trauma of the individual experience into our imaginary characters.

I sometimes develop frustrated when authors flub psychological concepts, but Angela and Becca nail it in this writer's guide. Their descriptions of disempowering beliefs such as " There's something wrong with me", personality changes that result from trauma, and positive coping practices advise me of effective injury treatments like Eye Motion Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Prolonged Exposure.

You will find helpful examples of how to expose wounds like being robbed or molested in an emotionally compelling way. Main props for mentioning one of my favorite movies, The Innovative:

" Typically the audience sees a whole lot of clues as to what makes Kate tick, but the wounding event from her past is never overtly stated. It's hinted at mostly through her personality and actions; she's perfectionistic, extremely competitive, and impossible to get along with. These clues, along with a significant scene with her father in the direction of the story's end, give us a clear picture of her wound: we were young with a parent in whose conditional love was based on her ability to perform. "

I want to thank that insight into The Innovative! I knew I loved the movie, mostly for its sizzling hate-to-love romance, but I now understand that Kate's character arc is actually hooks me the majority of all. Plus that demonstrates the authors' point: layering emotional pains into your characters makes readers relate to them and really like them as if they are real-life friends and family.

There is an impressive breadth of wounds covered, and I challenge any writer to read this book and fail to find another emotional wound. Our own work-in-progress benefits from sections on discovering a sibling's abuse and growing up in foster proper care.

An excellent resource!

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