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Outlander: 5+ stars
Dragonfly in Amber: 5 stars
Voyager: 5 stars
Drums of Autumn: 4 stars
Typically the Fiery Cross: 4 celebrities
A inhale of snow and ashes: 4 stars
An echo in the bone: (this book) 2 stars....

OMG, I am so mad. I love this series. I love enough time travel, the lovley details, the relationships, the fun, the historical products, i cant think of what I didnt like till this book. Oh yea, right all the faith based stuff, but i got past it. I love claire and Jamie and they were hardley in this book. After i 1st started reading this series she was the only narrator. I am also a fan of brianna, roger, and Ian. So I am glad I obtained to see chapters of those especially ian.. bc which was a bew perspective. I didnt read the god john grey books, and I wouldnt have minded a lttle bit of him, but not nearly a lot. William should not have recently been a narrator at all. His parts in the book were sooo uninteresting. I just really wish when the last guide comes out.. and I am annoid I have to wait over a year for it.. but when it does appear I hope the majority of it is within claires perspective. I am just hating that she has ruined this latest book. ugg.

Also, SPOILER:: Claire and God John... that doesnt even make sense!!!!!, Overall, this guide was really good. Once more, the author does an amazing job of describing place and characters. I adored seeing the progress of the characters. We get to see far more of William, Lord John, Ian, and a few other characters as well as Jamie, Claire, Bree, and Roger. I still can't believe what happened near to the ending with Claire.

This book does use a device of letters left in a box for Bree and family to learn the 20th century (left by Claire and Jamie in the 18th century) to tell them (and us, to a degree) what is happening. Some individuals hate this, but I actually enjoyed reading the letters.... especially the letters written in Jamie's voice since his letters are the only time we get to him him in 1st person.

My only only concern with this guide was that near to the starting a few of the info concerning William's military travels and some of the historical/military background before the major battles seemed a lttle bit tiresome. I got the gist of these through skimming and still didn't miss a beat when the main tale started coming around. Since always, this is my main criticism of the author... she leaves in depth that isn't really required to be familiar with character or setting. But , its a problem I'm willing to put up with in order to enjoy the deliciousness of her characters and story lines!, The first few books of the series I read within just a week as they were fresh and interesting. The 7th book I have been reading for over 6 months as it is simply more of the same plot: they face death, escape and so forth That is so repetitive and just drags on. Typically the author seems bored too since she frequently repeats adjectives and descriptive words on the same page. Digging in characters appear to be a really much reach and one last section on each at the ending would have sufficed. The only real reason I will finish it eventually is that I have already invested so much time in the series and need to see it through. To me it is like a bad TV movie that you don't turn off since it is almost done. Hope the ultimate book is much better., I began reading this series when the first book was released. I enjoyed the earlier books but there was a point when I just didn't pick upward the next book. Since I started reading and also beyond the fourth guide I remembered why.

That became really annoying that she rarely interprets the Gaelic speeches and words so while the Gaelic speaking audience gets the full understanding of what is taking place everyone else reading the guide will not. I am honestly disappointed that they don't interpret in the series how difficult is the fact money lies and tv set shows do it all of the time.

Then what is up with the suddenly added references for things like a burp using the old English? It's not like these words are being spoken by character types, that would make sense but she actually is using to describe what's going. I mean come on a burp is a burp this is basically a romance novel historical references are not necessary.

Presently there is far too many plot lines going on and too many leaps in the timelines. And not simply from eighteenth to twentieth centuries but even within the eighteenth century.

And what is upward with the self dialog where Jaime has remembrances of two other women he slept with? I imagine we learn more in the next guide but this sure as check better not lead up to finding out he was not a virgin mobile. Because that is one of the very most endearing parts of Jaime and Claire's wedding day. I was also disappointed to learn that Jaime lied to Clairette about how exactly many times he slept with Williams mom. So what happened to no more secrets? It might be nice if just once a guy kept his promise even if it is simply in a piece of fiction.

I have already acquired the next book for my kindle so will read it. I just hope that if the tv set series makes it this much, they will do a major edit., Like the Outlander series. I'm 84% through A good Echo in the Bone". We get to know William and Ian more in this book. I love the way we go back and forward with time. One mirrors the other. I have never recently been more engrossed in a book series since God of the Rings. Not really that there is any similarity between the publications, only the involvement in wanting more. We are also following the TV series. Which wonderfully brings the characters to life.

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