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I have read two different models of this book - I borrowed the 6th? 7th? edition (the one with the blue cover that is expanded) and I own the 3rd release (which is not expanded). Let me tell you, this slim book packs an excellent punch. I've always struggled with being to the point within my writing, and this book will be the book to help you maximize your writing. It should be required in high schools everywhere.

Back when We worked for a newspapers, one of my editors was hoping to get a review of mine on a particular page, which designed he needed to change a little bit away... he came back and explained - I couldn't edit your review. Every single word was essential. - YES. Thank you, Strunk & White., If you paid attention in (and remember) high school British composition, don't pay more when compared to a buck for this. But I should qualify that I'm a senior resident with two bright kids who went through college in the late 1980s, and (I dare say) they weren't taught nearly as well as We was back in the '60s and early '70s. So take this review with a grain of salt.

I'm writing this review for the free Kindle version with suntan and crimson cover (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005IT0V8O/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0). This Kindle version has clickable linkage, the Stand of Contents is simple and well constructed, and the book is packed with examples, so it can good to have as a reference for those times when one will get stuck on a difficult sentence or an overused word or expression, for suggestions on resolving active/passive voice, and so out. Beyond that, my best advice for anyone who's already well-versed in grammar and composition is this, from the book's Introductory section:

"... once past the essentials, students income most by individual instructions based on the problems of their own work... ".

Quite simply, don't expect this book to work wonders. It won't write your book, essay or user guide for you. But as my heading says, We do recommend " Elements" as a desk tool for getting past any nagging nuances/bad habits one might have as a writer, or for attacking specific issues as they arise., If you are like myself and you set a lot, there is always going to come a time when you need to look up something to do with correct grammar usage. This little book... literally... it's small and thin... has all the solutions for those pesky questions like when is it correct to use a colon versus a semi colon or a intervalle. Even people who make their living writing/correcting British turn to this indispensable little book. I would send it off with every college student if I could and make it mandatory for high school seniors. For anyone who cares about making sure what they write is correct in its style and format, there is nothing better than The Elements of Style. It's simple to read, solutions your questions and has recently been around for a long time. Just a winner all the way around... I couldn't get together without it!, I used to be first introduced to " The weather of Style, " as I assume most people were, in a college English class.

There, I have already violated one of the rules that suggests use of the energetic voice. The thing is that We don't recall the mentor who made this outstanding volume part of his syllabus. I don't even remember what the class's subject was. But We remember this book, and its wise and useful lawyer.

At the same time, returning to it after more than thirty years has provided the possibility to view it critically, in a way I was incapable of the first time We encountered it. Perhaps " critically" is too harsh anything; more that certain sections cannot help but call into your head facts and observations of the past few decades that weren't available before.

The intervalle: Strunk doesn't call it the Oxford Comma, but he recommends enclosing parenthetical clauses with commas, staying away from sentences like " We owe my success to my parents, Jesus Christ and Oprah Winfrey. "

A clever person is ingenious; a clever horses is good-natured, although Strunk doesn't mention " Brilliant Hans, " a horses who appeared to have the ability to count, when he was in fact taking cues from barely-perceptible actions of his owner when he arrived at the correct number. Very " clever" indeed.

" Enormity" communicates monstrous evil, not bigness, although I imagine Strunk would not approve of " bigly" even in the context of monstrous evil.

Jails, hospitals, and schools may not be " facilities, " but sometimes you have to use the facilities in those types of facilities.

Relating to " like" and " as, " anyone that was around when cigarettes were still advertised may remember " Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should. " " You suggest 'as a cigarette should'. " " Whaddya want - good grammar or lung cancer? "

If " shall" is for the initial person, and " will" is for the second and third, then all of those authorities regulations that use " shall" are referring to the writer rather than the reader. I'll have to test that next time Now i'm hauled into court: " What the law states says 'all individuals shall register their vehicles'. " " Your recognize, in accordance with Strunk, " shall" is just used in the first person, so I assumed that referred to your car, not mine. " A few see how that works.

" They" refers to a plural antecedent, except if you're talking about someone and don't want to reveal their gender. This particular comes up in a scene in  Chasing Amy   when a lesbian character unsuccessfully tries to hide from her lesbian friends that she's in a connection with a man. " Why would you keep using 'they'? " " One more one bites the dust! "

I owe a huge thanks to Strunk for pointing out that " unique" means " without like or the same, " rather than " unusual. " We're bombarded daily with people who explain things as " very unique. " This trend should be resisted as firmly as possible.

Strunk gives an example of bad writing, which has received a much-needed update from what I presume was the original from 1918, an increase in accessibility at the price of personality. I liked the guy who passed " a helluva weekend in N'Yawk viewing the Columbia game from behind a bumbershoot and a glazed cornea. " Is this individual talking about hunting, of course, if so, what did this individual hope to bag with an umbrella?

This particular edition is graced with many delightful drawings by Maira Kalman, who handles to illustrate phrases and parts of speech that normally are not illustrated. Her artwork gives the book an even more lighthearted strengthen than what I had formed associated with a collegiate formula class. " The Factors of Style, " however, is not intended only for academic or business writing - the Internet has, if nothing else, given everyone an possibility to write as much as they want; for example, here on Amazon, anyone who has an opinion about a product can share it with the world, and an application of the principles in this publication would go a long way towards making this writing clearer and more effective.

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