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Trying to find wracking my brain within the past day or so, having difficulties to find the easiest method to state my thoughts on " The Elven. " There really is little success: " The particular Elven" somehow manages to inform a story both both familiar and refreshing. That can often be difficult to fully express the quality of a novel--the adjectives that come most easily seldom confer almost so much meaning as they ought to.

I first found out " The particular Elven" entirely by happenstance. I used to be aching for a good book to read, and the discounted price on Amazon--along with the discounted price of the eBook--convinced me to give Hennen's story a photo, even though it experienced only one user review on Amazon. com. General research revealed the Bernhard Hennen is a pretty prolific Fantasy author in German, whose works have been translated into many different languages. This unfortunately-titled novel, " The Elven, " is (more unfortunately) the first of his stories to be translated in English. Hennen has approximately 17 books on Kindle on Amazon. de, all of which are rated very highly--the vast majority scoring a 4. 5/5 review average (including " The Elven, " which has reviews from more than 400 users). The particular reviews for the " Elven" series were especially glowing. I took the liberty of translating a lttle bit from the two most helpful German reviews:

The particular most helpful positive review, by " Martin They would. " (5/5) declares the book to be enlightening, fascinating, thrilling, sad and vivid. The first three books form a trilogy of sorts, but each stands alone as a complete story. He states, " The particular world and characters are vividly and lovingly referred to so that the viewer is immediately immersed into the world of the Elfs. Everything is written with a great deal of detail that never feels too wordy or fails to hold the readers attention. " He or she also states that the story manages at times to be dramatic or melancholy without ever feeling contrived or cheesy.

On the other hand, the most helpful critical review, by " Media-Mania" (3/5) declares the publication to be a very good read, but " brutally" short. This first novel is a fancy publication that tells a " marvelously powerful story, " with a great deal of suspense, action, mystery and magic, as well as a great deal of humor. He/she/they state it to be " A true adventure story and a master work. " The review has nothing but praise for the novel itself, but instead criticizes the (German) audiobook adaptation, which apparently lost most of the content from the novel.

If you're out to sample more reviews than appear here, check out the German born page on Amazon. de:

You may also want to check out the listing on Amazon. co. uk, in whose reviews (for whatever reason) don't display on Amazon. apresentando at all:

So: given that I have read the book me personally, what do I think?

It's fantastic. Possibly even a little sublime. The particular Elven is very much written directly in the mold of the old Norse sagas. At first glance, that may appear to be a mark against the novel. After all, will there be any setting more cliched in fantasy than the Norse-inspired mythic realm? Elves, Dwarves, Trolls and lots of hearty men with stout Scandinavian names, impressive beards, and double-headed responsable?

But where most Illusion authors conjure their configurations through the lens of Tolkien (whose own work was a lens through which to view the old Sagas), Hennen ignores Tolkien and emulates the source itself. So , despite the many similiarities to Tolkien's masterpiece, " The particular Elven" feels more like a parallel work than a derivative one.

I guess my " review" is getting pretty long, huh? I'm sorry about that. I really want to " sell" this guide to everyone out there, but at the same time I don't want to rob any enjoyment of the story by spoiling anything, no issue how minor. The story of " The Elven" has humor, but treats its plot and figures seriously--with respect. The key conceit of the story is lifted directly from some of my favorite myths and fairytales. To get from one point or another, the characters travel by means of marvelous portals--portals which are not altogether reliable, and have a bad habit of dumping our heroes out there at their destination far later than they'd expect. This allows the story to be focused and personal, while still managing to fill out a truly epic, historical scale comprising centuries.

And, covering entire generations as it will, the novel is able to constantly provide each scene--each moment--with genuine pressure. Because people do pass away, and the world will change, and if there's one clear and apparent theme to Hennen's story, it's that everyone is at Time's mercy. In other words, it's impossible to be certain in the safety or success of any one personality, because their trials and triumphs are presented at a historic scale. This specific transforms the " draw" of the storyplot from seeing what the characters do to, instead, seeing why and how they do the things they actually.

What makes the story of " The Elven" truly memorable is the pacing. The " time travel" conceit allows the story to be neatly separated into small chunks--each like a self-contained story that is attached to the preceding and succeeding reports, but also enthralling in its own right. Instead than a single story, " The Elven" feels like a collection of heroic stories tied together more by the characters involved than the machinations of the overreaching plot. None of them of the scenes feel wasted, and nothing at all feels superfluous (which, I now realize, is praise I can confer after preceious few books, fiction or otherwise). The particular prose itself is--and I am unable to stress this enough--magnificent.

I wish I could discuss the quality of the translation, and maybe someday in the foreseeable future I will. What I can say, having figured out German myself solely to read Herman Hesse's reports in their original language, is that translating German born to English is a very difficult task. Even though I cannot yet remark on the accuracy of Edwin Miles' translation, I CAN comment on their overall quality. The writing... is simply fantastic. The particular writing conveys action, wit and beauty quite deftly. So deftly that, if I did not know better, I would not have suspected this to be a translation at all. Miles evidently put sufficent effort into his translation to make it appear effortless. If more of Hennen's books are to be translated into English (and I very much desire they are), I desire these are translated even half as good., I would have preferred to get given this a 5 star, but I was so disappointed by the ending, I simply could not do it. The whole book experienced me mesmerized, so involved. This book was truly a piece of literary art, I couldn't put it down to do anything so mundane such as cleaning or making meals!!! In addition to after all the work that was so clearly, so heartfelt put into it, it finished just like a rush job to get free if this and be done.... I wanted to shout to Mr. Hennen=HOW MAY YOU DO THIS TO BE ABLE TO ME???!!!!, The writing is wonderful, so although it is a very long publication I wished there was more. The characters and plot lines are split and interesting and woven together into an impressive plot. I think the theme is - what might happen if a civilization of magic wielding hopeless romantic bad-ass a warrior were threatened with the ending of their unlimited re-incarnation? The answer is love and violence., I absolutely loved this book. There was action and suspense. The authors created a world that was so captivating. Everything that was within the publication had a purpose and moved the story together, although you may do not realize it when you first encounter it. Things you may find irrelevant at first are later showed be a crucial part in the character development. I loved the main characters and their depth. The publication is long and may be a turnoff for a lot of. However, think about all the trilogies/sagas you might have read in the earlier. This book saves you the time and money of having to buy sequels. I believe the translation was great. The English did not feel choppy or forced., I found out this publication through an " Amazon . com Recommendations" e-mail. I greatly enjoyed it. I love a good long story that lets you immerse yourself in the characters' lives. This story absolutely performed that. I don't want to post any spoilers whatsoever, so I will not say much except that (a) I felt a lttle bit disappointed at the ending until (b) I figured out one of the authors is continuing the story in another work. I just hope it won't take years to write and then to translate into English!, I really tried to finish this book; however I simply couldn't keep transforming pages. The writing is good enough it is the pacing that I have the situation with, a good manager would have probably slice about 1/3 of the book out to improve this., It started off beautifully, I loved the direction the book was going. I even enjoyed the first few challenges, but after a while, it were way too many challenges, too many characters, and way too far off the original quest. Didn't enjoy the ending whatsoever. The ending I was pumped up about since starting the book was too quick, and one character didn't not get what this individual deserves and I still don't know very well what his destiny was.... to make it into the moonlight., The only word to describe this book is epic. A new story ranging more than 100 years, across continents, worlds, cultures.... What Bernard Hennen has been doing is take various fantasy tropes (the warrior tribe, elvish culture, trolls) and re-mixed them into a stunning dream novel. If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, this book really divides the difference between the two, achieving something magnificent. A new must read.

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