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Like a mom who spent 12+ years watching my daughter play volleyball, basketball, and throw discus/shot put, I possess seen my share of coaching styles. Some were awesome, some should have been fired, one was fired. Throughout it all, I always knew it could be more humane and motivating without the degrading, intimidating, and negative approach many coaches used. I always loved observing Phil Jackson coach the Bulls and read some about his coaching style at the time. Yet his book has great information that can be applied to any job, including parenting. Clearly, competition can be won while coaching a team respectfully and influencing them not merely as a player, but as a person. Every instructor, teacher, camp counselor, mother or father would learn from this guide. All athletes/children of those who do, will benefit greatly. I acquired it for my Kindle, but just acquired it in hardback too, as I want to highlight some components and get all the guide referrals he includes., Allow me start with saying I actually am a huge hockey fan and hate the Lakers with every fibers of my being (I'm a Sixers fan). Of which said, this guide gave myself much more respect for Phil cannella, Kobe and some other Lakers. I'll get my only downside of the book out of the way quickly, Phil Jackson makes a lot of excuses for his losses, but his wins are always the task of him or her or his team. For instance, whenever talking about something other than a shining win, he's blaming the ref's or saying a team won, though through now spectacular play of their own. I can't blame him or her too much because I had created imagine you have to be pretty ridiculously competitive in that profession, which will make it very difficult to admit when you're bested.

The reason I actually titled the review what I did, was because this isn't just purely basketball, and it's not even just 50/50 basketball/spiritualism. It's got basketball, it can got spiritualism, it's received philosophy, and more. I actually was never big on the zen or meditation stuff, and still am not, but he the lot of it sound much more practical and helpful than I've read/heard before.

It takes you behind the scenes for mostly all of his championship groups, and early on when he played for the Knicks and ends after his last year as the coach of the La lakers. You get his thoughts on the similarities and variations between Jordan and Kobe, some of the reasons behind the Kobe/Shaq argument, and what brought the teams of individuals together to be a shining caliber team. If you love the sport, you will love this book., The particular expression “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is often used to spell out successful organizations, whether business enterprises or sports teams. Phil Jackson has embedded his formula for leading that kind of success into “Eleven Rings. ”

NBA enthusiasts will appreciate Jackson’s understanding on the men they have coached. Jordan and Pippen; Kobe and Shaq; Rodman and Metta World Peace. Jackson does not shy away from addressing the controversies – whether the Bulls or Lakers. He is at his best when talking about the web of team relationships; Jackson and co-author Hugh Delehanty make us all feel like they’re capturing us up on family news. Older readers will also appreciate Jackson’s unique perspective on the dramatic 1970 NBA Finals against the Lakers, as an wounded member of the Knicks.

Jackson is popularly known as the “Zen master. ” You will learn much about what this means, and whether there is anything in his tool set that you can follow for your own situation. He wants us to know how he urged strong personalities who had conflicting ideas by what it would take to do well, to function together at a magnificent level.

The guide drags in places; many of the basketball stories read like straight historical past text; the authors might have spent more time polishing or even cutting them. There are several good books on leadership available that get the same ideas across with fewer words. Yet by writing as this individual has, Jackson has given himself an chance to achieve people who may not always pick up another management book. And it is important to listen to about it from Jackson because his results cannot be wondered. So in the end, he’s done well. ‘Eleven Rings” is a generous scoop of who these teams were and how Jackson led them to the top of their occupation., Fascinating story. Lots of interesting insights into his thoughtful management style. His / her approach to managing these high performing athletes can be applied in many business situations. I was very busy with my highlighter as I found interesting and useful ways to better manage team members. Getting folks to operate as teams is quite challenging. I think the ideas in this guide would be very useful for young managers who are tasked with developing teams for business efforts., Phil Jackson gives us all a retrospective on his success because the winningest instructor in NBA history. Because a coach, he directed the Chicago Bulls to six championships and directed the Los Angeles La lakers to five championships, along with winning two championships as a player with the New York Knicks. Jackson's coaching techniques are greatly influenced with a deep interest and knowledge of various religious paths (e. g. Indigenous American, Christianity, Zen Buddhism). Rather than taking point of view of leadership as a hierarchical, top-down endeavor, Jackson conveys the idea that so as to develop a winning team, a leader must cultivate a harmonious and selfless ethos of " we" rather than " me. " This permits players to develop a deep bond with each other, to trust one another, to " read" each other's actions to the stage that one may anticipate what to you suppose will happen moment-by-moment. According to Jackson, playing the game in this way, selflessly and harmoniously, brings out the best in each player. Will be this strategy effective? 11 rings, baby.

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