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In recent months one of my cyber-friends wrote a review on "The 13th Warrior" and invited me to see the movie. After reading the book it was based on, Michel Crichton's "Eaters of The Deceased, " I watched the movie.

The movie was a financial disaster, losing over 100 million at the box office; I enjoyed both the movie and the book.

For the most part, the movie stuck to the textual content; however, as always, I would recommend reading the novel first. While Crichton market segments the book as fiction, it is based on the 300 year old translations of, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan's 921 A. Deb. eyewitness account of his travels from Bagdad to Russia and exposure to the Vikings.

As a effect of a dare, Crichton's set out to provide evidence that epic poem, "Beowulf" was based on actual occasions. The program was to strip away fiction from truth to get to the bottom from it. Realizing that had been exposed to Ibn Fadlan's documentation of Viking life and culture. Accordingly, he put with each other this scholarly yet interesting story from Ibn's point of view.

On an emissary mission assigned him with a Muslim ruler of Bagdad, Ibn came after a group of Soldier Vikings who king experienced passed away. While at their camp, a Nobel messenger from King Hrothgar relayed that the California king was under attack from a beastly tribe of mist demons. A soothsayer (angel of death) arranged in motion the selection of 12 Viking A warrior and foreign people as the rescuers. Conscripted, Ibn reluctantly joined the 12 A warrior, led by Buliwyf to do battle with the mysterious "Mist Monsters" against all odds in an attempt to save the Kingdom.

While the movie, stars Antonio Banderas, who plays the part of Ibn Fadlan and Vladimir Kulich as Buliwyf and Omar Sharif with a small part as Melchisidek, Ibn's interpreter, I recommend that you read this brief, 186-page action adventure prior to watching the movie.

Enjoy!, The book starts off weird likenyou where reading a real interpretation of an old record, once you get used to the writing the story is amazing and right in line with what you expect from Michael Chrichtons work. Simply wish I knew about this years ago, I was a fan of the late Michael Crichton; the only book he wrote that I DIDN'T like was his nonfiction one about his travels. This specific is one of his earlier novels, but it still has all the research, little-known facts and excitement of all his works of fiction. It is so interesting that it made myself wonder if all this really DID happen., Great book. Well written. Flows easily and a simple read. Some books seem to be really everything to get through, this is not one of them., Great story by a great author. If you like an creative twist of the Beowulf epic, this is the book for you. Effortless and fast., A very interesting story and well written., Really interesting and thrilling, historical, It is a great and quick read. An impressive tale of early Norseman written by Ahmad ibn Fadlan. This accounting provides a a great and unique view of life in that time and locale. This is definitely a " low-fantasy" setting- whether it be from the translation, or from the hyperbole of the Fadlan- there are many parts of the book that can be taken literally, but should probably taken for what it is: a great story.


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