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Whoa, wow, wow, what an incredible book. First off, Dr. Bradley Nelson, through this book, introduced me to be able to the wonderful associated with muscle mass testing. At first I believed it couldn't possibly function, but the more I did it, I started to see there's actually something to it! I felt like a whole new magical world has been opened up in my experience. I could ask myself (or the universe? ) anything and get answers. I've been using muscle testing to find out exactly what supplements are best with regard to my body, what meals are best, whether or perhaps not I will continue together with the physical therapy I'd been going to together with no success (and the answer was " no" ), the causes associated with my insomnia, and so on. The book is worth it just with regard to this bit of wisdom alone!

But the book is REALLY about how most of us have caught emotions that cause all sorts of emotional and physical problems and how we may release associated with a simple technique using muscle testing and an ordinary magnetic - even a refrigerator magnet will work. Dr. Nelson provides example on example of how he's successfully used muscle testing in his chiropractic workplace. Reading about those good examples were very helpful to be able to (a) get my distrustful mind to start thinking this technique might actually function, and (b) give me personally ideas of all the kinds of experiences that could lead to a caught emotion and all the various physical and psychological ailments that can result from a trapped emotion.

So now I've finished the book, and more than recent weeks have played around with with releasing my personal trapped emotions. I've got to say, I believe this really works! Very first I released a few emotions and found away when and how (meaning that which was the situation) they were trapped. Fascinating! After that I worked on the very center wall and released several emotions that were caught there. According to muscle mass testing, my heart wall is gone. Now every few days I'll focus on releasing another emotion or two, and I plan to be able to do this until our body says there are usually forget about trapped emotions.

In order to give just a little background, I have a history associated with problems with depression and panic. I was on medication with regard to 20 years, and over the past few years have weaned myself off almost all pharmaceuticals (prescription and over-the-counter) and possess totally revamped our diet, eating no wheat or grain, dairy, sugar, alcohol, mi nombre es, yeast or processed foods and only eating organic and natural vegetables, fruit, some meat, nuts, seeds and blocked water with no fluoride neither chlorine. I've lost fifty pounds, that is awesome, but the depression has strung in there and zero supplements, positive affirmations or perhaps alternative therapies seemed to be able to work. Then comes this book. After releasing several emotions I was experience noticeably better! Now I am not out of the woods yet, although our body tells me I still have trapped emotions to be able to release. I'm the most optimistic than Seems inside a long, long period. I can wait to try out the technique on a few friends to see if it may help them as properly. Again, I feel the whole new world has just opened up for me personally. This book is such a present!, Absolutely sad. This book is based on false claims. I absolutely wanted to consider it too, and faithfully practiced the modalities found in this book. That made absolutely zero variation in my health. I hoped it would become true, but usually any time it's too good to get true it usually is. Stay away from any practitioners following the principles inside this book or other energy healing. I recently wasted my money to them. Typically the improvements they promised never came to pass chances are they would ask if I was interested in setting up another session? Certain let me just offer you more money... Typically the practitioners will then just come up with an endless amount of things to be able to try, never making any difference. The sad part is good people are being deceived by these suggestions (practitioners, clients and readers). Beware of the hair in sheeps clothing., 1 ) I believe we are usually too quick to proceed to MD's for the solution for all our ills and they are to quick to prescribe medication that too often would not RECOVER but causes reactions that are treated by an additional prescription. 2. I totally believe that we may heal quite a few own problems using the powers associated with our subconscious which MAY be reached through several types of muscle testing which will determine the cause of the issue and the solution to our ills, negating the employ of chemicals and drugs which often all have negative side outcomes damaging our bodies. Any person can search for alternative methods of healing by proceeding to sites mentioned inside 7th or 8th part of the book. three or more. I am closer to be able to 100 than I am to 50 and I get only two medications, thyroid and 1 aspirin as a blood thinner. I really like the book so properly I possess ordered a paperback so I can flip back and forth to verify and learn easier than I can on my kindle. ( We are not a " teckie". Simply a wannabe. I recommend this book, and other alternative health books, to be able to anyone who desires to be able to obtain better health, psychological and physical., I've already been using this for myself and others since I got the book. I am enjoying this modality and I'm looking forward to using the online training., This kind of great resource for all those that are curious about helping discharge emotions which have been stuck. I use this within my Reiki practice and has already been a great addition to be able to my toolbox!, Very useful information that appears to pull together much of the things i have heard through the years and helps a person help yourself and others., I enjoyed learning about the Emotion clearing method of Dr. Nelson. I plan on learning to be able to self-test and clear. I would recommend this book to be able to anyone interested in energy work., This is the great book for all those who want to ease painful past memories and move ahead in life. Typically the guidance is not hard to stick to and it’s really interesting and enlightening to discover what the trapped emotions are and where or from who they came from.

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