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An amazing peek into the fashions of 1778-87! Any scholar recently 18th century pre-Revolutionary French life, and it goes without saying, clothing, as well as the historical re-enacting enthusiast, should do well to research the pages within this book. Alas, since Dover Publications has it out-of-print, it is a rare find (I did beg the business for a copy for years), but if by chance you find it at a used book store, grab it! It truly is well worth the investment. A treat for the eyes, makes history come to life, and encourages one to wonder... how did people wear those lovely headdresses?

I should also say that this guide is priceless for crafting -- color copying the trend plates are exquisite for decoupage, or to simply frame a popular single image, even make several into a pattern for any imaginable use. This book should go back into print! There is just as much interest today in these glorious fashions as there is the delicious Victorians of the late 19th century. I adore it., I tried for over a year to get a copy of this book when it was out-of -print. Typically the same seller always kept advertising it as available, then telling me it had not been.
I was thrilled to find that a new publishing has been issued & this isa what I finally got. The book is slim, but absolutely packed with fashion discs of one of the most over-the-top periods in fashion history. Well worth getting., Full Color copies of prints from the period 1778-1787. Good reference for the costumer and could be fun when presented and included with a sewing room. There are 64 prints from the original " Galerie des Modes". As always Dover does it very well., What a beloved little book! The purchase price is right and you get a feel for the period of The Gigantic Hat. Typically the names of the less difficult and the interesting type of the dresses guides you away from the minimal view most people have of this incredible fashion period. Worth the cost. While you will consider at fashion plates at most major museum sites, this is a good begin to creating dress. I might like to have had more fashion plates!, Stella Blum has selected plates of 18th century fashion from the Metropolitan Museum's collection and reproduced them here in full colour.
You certinally don't get all the plates produced in the 18th century but what you get is a helpful and representitive selection. This is one of the few textbooks where you can see actual colour plates all produced in a sequence like this.
If you have any interest in 18th french fashion this book is both [inexpensive] and priceless., I will start by saying I didn't buy this from Amazon. apresentando but rather straight from Dover Publications. So for those who've had trouble buying this book, it can be obtained. I'd also like to comment that the "review" section is not the place to air your troubles or to rate the seller. Please stay with a review of the book in order to help other readers. With that said, on to my review...

This book is the one that I keep on my reference shelf and is wonderful in that the plates are in full color and are reproduced from the initial 18th century French fasion discs. Most of them are from the latter part of the 18th century (1780s/90s) which is not quite the timeframe I'm thinking about (I'm more thinking about the 1750s through early 1770s), nevertheless they are gorgeous examples nonetheless. I especially loved the fact that several of the plates depict California king Marie Antoinette herself whose wardrobe I'd kill to get. I found it a little tedious having to flip back and out to the text to read about each plate--I would've prefered a page of text next to the image. Nevertheless , will be certainly so much "eye candy" with the images, that it didn't bother myself that greatly. If if you're thinking about historic clothing and the 18th century in particular, I fully recommend this book. For those of you with owned the Pleasant Business version of the later American Girl Felicity Merriman doll, I believe her "town fair" outfit was reproduced exactly from one of the plates (plate 4) in which a little girl can be seen wearing an outfit identical even down to the color scheme (minus the neck ruff). Like a Felicity owner and enthusiast, that was very interesting for me to see., A lovely collection of 64 period fashion discs from Galerie des Modes. The plates cover the years from 1778-1787 and give a good portrayal of French high fashion in the years leading up to french Trend. The plates include the courtroom gowns, undress gowns, remains, day ensembles, riding practices, children's frocks plus more. Complete with translated descriptions of every outfit and a good glossary of terms.

Drool-worthy will not start to describe in the goodies contained within. This lovely and inexpensive resource is important for anyone thinking about late century fashions. Get one for research and one to take apart and frame for your sewing room walls., About a calendar month after I had ordered the book, I still hadn't received it. I contacted the company who offered it, but never receive a reply. I looked to see who else might have the book, and I saw that the company from which I ordered it originally, still had the one book I had developed ordered in their stock, indicating that they never even attempted to send it to me. I emailed them to ask if they would send it if I reordered it, and I again did not receive a response. It seems that the big company that they advertise as being, is simply too big to pay attention to an order for one book. This particular company will not merit even one star, but the Amazon system won't send the email without a star acknowledgement.

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