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Reliable book but could use a revision soon. Inside one chapter it shows of how some products die because they are released prior to their being a market for them. One product pointed out is solar shingles/roofing. As Tesla is now proving, not only is their an industry for this product, the product is in demand as Tesla expects to sales of these to far exceed initial predictions., Embedded Sustainability is a must read for any business leader and also anyone living on this earth. The authors provide a compelling case that is actually not a choice whether business should embrace durability. If a business is to succeed, sustainability should participate in a company's DNA due to declining resources, increased (radical) transparency, and also increasing expectations from stakeholders. However, the question still remains as to how to embrace durability. Others have noted as well - such as studies by McKinsey as well as Boston Contacting Group and MIT - that sustainability is not a choice for companies anymore. However, precisely what is lacking is understanding the how of embedding sustainability into a company's strategy and daily operations. In that respect, the authors provide an outstanding roadmap for organizations. Actually, I really do not know of any other book at this time that does so. That is why I think it is a comprehensive guide. In case sustainability is no lengthier an option and if there is no better current resource about how to apply it, Embedded Sustainability is a book any office manager who would like to succeed needs to read.

Even though book is written in business venacular, implicit in the book is a positive message and hope for the future. In case our planet is to become sustainable, not only must business be part of the solution; but also, business can also convert its own image. Currently, business leaders are among the list of least trusted and most looked "down upon" people in society (very close to politicians). Yet, it can be these same business leaders that can help us step out of this clutter we created. Doing so not only has great consequences for the planet but also builds a beneficial picture of the business towards consumers, society, as well as motivating employees to actually feel good about coming to work. Having said that, other authors have argued how durability can also improve image. But what sets this book apart is that if sustainability is truly embedded, then it is not false marketing or greenwashing. Contrary to companies who might throw a few dollars here and there, have employee volunteer 12 hours annually, or have one-off sustainability projects, sneaking in sustainability is about completely changing the culture of an organization form one which is short-term exploitation oriented to one which cares about the well-being of all stakeholders - and thus good business., Embedded Sustainability makes a compelling case that durability is here to stay, and that organizational market leaders should embrace the opportunities created by this new phenomenon. Premising their situation on the three distinct but interconnected trends of declining resources, radical openness, and increasing expectations, Laszlo and Zhexembayeva present a powerful new paradigm to turn these challenges into organizational advantage.

Highlighting that the boundaries between organizations, customers, the media and government are blurring, the authors argue that it is time for durability to migrate from your bolt on strategy running parallel to the organization's key strategy to becoming holistically embedded in the culture and operational dynamics of the organization.

A must-read for older leaders of organizations of most sizes, as well as consultants and scholars, this book describes how to create strategy that creates value for both investors and stakeholders of the organization - a principle that the authors term sustainable value. What differentiates this book from other durability books is usually that the authors' work is founded after research, and not just supposition, while maintaining easy readability. Inside taking this scholarly strategy, this book avoids the trap of ideology that so often surrounds durability, and provides a practical roadmap for organizations serious about competing in the new world reality., We, True Market Solutions, works together Chris Laszlo. We make use of this book as the primary textbook for our Durability Learning Circles. We feel Dr. Laszlo's identification of the difference between embedded and bolted-on sustainability really defines the key question of our age. In case we in order to continue to flourish, the subject of Chris' next book written with numerous co-authors, we must move beyond the mind-sets and business models which have put us in the precarious position we find ourselves in. This specific book provides a thorough theoretical basis for understanding why pursuit of real sustainability is the mom of radical innovation. Radical innovation is what provides breakthrough advances in business model, products, market, brand, reputation, and industry management that prevents companies and organizations from being blind-sided by trends they don't see, and provides true profits. Profits come from innovation and meeting market needs that the market does not even know it needs. Truly valuing sustainability as a core of business strategy has been evidently demonstrated in study after study to help businesses stay at the brain the pack in earnings. Well worth a in depth reading.

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