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In case you hate reading 5-10 web pages of a case brief in order to get one rule of law, this book is for you! I'm the type of person who just needs the facts, so when I'm reading a case brief all I'm thinking is, " get to the point! " or " how many words are you going to used in order to tell me that it had to be a material breach? " In case that is you, or if you are having problems understanding the point of the case brief and how it suits into the top picture, trust me this book is made for you. I've tried several others and they avoid compare. BTW these textbooks are set up to mirror (keyed) your case books so be sure to get the right one., I think this is the most effective investments I have available. We had a crackpot professor who got sick midway through the semester. Before you receive sick, however, he spent 8 weeks telling us all about the good old days at Columbia Legislation School. So basically, for half a semester, we learned nothing.

I then realized that I didn't trust anything that was on my "outline" the week before the exam. And so i saved this on Kindle and it made everything so much easier. It clarified lots of open points I got on "consideration. " And while E&E explains consideration over 40 pages, this book cuts it back to the important points that you need to know to apply the law to a new fact pattern. CRUCIAL!

For example, this book gives you the important details regarding what qualifies as a contract versus just a promise to make a gift or a payment for services already made. These had confused me all semester. I copied as much as I could into my outline in the 72 hours I got before the exam.

On exam day, I sitting down and the first of the three works was to evaluate if a contract existed or whether it was a assure to produce a gift. Then it followed up with whether there was a payment for services already made. I had everything in my outline including key points, the proper way to analyze the facts, and the correct Restatement numbers.

In short, I got a "B" in the class. Doesn't noise like a great performance but given the level distribution for this professor, it was basically one of the highest levels in your class. I'm sold - turned my level from a C into one of the highest grades. It is apparently most effective to see this right before exams and since you're putting together your describe., This outline is very readable. I like the examples as well as the Quiz Yourself questions. I am using this outline to supplement my study for the MBE section of the club exam. I plan to re-read the section on Future Interests every day until I understand FI and the Rule Against Perpetuities., A good source of a thorough outline of black letter law for Property. Going through this will serve you better than using the sets out that float around from the previous year's lessons. Definitely get this if you are enthusiastic about doing well on finals., I find difficulty deploying it because it is not keyed to a casebook, but I guess which my fault, My only regret is not getting this book sooner. I feel in my second semester, about halfway through, and a friend turned me on to these Emanuel outlines. I've used the 'Understanding" series and the " Glannon" and for me they felt like I was reading more of the case book; just my opinion. The Emanuel series is short and concise in a fairly easy to know format. If you're having problems buy it. Typically the only other thing I would recommed is never to listen to instructions and instead read Emanuel and then your case substance. If you've read my other reviews and realize this is exactly the same, your right I did backup and past..... but it is because I bought all if them once i tried the first one., A+ great product and was everything I expected!, This helped a whole lot in my Contracts course for understanding some of the tougher concepts. It comes with questions after each section that are useful for review. I would use this as a product to making your own outline. If I could do it over again, I would have gotten this book before I even started the class.

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