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The subtitle claims it almost all. This book has an incredibly strong focus on the ethnic aspects for producing an environment ideal for the development of a reliable devops practice. Excellent open-handed concentrate on the presumed importance of team (and workforce) diversity (ethnic background, competition, gender, sexuality, age, etc . ) and its centrality to a devops culture. This belief sets the mood of the entire publication, from your topics, to the tone, towards the writing style. Its hard to discover a web page where this theme isn't very drilled home in 1 way or another -- sometimes plainly, sometimes even more subtlety. For example, there is a sidebar segment describing the personal problems of a deaf (female) developer. While the tale was surely interesting, I actually couldn't help but really feel that it was out of place. This sort of thing is everywhere in this book, to the point of being distracting.

If you are expecting advice or path on hardcore tooling or technology, this is unquestionably not the book for you. That is much more inside line with HR in addition to management-themed books about how to build diverse teams, handling conflicts, creating collaboration, and then implementing everything at scale. The authors even point out there that individuals could possibly be surprised with the apparent lopsided importance, specially when compared to simply about every book within this space. You could modify the word " Devops" in the title to just about any corporate practice you wanted to and much of the publication could stay as is.

The authors make a strong and compelling case for devops as a cultural modify - for them it is much less about the tools, processes, and technologies associated - it's concerning the people. This rings true with my personal experiences in this room. However, I do not believe they made the circumstance for such a strong emphasis on diversity as a requirement of success inside that change. This assumption so strongly permeates the book that one wonders if they were seeking to convince themselves regarding its centrality. It's as if they believe a typical IT organization (which they explain is staffed mostly by white, cisgender males) couldn't possible become successful at making the ethnic transformation.

Still, the down-to-earth tips they present are tried-and-true. I found the chapter on collaboration specifically useful. All-in-all it's a practical, worthy addition to your bookshelf., We do DevOps to deliver high-quality goods to our customers although making the workplace, exactly where those products are manufactured, a sustainable location to work in.
Equipment are just accelerators regarding the culture we're wanting to build., Good introduction to DevOPs, real world insight into companies doing DevOps well such as Etsy makes this worth a read. Authors clearly are clearly writing from genuine world experience not merely educational theories., The book is an outstanding exploration of the connection between culture in addition to tools in implementing DevOps, in particular it shows how all the expensive, fancy technical tools inside the world will not cause you to successful if your own organization has a poor culture. Technical skills and ethnic skills should not be considered mutually exclusive, nor are they points that can be resolved separately. Jennifer Davis in addition to Katherine Daniels have written a fantastic resource for technologists, managers, and the ones who have got only heard about this particular " devops thing. " I highly recommend this particular book!, Truly about DevOps, as a cultural in addition to organizational movement. Everything espoused here an result in the high performance and happiness of teams and organizations. This is no various in value than The Phoenix Project. Want textbooks on tools and tech? They are money a dozen. But true organizational excellence for technical clubs is something that a person can't put a pricetag on., Really enjoyed the story-based writing. The authors obviously possess a good sum of useful experience., Quite good. Fairly informative. Nevertheless trying to figure out there how to apply to my org., The 1st thing to note would be that the full title of this particular book is " Effective DevOps: Building a Culture of Collaboration, Affinity, in addition to Tooling at Scale ". It covers many aspects of dev ops; not merely the tooling types that us developers like to study about it. This is good because all the aspects are important. The book really lays upon you the idea that DevOps is around culture. When you don't come away from book thinking about the non tooling aspects regarding DevOps, I'd be surprised.

There are 6 elements to the book. I actually really liked parts I actually, IV, V and NI. Parts II and 3 felt like a little regarding a slog.

The 1st part is six short chapters giving an review of concepts and conditions. This was very quickly moving and had several good quotes and principles. It was a lot lighter to read compared to your typical O'Reilly publication while still teaching a person what you'd want to know. The " great dev ops" going back again towards the first computer felt like a little much, yet it is an intro. I was surprised to see the word " portmanteau" in the publication too many times. I just discovered that word last year so I think it could have used a description. Chapter six may be the 4 pillars of dev ops and came in in 2. 5 pages. I actually liked this as it highlighted something simple to remember as a really essential concept.

The next 4 parts are about the pillars. The first a couple of pillars are collaboration in addition to affinity. It took me most of the week to get through this material. Is actually management/soft skills type stuff. Unfortunately for me, this particular is when the common O'Reilly style showed upwards. A lot was included quickly and succinctly. And a lot wasn't brand new. These sections could have got used more examples. I actually thought there'd be more illustrations from Etsy simply because they have got such strong practices. If possible sprinkled through the chapter to aid in alertness. The last chapter of each and every part covers anti-patterns. The style of these chapters was simpler to read and they were shorter. The additional two pillars are tools and scaling. Those had been easier for me to read. I also seemed there were more circumstance studies sprinkled in regarding scaling that has been helpful. The variety of companies included in the case studies was also helpful. I actually also liked the importance in the last part for stories and just how to use them well.

Used to do come away together with innovative ways of looking in concepts which can be important inside this type of books. I just like the “new words” just like islands as opposed to silos in addition to thinking about folk designs.

I give this publication 8 out of 12 horseshoes.

Disclosure: I obtained a review copy regarding this book from the publisher for reviewing it for CodeRanch.

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