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Patricia McConnell's books have helped me develop better and better comprehension of my dogs and better more enhanced ability to help them with the reactiveness and fearfulness they - we, really - struggled with. This publication took it to the next level. I have used her training methods for many years. I actually credit her with saving my first dog who had so many concern and separation issues. Obtaining a look at how she persevered with the woman own highly reactive dog - her honesty about instances of frustration and fatigue - will help me persevere with my next reactive, fearful dog. Her compassion and understanding extends beyond the puppies who have been the woman life's work - it goes out to all the humans who love and worry about their four-legged companions and/or who struggle with the psychological fallout of trauma in their own lives. All those who have been affected by stress, or who loves someone who has, will find understanding and encouragement from her sincere and insightful telling of her very own personal story. The girl has been a hero of mine since I actually read her first publication and found the positive and compassionate approach to helping my dog that I was looking for. The Education of Will just strengthens that and the woman warm, wise words will be with me to the great good thing about my next dog and all the people after that., In case you have a stressed dog in your life, this book is perfect for you. If you dont have a troubled dog in your life, however, you want to read a moving memoir of a lady whose healing from trauma is paralleled by the woman loving but fearful and aggressive dog's rehabilitation, then you will love this book as well. It's a real page turner -- I read the majority of it in one sitting. I actually liked the other books she has written, but this one is truly special to me having had similar feelings and experience when it comes to helping a stressed dog while dealing concurrently with my own troubles. I also carried off some tips as far as helping my dog moves. An amazing book., I actually finished this book yesterday evening. I could not put it down. I applaud the author for her weeknesses, honesty, depth of looking at herself, skill, and so much more. This book will assist many, I know that. That is an extremely powerful and deep memoir, well researched, a book about women, sexual abuse and assault and the fall out of those, about healing and the work of healing as well because the commitment, about growing up in silence, often dissociated, and yes, about puppies. I wept often as I read. I paused often as I let in the reality she discussed. We are a qualified medical psychotherapist and grief/bereavement working mostly with women and very often with remainders of sexual abuse and assault.... again I give thanks to Patricia and applaud the woman for the courage it took and the skill/vulnerability used to share the woman story. I have the book plus the audio. Typically the reader was outstanding. A must read for all women and hopefully all men. And yes, I learned a lot about puppies and dog training especially valuable with my new puppy., Wonderfully written, weaving together reports of troubled or misinterpreted dogs and the people with her own horrific trauma and how her knowledge of dogs helped the woman get the help the girl needed to overcome the painful episodes in the woman past. Not merely a dog story, but since so most of us share our lives with dogs we can relate to her history because of its connection to Will and to puppies she has helped in her professional life. A very touching memoir that makes me appreciate all I use learned from Trisha even more. She is a amazing woman., Patricia McConnell is an internationally recognized animal behavior expert. She retains a PhD in Zoology and is also a Certified Used Animal Behaviorist. For over twenty-five years, companion animal lovers have benefitted from her wisdom and laughter, and her game-changing publication, ‘The Other End of the Leash: Why All of us Do What We Do Around Dogs, ’ remains a timeless classic. Yet this is just part of her story.

‘The Schooling of Will: A Mutual Memoir of a Woman and Her Dog’ attracts us into her private life, the one which includes early-life traumas and a road to recovery. Her way also includes a afraid puppy as well as her substantial work with dogs who display concern and aggression. The publication is real, empowering, uncooked, and beautifully written.

'The Education of Will' left me both in cry, but also smiling broad. McConnell pours buckets of compassion and understanding into areas often misunderstood and pushed aside. As another reviewer wrote, “…It’s the woman willingness to talk about her own experience that makes the woman writing so effective. ” Thank you for this most recent contribution!, In case you ever were disturbed by any means, whether you have a dog or else you do not, this is a heartfelt, compassionate, helping publication that speaks to the heart of trauma. Even though this mutual memoir reads well and is poetically written, it talks of deep wounds and serious silences. Some parts are (very) painful to read, as they they connect horrible experiences, but are indeed quite helpful when you know the inexpressible pain caused by (a) trauma(s). In her case, the author had recently been molested, raped, witnessed someone die at her feet (to name but the primary ones discussed in this book), all along coping with the other traumas of loving dog owners and their " problem dog" -a category in which the author includes herself: Willie great canine issues trigger the resolution for Patrica McConnell to put an end to both of them being suffering sufferers. " (... ) Below my love of animals, I used to be motivated by something else. After years of feeling like I had formed no voice, I wanted as the one with something to express, even though I was afraid to do so. Everyone needs a tone of voice and needs to be believed. Including dogs. Probably I could give them that. Maybe I could give it to myself. " Their story is cathartic, and compassionately liberating. --And naturally , as always with Patricia McConnell, we learn so much about dogs, our relationships with them, and consequently ourselves.

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