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This guide is packed with great information. Mythology has always been a challenging subject for me, but this book makes understanding it much easier. The children studied mythology in High School, and I actually remember it being somewhat hard to research. I wish we would experienced this book! It explains and describes the history of Egypt and it provides a detailed list and description of all of the Gods, including who their loved ones were, what they represented, etc . Typically the book also includes a chapter on popular Egyptian stories and myths that we think is valuable to get in any mythology book. The stories and misconceptions carry it all together. I actually loved reading what the Egyptians believed about design, and as I read it I could relatively relate in certain ways. A father is ecstatic when his children come back safely, there are brothers and sisters and half-siblings, love, respect, respect, and forgiveness. Almost all in all a great and informative read., I actually read about the Egyptian gods still earlier when studied at school 20 years ago. Today I actually am 35 years old and it is still interesting to concern this subject again.
Thanks to the writer for an interesting view with this subject!, I liked reading this article book. It was well-written. The book begins with an introduction about the history of ancient Egypt, then progresses (alphabetically) through the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Eqypt, complete with known hierarchies, the way they are “related”. I thought it was fascinating. I actually must admit, before reading this I was more familiar with the Ancient greek language and Roman mythology, but nonetheless found this a very interesting read. Typically the book covers more than 60 Eqyptian Gods and Goddesses. Definately very useful guide.

I received this product for free in exchange for my truthful, unbiased opinion., This book is fantastic if you are looking for a book that is both informative and an interesting read. I will be a home school Mother and my son and I have thoroughly liked this book. There is certainly lots of wonderful home elevators Historic Egypt, Egyptian Gods, Egyptian stories and Myths and more. It's a book which can be enjoyed by not only home-schoolers but by anyone who would enjoy learning more about the subjects of Egypt, Ancient Egyptian Mythology, and Egyptian Gods. I am very glad I read it and highly recommend it!!

I received this product for free or for a discount in exchange for my truthful and unbiased opinion., It's nice to have a book that covers a wide variety of Egyptian gods and myths/beliefs. I like Hollywood movies and depictions of ancient Egypt but this book does a good job of telling you what it was actually similar to their culture. The first section in the books lists the most famous gods and gives a brief history and description of them. Another segment is about Egyptian stories and myths which was my personal favorite part., Whenever I actually learn about Egypt it comes directly on my mind the pyramids, pharaohs and the beliefs. Egyptian is a great influence to us before even up until now. This is a excellent source of information about their history and all. I actually read it wit great interest and definitely well worth a share to my colleagues with the same interest as mine. I actually enjoyed reading the popular tales and myths in Part 4. Good to know the stories. Incredible and well worth my time!, Often times, we are only taught about our local and national history in America. On the other hand, how about the ancients of foreign lands such as Egypt. In fact, it is not very known about their religions, mythology, and cultural and technological impacts. The author did an amazing job of describing and explaining in great detail the magnitude of Ancient Egypt., Egypt, the country has always intrigued me. I've traveled quite a bit, but never made it there, so when I saw this book being offered, I thought, I really how to start much at all about their mythology. I know the Greeks and Romans and even some Norse fantasy, but only the names of a few of the Egyptian gods and goddesses. According to Roy Jackson, the author, Egypt does not have a common theology. With the mixture of faiths, a lot coming from settlers who arrived with their own gods and goddesses, mixing them all together, there is a great deal of confusion. The writer gives us a who is who of each of the deities along with a brief description of the symbols and popular aliases as well as their purpose. One of the most well known and popular god is Aten, who had been the god of the pharaohs. He's known as the god of the sun. Of course there is Osiris and Isis who most everyone understands about, however the author lists many more in this book. A well researched, congratulations book on a confusing subject.

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