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Amazing, I had one of the older Emily Post's Etiquette book and I actually don't remember it being so thick.
Ton's of useful information, a great reference guide., (Background): Emily Post was an American journalist whose seminal work ETIQUETTE IN SOCIETY, IN BUSINESS, IN POLITICS, AND AT RESIDENCE was first published in 1922. While nobody today would refer to it for advice on getting along in society (however construed), it remains a fascinating read for its insights into 1920's New York City interpersonal life and socializing, and for its not inconsiderable use of humor in getting the author's advice across. Emily Post created the Emily Post Company in 1946, and under those auspices EMILY POST'S ETIQUETTE, NINETEENTH EDITION, has now appeared. Although it is a convention in publishing to proclaim each new model of an ongoing work " fully" or " completely" modified, this one is not -- not could it or should it be. Specifically, that one shows immediate lineage from the 17th Edition of 2004. (The intervening Eighteenth edition schedules from 2011 -- these updates appear with some regularity. ) The newest 19th shows emergence of two of Emily's great-great-grandchildren (yes, two greats), Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, as sole authors. That is an awful lot of lineage but then, it is 95 years since the original ETIQUETTE appeared.

On the whole I do believe the new Nineteenth is an excellent and useful book. Readers will find the same good sense as in predecessor versions with advice in how to converse with new acquaintances in both interpersonal and business settings (it forthrightly advocates a healthy dose of " small talk" in the beginning), and the complete huge field of behavior in and around weddings receives its due. Happily, an representation in the book revealed me, finally, how to fit my writing to the now-dominant “informal” type of folded card, must i wish to depart from the old “Monarch”-sized sheet that served me so well for so many years. What is notable is the larger field given to electronic social media like Facebook, what behaviors to emulate and which to avoid, and better yet, why. I was a lttle bit surprised to see that the rules on when so when not to remove a hat required a full table, when it's pretty evident that little has transformed: women who wear fancy hats don't take them off except to avoid blocking someone's view or for their own comfort; women who wear the practically ubiquitous visored " baseball" cap, just like men, take them off when indoors. (Granted, " indoors" in an period of domed stadiums and climatized shopping malls needs extra construction. )

This latest book is going to be very helpful to people who use it; however, like the majority of such manners guides it is written from the angle of its authors, therefore aimed mainly at young adults or married young adults with families. It is mild and kind, and written with a smile, will not shy away from most hot-button subject areas yet contains remarkably little wit. I miss the old general-purpose guides like SKIP MANNERS' GUIDE TO EXCRUCIATINGLY CORRECT BEHAVIOR (a book that so embodied humor even its title is a lttle bit humorous) -- or, for that matter, the original 1922 Emily Post SOCIAL GRACE having its endearingly annoying types like " Mr. Gotrox" or " Mrs. Toplofty" who exemplify bad conduct whatever their intentions. Recently a sort of alt-field of manners books has emerged, the kind written for well-intentioned people who occasionally use the " F" phrase, so to speak -- those have LOTS of humor, much of it sardonic. Sadly, none of the literature I've conferred with speaks directly to a concern of mine: Any time did it become impolite to telephone neighbors and friends spontaneously at home, well before bedtime? My purpose is not to proclaim how old-fashioned or obstinate I may be, but only to avoid triggering pain -- and what I can do about it. This is supposed to be a central concern of etiquette.

A note that did not impact my rating: I bought and covered the thumb-indexed version, but rather received the " smooth" one.
., It doesn't get much better than Emily Post when you want to really know what is expected in society. Daniel Post-Senning and Lizzie Post have updated this book to meet modern needs, while adhering to old standards where they still apply. No more do women come second to men in manners. Yes, you can learn to use your mobile phone in such a way that it is not annoying to others.

Using the old mantra of " Consideration, Respect, and Honesty", the authors and editors have applied that manner of behavior to modern life of today. It's not all about what fork to use - this is equally applicable to those people who are far more prone to casual barbecues and informal invitations as it is those who are needing to understand specifics of official cusine and fancy occasions.

Great for recent graduates, along with Lizzie Post's " How Do You Job This Life Thing? ", This really is clearly written, but quite a huge book. So far, about 60 web pages in, I love it., This has answers for even my trickiest, most specific questions. A wonderful source. Well organized for easy reference., Everyone should have one of these! We don't have classes on this in school ever again so we need to learn this information somehow., Ideal book for the millinials! Great manners never go out of style., Interesting, comprehensive, and well written. And if you cannot discover the etiquette answer here, contact the authors immediately!

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