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wish I'd read this book before my first relationship. Even years after this guy being out of my life, I still feel the anger and frustration of falling for his emotionally abusive behaviours. It is so validating to see that none of it was my fault. These manipulators know how to twist things around and make you feel so confused and guilty. In case you are stuck in a relationship with a narcissist who controls you and has to have everything his way, this book will show you a light at the finish of the tunnel. There is a way to break the routine and build your self-esteem. I enjoy how the creator helps you find out whether or not to leave the connection and also to know if there's hope for your abuser to alter. Everyone should read this because we all know someone going through this type of connection., great book would highly recommend, It's ok. Basic info., This is such an important book for everyone -- not only those in an emotionally abusive connection right now. Emotional abuse is so common in relationships, and we all know someone who might be dealing with it. This specific book explains exactly what psychological abuse is, why the abuser partcipates in the abuse, and why a sufferer might be initially captivated to an abuser. Even more importantly, it gives very specific, practical actions you can take to control the abuse, become more assured in the relationship, and make selections about what to do. If you have any question about if most likely involved in an emotionally abusive relationship, you need to read this book., I wish I'd had this book a long time ago when I was in a difficult relationship. When you have a person like this in your life, sometimes it's hard to understand what's going on. You retain thinking that you must be doing something wrong to get this person take action they way he does. By the time you realize it's not you, you have lost so much confidence in yourself. This book is a godsend for anyone who wants to get more powerful and possess more clarity about what to do and whether or not to leave the relationship. Read this book if you think you have an abuser in your life., I'm impressed by Ms. Davenport's thorough grasp of the inspirations, behaviors and MOs of these serial abusers. She captures the experience vividly and offers actionable techniques to escape the gaslighting and intimidation of these sociopaths. You will immediately know who these people are and why you should escape their scary manipulations right this moment. They are never, actually going to become decent people. Get out now!, I have researched this subject for years but have never, ever found any book or research material that so clearly and thoroughly defines and lies out just what psychological abuse is, the wide variety of ways in which it shows up, the abuser's techniques of manipulation, the effects on the sufferer, the systematic steps to recover, transform, and progress. That is a brilliant work that we could not put down. Because I came across this work so very important, I took careful information throughout and plan to reread it. I have already recommended it to a number of friends. Ms. Davenport is brilliant and extremely knowledgable. In addition to the book, I recommend listening to this interview in which she discusses this topic in depth. I really loved this guide. I highly, highly recommend it.

Click this link for the podcast of the Barrie Davenport interview: […] or research Blog Talk Radio us dot com for Barrie Davenport on Detailed with Jann Jaffe, This guide validates you as a survivor and does not label you as a victim. The author is insightful and immediate. She holds no punches but it's written pleasantly and with much care. I came across myself on many of the pages and took plenty of your notes. She gives reasonable and thought provoking insight regarding supporting yourself either function with the situation or get yourself out from under the rouler. Let me keep this book close so that I can reference it when I need to. Among the best books I've read according to the subject content. I recommend this book to all... male or female, young or old.

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