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I have now read the whole series, so in some ways, this review is for all four books.

Initially, the author's whimsical sense of humor (which I eventually emerged to enjoy) can give the impression that these stories aren't written with the same kind of gravitas as Narnia. Nevertheless by the finish of the series, I found these books to be thematically even richer than Narnia, which is my favorite piece of materials forever.

There are not many overt spiritual referrals, but there are numerous powerful themes that any Christian will recognize. Among these are...

- looking ahead to a Kingdom and homesickness for heaven
- drawing power and courage from our identity in Christ
- there are many powerful metaphors for ministry, for shining as lights in a darker world and rescuing people from enemy-occupied territory
- empathy individuals, including enemies
- fighting with our sinful nature. We have many noble aims but we can be our own worst enemies
- being attracted to inner beauty and strength of character versus only outer beauty
- God taking our deepest wounds and turning them into something beautiful, using them for good and help all of us empathize with others

I'm 31 years old, and We found myself moved to tears by the Wingfeather Saga on several occasions. It spurred me on inside my faith and helped me to correct my eye on Christ. It helped give me courage to operate the race. If We were a parent, We would wish to read this with my children and discuss the meaning of each chapter. I think it would be quite character-building., My teen son loved reading this series -- even though he read the series out of order. As a family we read the second book in the series (thinking, erroneously that it was the first book) and we all enjoyed it. Though my sensitive young son (eight years old at the time) was a bit apprehensive during the darker portions with this guide. Because of this, my younger son has not read the subsequent publications. When he is in his early teens, We will again open this option up to him or her.

Caution: The series does deal with verbal cruelty and minor physical cruelty. Though, it is practically nothing compared to many of the shows and films parents allow youngsters to be exposed to now a days., I try to keep good publications in my 8 and ten-year olds' hands--books with strong characters, exciting and building plots, and meaningful themes to mull over long after we have finished reading. Sometimes We rely on reviews and recommendations, sometimes I read first and pass together the good ones. Border of the Dark Sea of Darkness was recommended by a friend and my oldest raced through the series last year and claimed that this individual liked it more than Lord of the Rings--high praise! So as a family we listened to it on CD while traveling this summer and he enjoyably re-listened. Don't let the odd title put you off--within these pages lies an attractive story of family, duty, forgiveness of others as well as oneself, good vs evil all alongside creative creatures and cleverly named people. We imagine the author having great fun while writing. I quickly checked out Books 2 then 3, but my younger son beat me to it, and Trying to find trailing right behind him sneakily reading late into the night when I can get my hands on it. The best part has both of my boys ask where I am in the story so that we can discuss what's happened. I've realized that all 3 of us enjoy different genres, but here in Peterson's works, we all land in agreement that this is a fantastic story. Now I look forward to reading guide 4, but I could have to drag it out to make it last longer as I do with all really good books., In Aerwiar which is a fictional world, during the fourth epoch, in the land of Skree our story commences in the Glipwood Township. This town held only a bookstore, one inn, a flower shop, a tavern, and a few other buildings. There was also a small , and but cozily built cottage on the edge of the Dark sea of Darkness. This humble home is when the story first takes place. The inhabitants of the cottage are 3 children: Janner, Tink, and Leeli, and their mother Nia, with their ex buccaneer grandfather Podo. Quietly, the children have always brought a regular life playing zizby, doing chores, and many other things. Great, because of their new found status, the Nameless wicked and the Army of Fangs need the Igiby family. Changing times were coming.
Thoughtfully, Andrew Peterson published about family, love, perseverance, and faith. Family members get separated as they travel and face difficult tests, but endure through challenges, funny times, sad times, and bitter-sweet endings. Reading this book showed myself how to persevere in hard times. Difficult circumstances aren’t easy. I wholly recommend this book for fifth graders and upwards because it is a medium-sized book which has some confusing parts. Nevertheless it’s an awesome anecdote, no bad words and a very fun plot. Inside the series there are three more books: North or be eaten, Beast in the hollows, plus the Warden and the Hair King., My eleven yr old son loves this guide and my eleven year old daughter likes it. As others have said, the book starts off a little slowly, but that is understandable once you've learning much more of the publications in the series. The tale is interesting, relatively complex, and not very expected (at least not for me or my kids), without being overwhelmingly complicated. The tone and text messages of the book are positive and provide significant chance for discussion with my kids., I really like Andrew Peterson's music, and also this book does not disappoint! If you are a lover of C. S. Lewis' fiction, you should read this book. It is light-hearted in the writing, but engaging and thoughtful as well. The creativeness of the creatures, places, and cultural lore are splendid. Peterson's writing is witty - he often catches me off safeguard with his details about funny/minor things and his footnotes are to die for. Within the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness is a hopeful and redeeming book - ideal for every age. This will be a series I add to the listing of books I want to read to my children some day.

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