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Hilarious. Well-written. Instructive at times.

I can remember the last time I laughed so hard at a publication. She has some really clever insight into grammar without being overcome by cynicism.
It is interesting to see all about the express of grammar in the UK as well. This really defies the belief that many Americans have about Brits being stuffy and proper all the time.

Although it isn't a grammar guide, she really does offer some tips on usage. I was delighted she clarified the semicolon and colon issue and included several examples. At the same time this wasn't a " montage" of real-world grammar mistakes ready corrects and/or snide comments, either.

But if you enjoy reading about grammar for fun whatsoever, you'll probably enjoy this book. As well as if not, you still might appreciate her witty and sarcastic style.

And yes, the lady probably would disapprove of me starting my content with " and"..., It's refreshing to read a book by an author who has such an clear love of written vocabulary and everything its nuances. In order to make it even better, Ms Truss has infused the complete work with wit and humor. I especially liked the way she was able to weave in a sense of the history of punctuation and its impact on written English, and I share her concern for the future of all these points, stops, and scars. This is a publication to savor again and again., If you have doubts a book about punctuation can be clever, entertaining, amusing and educational all in one, read this one. I have given it as a gift to many of my reader friends and it has never failed to please. Short example and supposedly true story: A famous writer, on his dying bed, uttered the following final six words, " I should have used much less semi-colons. " You gotta love it., I was taken by the cover artwork and held hostage by the title. I couldn't think about enjoying a book on punctuation; Ms Truss' "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" weaves together the marks, their history and the guidelines of punctuation with examples, quotations and commentary in a bright and delightful way. Long live punctuation and the practitioners thereof!, This tome deserves high reward indeed. Lynne truss is excellent and knows the woman stuff so well that you will seem like a tiny student at a masters knee. She diligently states that punctuation must not be put aside and forgotten. That it makes your words come alive with vibrancy.

And her prose is such that you sit down up and pay attention. It is not light reading for an afternoon's hr, but deserves to be given your focus so that you too will take on the little of her zeal in the fight to save the tools that make our words sing!

Citing many writers and providing examples Truss shows us and gives out a sensation that there is art to writing, and also to using punctuation to raise your thoughts to better than they may be. To make your writing able to be admired for the way you craft it beyond what you say together.

And that the art of this is falling away in our digital text/chat driven community. That people should remember that we who do write are guardians, put with a sacred trust that when we write and attract many eyes to our tales, it gives us the opportunity to preach and proselytize to the masses who have become lazy with language.

If you are no lengthier a newcomer in the artwork of writing, or do care about what your words should do and be, then this is a book you must supplment your library. Not just read it, but buy it, maintain it, and place it in a location of reverence., I'm half frightened to even set a review, after reading this publication, for fear that I will punctuate something inaccurately. But in actuality, this publication is liberating. Beyond just giving the guidelines of punctuation, it provided me a new way of pondering about this. Its historical and modern perspective made me personally realize that some things are open to preference and am needn't spend all of my time worrying if I'm doing it, "right or wrong. " Understanding punctuation, is understanding ways of making my written work more enjoyable for my readers — which book was enjoyable to see. Furthermore, it is absolutely hilarious., I'd been pondering of reading this article for a while, but just lastly got around to it. The book is mostly funny. Keep in mind that teach too much in the way of punctuation but really does a solid job of showing where we'd be without it. Good for individuals already well-versed or very thinking about grammar., I've always been a punctuation nut, because my mom, who taught English, made me personally very aware. I bought the book for my siblings who fall into the same category as I do. The publication is accurate and incredibly interesting..

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