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The EC Archives: Reports from the Crypt Quantity 4 It's a real treat to see these wonderful reprints of the comic books that gave all the kids in my neighborhood disturbing dreams! LOL

So happy Quantity 4 came out. Merely received my copy Sunday and have spent a leisurely Sunday morning consuming the absolute campy, gross stories in this beautiful volume. Ironically, at the very least one of the stories I had seen before and immediately guessed the surprise ending (which is very clever, as were ALL the twisted being in these tales). Right now that I'm 70 years old and perhaps more experienced and cynical than I was at the age of 12, I believe it is fun to reread these comics which my parents will not permit in the house for fear of corrupting us all. Fortunately I knew a person two years older who had a hidden lair of all the E. Chemical. horror comics carefully hidden from his parents and we'd spend a couple of hours a week scaring ourselves.

In the event that you where a fan of these publications and don't believe they seduced the innocent children any more than horror movies do even today, hurry and grab a copy of this attractive guide before it disappears from availability. It's 2013 but E. C. comics still reign supreme like they did in the 50s!, Doesn't get much better than this - the paper quality is excellent, the web pages are HUGE, the colors pop and the storytelling is just as morbid and wonderful as always. Typically the stories themselves vary from genius to goofy, but there is sure to be one that really makes you cackle with pleasure.

Dark Horse really has a winner with these will not be (though the Fanta choices pack more bang for the buck, these are prettier volumes. ), I'm so glad to report that this archive series is back and the format is the same high quality as the earlier volumes. The coloring is the same as the other EC Archives volumes so you have to know by now whether you like it or not. Personally, I much prefer this format to fantagraphic's new series in b&w that focuses on showcasing artists, not issues of the old comics. Buy those too if you like but delight that you now will have options for how you gather EC. And if you're like me and heavily invested in this series already, just be happy that Darker Horse aren't starting all over. May the complete EC stay in print forever, Septante., It would appear that the EC Store series is finally emerging from the long indeterminatezza caused by the financial problems of the original publishers, Gemstone. Fifteen volumes had been published before the present one, tough luck by Gemstone and two by GC, an imprint of Russ Cochran. Right now, the series is in the hands of a financially stable publisher who seems to have satisfied on a quarterly release schedule.

The new book is largely, though not completely, steady with the formerly released volumes. The distinctions are not large and mostly external. The cover illustration now fills the whole cover without that black border. The spine has got the Dark Horse logos at top and bottom. The trunk cover, while retaining the six issue covers, is somewhat different. The size of the book is virtually identical to the GC volumes but about a 1/16th of your inch narrower than the Gemstone books.

The contents are fully up to the standards set by the Gemstone books and indeed the paper stock appears to be a little better. This is a slicker, layered stock. The format is exactly the same with an introduction followed by beautifully reproduced issues. Just the text pages, which were probably scanned, appear to be substandard. Typically the colors are bright which is not to everyone's taste. Some prefer the flatter newsprint coloring but this book is steady with the previously published archives.

The contents are superb, especially when judged by the standards of the time. The art is usually stunning, the only complaint is that not all styles will be to the taste of each reader. For me, Bernie Krigstein is problematical. The articles are solid and inventive. For instance , there are stories that are narrated by a gravesite and a machine trunk. The only problem for me were the famous EC "twists" at the stories' end that occasionally misfired.

Russ Cochran contributes a biographical launch that traces his ongoing connection to EC comics and original publisher Bill Gaines. It continues throughout the book on the rear covers of the individual issues.

Highly suggested. At least two more volumes are in the works, Burial container of Horror 3 in January and Weird Dream 1 in April. I can't wait., This is another excellent collection of comics from the EC Records. The paper quality, the coloring, the artwork, the stories... EVERYTHING is absolutely perfect. Well worth the price!, Great stuff. Quality will not be, unlike the recent shrunk cheap newsprint that would bleed all that great Jack Davis hatchwork into blackish blobs. Much has been said about the color, and, ehhh... all I can say is it isn't NEARLY as bad as some of these cats make it sound. To read some of these reviews you'd think they were colored by near-sighted monkeys with Crayolas. Not so; a little uneven, yeah, in that some stories look better than others, like someone was in a hurry. Some of the facial shading effects look amatuer... but, by and large, We have seen A LOT worse.

I had the black-n-white EC Library Crypt when I was a kid--THIS was what I really wanted. I love these EC Archives, man., Excellent!

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